What is An E-Rig and How Do You Use One?

The days of needing a million different parts and pieces to dab are over. Modern smokers are seeking convenience, and the vape market served them perfectly with the creation of electronic dab rigs. An e-rig is a device that makes dabbing straight-forward, easy, and mess-free. However, the evolution of these devices is a lot more complicated than they are to use.

What Does a Traditional Dab Rig Setup Look Like?

E-rigs are, of course, inspired by dab rigs but look nothing like a traditional dabbing setup. A traditional setup consists of a variety of dabbing tools and accessories. This normally includes a glass dab rig, dab tool, slick mat, dab containers, blowtorch, banger, and a carb cap. However, some dabbers have opted to change out the blowtorch for an e-nail instead.

The process of dabbing with a traditional rig setup is very ceremonial and takes a bit of practice to get right. You first have to make sure your dab rig is filled with just enough water for the smoke to be pulled through, without it running the risk of bubbling back up into the mouthpiece. Then you have to heat the banger, or bowl, with a blow torch or e-nail. This is the part that takes some finesse. You want to make sure that the banger or nail gets hot enough all over to melt your wax, but not so hot that the hit is harsh. An e-nail can help manage this process, since it heats your banger to the exact temperature set on the device. It just takes a bit of time to get there though and does not heat instantly.

Getting to Dabbing

Once you have the banger or nail at the right temperature, you have to quickly load a dab of wax on your dab tool, preferably over the slick mat in case there is any mess. Then you can load your wax into the hot banger and cover it with the glass carb cap. You inhale through the rig’s mouthpiece until the rig is cloudy before you remove the carb cab and take the hit. This series of movements are made to look easy by an experienced dabber but can be a lot to master if it’s your first time dabbing.

What Does An E-Rig Setup Look Like?

Since the traditional method for dabbing involves a number of steps that can feel intimidating to approach, vaporizer manufacturers created devices that make smoking or vaping wax easier. These range from vaporizer pens to nectar collectors, and now the electronic dab rigs. Depending on which brand made the e-rig though, they will look very different but operate in a similar fashion.

In general terms, an e-rigs work by electronically heating a chamber or nail to a preset temperature perfect for melting wax. Some e-rigs can attach to a traditional glass rig piece, but the most popular ones are all-in-one devices. These standalone e-rigs include the banger, e-nail, glass water chamber, mouthpiece and power all in one device. They typically operate on a rechargeable battery that works to heat the rig’s bowl to a set temperature with the touch of a button.

No More Torching

E-rigs are easy to use and load up with wax, without running the risk of burning yourself with a blowtorch. They are also incredibly portable in comparison to a traditional dab rig setup, and often come with a custom carrying case to make your life even easier. They normally charge with a simple USB charging cable, and the batteries will last anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on how often you use it. E-rigs sessions are consistent and can be adapted to meet the material you are dabbing by adjusting the preset temperature.

How Do You Use An E-Rig?

The specifics for using an e-rig will depend on the type or brand of e-rig you are using. However, for most e-rigs all you have to do is press a power button to heat up the device. It will take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes for an e-rig to heat to the preset temperature, but it will involve no work on your end. The device will typically alert you that it has reached temperature with haptic feedback vibrations or signaling lights. Once it has reached temperature, you can use a dab tool to load your wax into the heated bowl. An attached carb cap is then placed over the bowl while you inhale through the mouthpiece. The smoke is pulled through the water chamber and then you can remove the carb cab and inhale a smooth, tasty dab.

Automated Session Modes

Some e-rigs also have a session mode, which holds the device at temperature for longer so that it can be passed around a circle. Each brand will have some additional features or design that make its e-rig stand out. However, you can start with exploring the Pulsar Rök Electronic Dab Rig, Kandypens Oura Electronic Dab Rig, and Dr. Dabber’s Switch Electronic Dab Rig. All these options are affordable, easy to use, and provide a great tasting dab session.

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