What Is A Vape Shop?

A vape shop (also referred to as a vapor shop or vape store) is a retail location that sells a wide variety of different vaping products. The very first vape shops were brick and mortar stores that specialized in e-juices with and without nicotine and devices to vape those products. As vaping exploded in popularity as a smoking cessation/alternative, dedicated vape shops also began to grow in popularity with high-quality and less common products.

Then, hemp was made legal on the federal level in 2018, paving the way for CBD products to take off. Nowadays, not only can you find nicotine e-juicesand vape pens, it is not uncommon for vape stores to carry CBD tinctures, gummies, dry hemp, glass and silicone pipes, and an increasingly diversifying product portfolio. Vape stores have also evolved. In addition to brick and mortar retail stores, hundreds of online vape shops have popped up, creating access to even more vaping products and devices.

Vape Store vs Vaping Lounge

Vape Store vs Vaping Lounge

The difference between a vape store and a vaping lounge is much like the difference between a tobacco shop and a cigar lounge. Vape stores are primarily focused on selling vaping devices, e-juices, and oils. Some vape stores do allow you to vape inside, but this is not always the case, nor is this their primary function. 

A vaping lounge, on the other hand, is just the opposite. They do usually sell a limited selection of vaping products and devices like dry herb vaporizers, but their primary function is to serve as a comfortable location where people can come together and vape comfortably. You usually pay an entrance fee or membership fee, and there may be non-vaping products available, like food or drinks.

Smoke Shop vs Vape Shop

Smoke Shop vs Vape Shop

A smoke shop is a retail store that carries tobacco products. This can include high-end cigars, cigarettes, rolling papers, loose-leaf tobacco, pipes, lighters, and other related products. They are often in joint locations with liquor stores.

A vape shop, on the other hand, is a retail store that caters to vaping products. This includes e-juices, CBD oil, dry hemp, vaping devices, and oftentimes glass or silicone pipes. They frequently carry a large library of CBD products like gummies, tinctures, or tablets, and many have also started to carry kratom (an ingestible product meant to help regulate pain). Some vape stores allow for vaping inside the building, though this is not always the case.

Vape Shop vs Head Shop

Vape Shop vs Head Shop

A vape shop, as we have discussed, is a brick and mortar or online retail store that sells vaping products, devices, and other related goods. A head shop is a kind of specialty retailer that caters to hippie culture. It is not uncommon to find tye-die clothing, glass pipes (especially bongs), rolling papers, music, and other psychedelic like items. Though head shops frequently carry pipes, they generally do not sell anything that can be smoked, like tobacco or hemp.

Brick and Mortar Vape Shop vs Online Vape Shop

Brick and Mortar Vape Shop vs Online Vape Shop

If you are fortunate enough to have several local vapes shops, you may be wondering if you should give your business to brick and mortar stores or if you should try online vape shops. Each of these kinds of vape shops has distinct advantages, which may or may not fit your needs.

Brick and Mortar Vape Shop Pros


The most obvious pro of a brick and mortar shop is that they have products in-store when you walk in. That means if you want something today, you will be hard-pressed to beat the convenience of a store that you can just walk into.

Hands-On Experience

If you are the kind of person that likes to see and feel something before buying it, then a brick and mortar store is definitely going to be right up your alley. Most stores have demo vapes you can look at or other products that you can physically handle before purchase.

Face-to-Face Customer Service

Have questions that you want to be answered immediately? Most high-quality in-person vape stores will have knowledgeable staff on hand that will be able to help you land in the best product. If you feel like your questions are not being answered or the staff does not seem knowledgeable, you should look elsewhere.

Easy Returns

Get something you do not like or something that does not work? In-store returns are usually pretty easy, as long as you are within their return guidelines.

Online Vape Shop Pros

Available Inventory

You are going to have both a larger option of products to choose from, as well as more of any given product available. This will be especially important if there is a trending product that may be hard to keep in stock in a local location. However, if a variety of choice is important to you, online vape shops are definitely the way to go.


With very few exceptions, you will almost always find better pricing through an online vape shop. They have no overhead (like utilities, local taxes, etc) that a local vape store will have, and they will generally have a higher volume of product moving, meaning they can get that product at a lower price. They will also have access to vaping devices or products that are simply less expensive that your local store may not be able to get in stock. Pricing is a huge advantage that online vape shops have. However, you do need to make sure that you do not get pinged with high shipping charges.

Customer Service Expertise

Even though your questions might not be answered as quickly as they would be face-to-face, the answers you get will almost always be from a vaping expert. The person responding to your emails from an online store will be an expert (or should be an expert) in what they are selling, unlike a staff member at a local store. If you are not in a rush and are willing to wait for answers, online vape stores will almost always give high-quality responses.

Availability of Product Reviews

If a product has caught your eye, online vape stores have the unique advantage of having a history of reviews. They can either confirm that you are going to make a good purchasing choice, or they can warn you that you are about to make a mistake!

In conclusion, brick and mortar stores offer quick convenience and fast answers to questions. However, if you are willing to wait for product shipping, online stores will usually provide better answers to questions, better pricing, and access to a larger variety of vaping goods.

Best Online Vape Shop

Best Online Vape Shop

The best online vape shop is going to be the one that best fits your needs. It could be the shop that has access to your favorite products, pricing that fits your budget, great answers to your questions, or a combination of all three. Not to toot our own horn too much, but we here at vapevetstore.com definitely think we are among the best in the game! Here are a few reasons why:

  • We do more than just sell vaping devices. We have a library of curated articles specifically designed to help educate and help you make the best possible purchasing decision for yourself.
  • We offer FREE SHIPPING on all U.S. orders with NO PURCHASE MINIMUM.
  • Have a question you are unable to find an answer to? Reach out to our customer service and you will get an expert answer from industry professionals.
  • We make returns hassle-free, and we can help you troubleshoot devices to where you may not even need to return it at all!

Have questions or are you unsure where you should start with vaping? Reach out to our customer service and we can make sure your questions get answered and you get started on the perfect path of vaping!

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