What is an E-Nail and How to Dab Wax With Nails

What is an E-Nail?

E nails are one of the most popular and simple ways to dab wax. Traditional rig setups include a potentially dangerous blowtorch, which some people may not feel comfortable using. This can result in dabs that are either way too hot or not hot enough which can cause you to waste a large amount of wax. E-nails are perfect for those who are new to dabbing or those who want to eliminate some unnecessary steps from their dabbing routine.

Compatible with most types of dab rigs, e-nails remove the need for an external heating source by providing a nail that heats up to the perfect temperature on its own. Most e nails are made with plug-and-play designs, making it very easy to fit it to your rig and set it to your favorite temperature. E nails make dabbing much easier and can allow you to take dab after dab without the need for waiting to heat up the nail repeatedly. 

Difference Between E-Nails and Standard Domeless Nails

Glass Dab Rig with Titanium Nail

Regular domeless nails require external heat to be applied in the shape of a blowtorch of some kind, and the dab nail design provides an open air flow for smooth hits. E nails can also come in the domeless variety and be manually set to your ideal dabbing temperature, ensuring that each hit is just right. If you are new to using an e-nail, simply set it to a good temperature and dab when the nail reads at your favorite temperature. In both cases, it is best to dab at a temperature that will not be too harsh on your throat. Thicker quartz nails hold heat much better and become red hot slower than other nail materials. They take about 30 seconds to return to a comfortable dabbing temperature after becoming red hot and also hold the heat longer. The size of your nail should determine how long you are giving it to cool. Thinner nails will heat faster and cool quicker.

Dab rig with quartz domeless nail

Overall, e-nails are easier and safer to use due to the fact that there is no need to use a blowtorch. Most e nails include a digital display that tells you the temperature, further removing the guesswork involved in traditional dabbing. E-nails are normally more expensive than normal pieces, but they are complex tools that are built with you in mind. They are subject to damage and less longevity than their titanium and quartz counterparts due to the many components within the electronic nail.

Using E-Nails in Dab Rigs

E-Nail Attached to Dab Rig with Glass Dabber on Top

In order to use an e-nail, you need a compatible dab rig. The main thing to consider when looking for an e nail for your bong or rig is the size of the stem attachment. There are only a few main options, so you will have many options to choose from when searching for your ideal e-nail. When using an e-nail with a rig, it is important to put any water you want inside the rig prior to attaching the nail, as the electrical components cannot come in contact with the water at any time. Be careful not to overfill or pull too hard and splash water on the nail when taking hits.

E-nails are compatible with most traditional dabber options. Whether you prefer glass, titanium, or quartz dabbers, you will be able to use it with your nail. Use your dabber to place wax on the e-nail once it reads your favorite temperature to dab at.

What are the Benefits of an E-Nail

Using an e-nail makes dabbing easierthan ever. All you have to do is turn it on and wait, a task anyone can handle. If concentrate is your go-to smoking choice, consider how much money you spend on butane and the constant hassle of heating the nail yourself with a torch for a big dab, and how awful it feels to burn your lungs with a hot nail. E-Nails can be expensive, but they create a new and much more efficient flow for anyone who loves doing dabs. Some of the best benefits of an e nail include:

  • Perfect dabs every time.
  • No blowtorch in the house.
  • Vary in price, affordable and expensive options.
  • Compatible with nearly any rig.

 How to use an E-Nail 

Using an E-Nail Power Box

If your nail had not been electric, instead you’d have to have a torch, butane, and have a steady hand to heat the nail. In addition, you would have to know how long to wait for it to cool to the perfect dabbing temperature.  E-nails remove all of the hassle of using a torch and also removes all of the guesswork involved in finding the best temperature to dab at.

Always be wary around your e-nail, as it will constantly be dab-ready, around 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal dabbing temperature really depends on preference, and it also can change depending on the type of wax concentrate you are using. Most dabbers prefer to take dabs at low temperature and use a carb cap to capture the entirety of the vapor, usually around 500-550 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot dabs always give very immediate and pronounced effects that take a few minutes to settle into. Low temp dabs, on the other hand, tend to deliver a much lighter and tapered rise into cannabis’ euphoric effects. Once you’ve experimented, you’ll begin to discover the range of temperature you prefer.

How to Clean an E-Nail

The upkeep involved in owning an e nail is very minimal. Since they automatically heat to such high temperatures, most of the wax and resin should burn off on its own. If any is left after your session and after you heated it up hotter to burn off excess, the rest of the debris can be easily removed by gently scraping it off with a tool. The electronic portion of the e-nail can be polished and cleaned, but never wet or soak it when cleaning it.

Yocan Torch is a portable electronic E-nail

Taking Dab Hits from a Yocan Torch Vaporizer

One of our top dab picks is the Yocan Torch Portable E-Nail. It is a portable dual coil quartz personal e nail device that makes dabbing easier than ever before. It provides multiple options on how you want to dab, an airflow button for the amount of air you want to take in, a pancake dual coil, and a quartz dual coil.  All of these features combined make it the ultimate tool for your everyday wax use and will allow you easily and discreetly take your dabs on the go.

E-nails are the best way to dab if you want to remove the blowtorch and guesswork involved in manually heating all of your dabs. If you are looking to create a more streamlined dab session, contact vapevetstore.com to get both at home and portable rigs and e nails.

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