What is The Benefit of a CBD Bath Bomb?

CBD is described as “the bomb” by many, but does it belong in the bath? There seems to be CBD in almost every health and beauty product possible these days, including bath bombs. But, do the potentially beneficial effects of CBD work well in this product? And does it work like a CBD topical or will the CBD enter your bloodstream? Read on to learn more about this popular CBD product, how it works, and what benefits it could provide you.

What’s the Benefit of a Bath?

Let’s start with the basics. A bath can be beneficial for both your mental and physical health for a variety of reasons. There is the more obvious fact that bathing will refresh your skin and body with a cleansing wash. However, when you add a bit of tender, loving care to your bathing routine it can turn into a relaxing experience. Candles, essential oils, and a bath bomb can take your simple hygiene routine and change it into one that cares for your mental health hygiene too. A warm, scented bath is a great opportunity to wind down after a long day. And the addition of a bath bomb only increases the potential for complete relaxation.

Bath bombs that do not include CBD can still be beneficial, which is why they were created in the first place. They dissolve in your bath water and release relaxing scents, essential oils, and cleansing lathers for your skin to soak in. The addition of CBD oil, however, can take a simple bath bomb and elevate it with potentially beneficial effects.

What Are the Benefits of CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural plant compound found in hemp and is used to make a variety of products. The reason CBD extract oil is currently mixed into so many different types of products is because it can provide a wide range of potentially beneficial effects for the body. There are some common benefits that people are experiencing though, which researchers are beginning to look into.

One of the common uses of CBD oil is in products that can be applied topically, such as lotions, salves, and balms. These products allow the CBD included to sink into your skin and relieve inflammation. When applied topically, CBD sinks in skin-deep and interacts with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system that manage this part of the body. CBD can reduce inflammation and therefore lead to pain relief, or the relief of common skin-level irritations such as scrapes, burns, or acne.

Another benefit of CBD is that it occurs naturally in plants. That means that it should not be subjected to heavy processing or potentially harmful chemicals being combined in a laboratory. It is typically extracted from hemp with one of two methods and what results is either a full-spectrum extract, broad-spectrum extract, or CBD isolates. These versions of extracts will contain varying levels of additional natural compounds found in hemp plants as well. But any version is considered natural plant-based medicine in the minds of many. Which provides some peace of mind in comparison to a lot of common pharmaceutical drugs. Although there are also no reported cases of someone taking too much CBD topically and experiencing a drug interaction or overdose, things like dry mouth, fatigue or diarrhea can happen from taking too much CBD.

What Are the Benefits of Combining the Two?

So why should you try a CBD bath bomb over some other CBD topical? That answer will vary, and you should understand that CBD will interact differently with every person’s unique body. What might work well for one person’s symptoms, might not provide the same effects for another person.

That also applies when it comes to the dose of CBD applied to the skin. You should always start with a lower dose of CBD if you are brand new to the CBD product you are using, and increase the dose slowly over time to the perfect amount for you. This dose may change over time, depending on the product you use. So, it is a great idea to keep tracking of your CBD dosing history in a notebook for you to refer to. It’s also a great idea to consult your medical provider before adding CBD to your daily routine. Although the chance of a CBD topical causing a drug interaction with your other medications is low, it’s always best to double-check with your doctor.

The added benefit of CBD added to a bath bomb is that it becomes a topical that is easy to apply all over your body. CBD salves or balms have a thick consistency that can be difficult to spread across your skin for full-body relief. These topicals are instead intended to be applied to a small area of the skin, for concentrated effects. But a CBD bath bomb will dissolve in warm water to disperse CBD across all of your soaking skin. The CBD will then be absorbed into your skin alongside other essential plant oils, to provide relief from any irritation or inflammation you might have. The warm bath water not only works to disperse the CBD, but also opens your pores so that it can be absorbed more easily. A nice CBD bath can relieve sore muscles and promote healing post-workout.

A CBD bath bomb can also moisturize your skin and relax your body with scents from essential oils. You’ll want to look for CBD bath bombs that include all-natural ingredients so that you know that your skin is not being exposed to any harmful chemicals. Always ask for a third-party analysis of the product to be certain about what is included, and how much CBD you can expect per bath bomb. But once you’ve done your research, all you have to do is fill your tub with warm water, light some candles, and drop in a CBD bath bomb for a relaxing evening.

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