What is Squonking? A Complete Vaping Guide

“Squonking”, a silly word, right? But not as much once you get familiar with the meaning. So, what is it actually? In simplest words, vaping which involves rebuildable dripping atomizers and squonk mods is termed as squonking. However, it does not clear much air and to understand more, we must dive a little deeper. In this ultimate guide, we are going to cover everything you need to know about squonking, including how it works and is it really worth it. But first, let’s start from scratch.

What exactly is Squonking?

Folks who have been vaping for a while might already know about Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDA) — a tank system designed to emanate large clouds and plentiful flavors. But it demands constant e-juice as it lacks a tank or reservoir to contain the liquid. Therefore, it gets messy and pretty inconvenient to use such as a device, especially when you are traveling around.

Designed to fix this problem once and for all, Squonking is a type of mod vaporizer that contains e-juice and supplies it to the atomizer.  Neither does this simple system make a mess, nor is it troublesome to use. But rather, it is as convenient as any vape enthusiast would want it to be. The bottles are designed to store 5 -7 mms of e-juice, which is enough to enjoy for a very long time. 

man blowing smoke after squonking

Dissecting Squonk Mods

The body of the vape houses a battery and a container or a squonk bottle wherein the liquid is present. Upon squeezing, the juice is fed to the atomizer, which creates a mist to moisten the coil. When you release the squonk bottle, excess juice along with the air is sucked out, meaning there will be no overflooding or wastage. But the trick lies in perfectly moistening the coil and only a good mod will allow perfect saturation.

The design varies, depending on the type of mod you have purchased. For instance, some house a plastic bottle, whereas some expensive models come with a pump and a stainless-steel container. The latter is, without a doubt, cut above the old design, but you would have to pay dearly for such mods.

As the body is accommodating both the bottle and the container, the manufacturers make up for space by reducing the battery size. No wonder the battery does not last for long.

Words of Caution

Beginners often come across mech mods, which are not meant to be used carelessly. They can be dangerous, even more so when you have no idea what you are dealing with. We therefore highly suggest that only vapers with a good understanding of resistance, current, and battery should use mech mods. And beginners, on the other hand, should always go for regulated devices.

a large tank for squonking

How to Use Squonk Devices?

Even though the process is pretty basic, beginners may find it confusing the first time. With some practice, however, you can get the hang of it in no time. The following are some easy steps we’ve put forth to help you get started.

  • Step 1 — Start squeezing the plastic bottle gently. If you have an automated mod, turn on the pump.
  • Step 2 — Continue until the coil is saturated enough. Upon releasing the bottle, the vacuum will suck the extra liquid out of the chamber. Keep an eye on the bottle to avoid overdoing it.
  • Step 3 — Turn the device on and start inhaling.
  • Step 4 — Once the taste diminishes, repeat the process to have a burst of flavor. However, if you continue, the flavor will start to taste like a burnt wick. To avoid this from happening, make sure to repeat the process every 3 - 6 puffs.
  • learning about squonking

    Tips for Better Experience

    Although the device is simple and straightforward, you can still learn some tricks to enhance the experience. So, read on.

    1. Learn Properly First

    Getting an unregulated device can be dangerous. It can cause damage, and in the worst-case scenario, the device can even explode. Experienced vapers, on the other hand, know their way around the devices’ mechanism, so it’s less dangerous for them than it is for newcomers. Make sure you get the device from a regulated source so that you can enjoy the vaping sessions maximum, without hurting yourself.

    2. Purchase Batteries Carefully

    We all know the batteries in squonk devices do not last for long. So, it is only wise to purchase one beforehand to prevent emergency errands to the market. Remember not all companies offer quality batteries that provide sufficient power to run the device normally. That is why we highly recommend buying from a trustworthy seller to avoid getting a defective piece.

    Thinking about squonking battery life

    3. Size Considerations

    Comparing the devices with pen vaporizers would be unfair. That’s because the body of the squonk mod holds the battery as well as the squeezing bottle, making it heftier than other vaporizers. It would be accurate to state that it is only good for you if you are fine with a palm-sized vape device. Otherwise, squonking might not be a good idea for you.

    4. Squonk Adequately

    It is tricky for newcomers to get it right the first time, which can lead to a leakage disaster. For instance, squeezing too hard would cause the liquid to overflow and make a huge mess. With some practice, however, you can easily learn to squonk like a pro. So, be patient and follow the guidelines we have mentioned above in this article.

    squonking opens you up to many flavors

    Is it Really Worth it?

    If you are an RDA fan and can handle drippers well, squonking is worth giving a shot. Even if you are unfamiliar with the aforesaid components, it wouldn’t hurt to try — not to mention, there are some cheap devices as well if the price is what’s holding you back. You can try entry-level regulated vapes to give it a try. Who knows when you might end up falling in love with the whole concept?

    So, embark on your squonking journey right away and explore this interesting world of flavors.

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