What is an Herb Grinder Used For?

Main Use is Grinding Herbs

When it comes to breaking down your herbal blend of choice, there are a few methods you can use to get the perfect consistency for rolling, packing your bowl, or vaping. Some people prefer to prep their smoke by hand, others choose to use small scissors or a grinder. If you want your stash to have a uniform feel to it, a grinder is the way to go.

Main Use – Grinding Herbs

Grinders come in handy because they can quickly and efficiently break down your herb, evenly milling it so you have a consistent texture throughout. There are several styles of grinders on the market, from simple two-piece grinders to compartmentalized 4-piece grinders. No matter which style you get, they all work in a similar fashion - you simply add a few buds, press the plates together, and use a twisting and rotation motion to turn the top and bottom of the grinder. The teeth inside work to crumble and chop, opening up the buds and grinding everything down into an even consistency. The days of having sticky residue left on your fingers after packing a bowl are gone once you add a grinder to your collection.

While the styles vary, the functionality remains essentially the same across the board. Some grinders have multiple sections, some have a crank on the outside to make the grinding process even easier, the materials they are constructed from even vary. No matter which style you choose, having a grinder in your stash box will make your future smoke seshes much more efficient since you are just a few twists and turns away from having a freshly packed bowl that is ready to meet flame.

Grinders Can Store Your Dry Herbs

The most common varieties of herb grinder you will come across are the three and four-piece grinders. They are both fantastic choices because they have a segment that grinds everything up, one that you can use as storage for your freshly ground herb, and many even have a pollen collection tray. Deciding to go with one of the more elaborate grinders will definitely allow you to enjoy some added conveniences, however, a basic model will still be sufficient if your main goal is utilizing a gadget that is efficient at herb grinding.

Grinders Can Store Your Dry Herbs

One of the best reasons to choose a grinder that has a separate compartment to keep your ground herb in is that you can take it on the go with you. If you are planning on going to hang out with some friends or family and you want to bring a bit to share, you can bust up your buds in the grinder and take it with you all with one device. This is really great because then everything is ready to pack and there is no prep time when you are out and about and want to smoke.

Using Herb Grinders With Dry Herb Vaporizers And Smoking Pipes

Using Herb Grinders With Dry Herb Vaporizers And Smoking Pipes

Whether your preferred ingestion method is a vaporizer, pipe, bong, or rolled up, a grinder will be your new best friend. While you can always torch and roast a dense nug, this is not the most effective method. Breaking down your nugs is an important step if you want to make your stash last rather than burning through it in a day or two. When you bust the nugs apart, what looks like enough herb for a bowl pack could actually turn out to be enough for multiple, which is great if you have a limited supply.

If you prefer a vaporizer as your main method of consumption, a grinder will greatly improve the way you enjoy your preferred smoking herbs. Chopping everything up so that you have even, finely ground pieces allows the heat to more efficiently vaporize each bit rather then just the outside of one dense piece. This is ideal because you are able to truly take advantage of the full array of the benefits that you are seeking.

All in all, if you are looking to improve your overall smoking and vaping experience employing an herb grinder is a great way to begin your next session. Starting right at the beginning during the break-down process, milling your herbs with a grinder rather than using your fingers will save your fingers from getting covered in sticky residue. The even chopping allows you to load up your bowl, cones, vape pen, or desktop vaporizer with consistent pieces so you will get to experience a more even burn if you are smoking. With a vaporizer, ground nugs are much more efficiently vaporized since the heat is able to permeate each piece rather than just grazing the surface of a full, dense herbal bud.

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