What Is a One Hitter?

With so many smoking options available on the market today, it can be easy for one hitters to be overshadowed by other more elaborate devices such as dab rigs or bubblers. As its name suggests, one-hitters are designed to hold either one of two hits worth of dry herb.  They are one of the simplest and most discreet ways for conserving and smoking your herbs. In order to understand more about these convenient and portable devices, here is a fundamental guide to one of the oldest and most reliable smoking devices.  

The History

One hitter pipes are one of the oldest forms of smoking devices with options spanning around the globe from Native American cultures (peace pipe), to the Middle East (midwakh), and more. This form of smoking device dates back for centuries and is typically slender (usually tube-like) in shape and contains a narrow, screened bowl of some sort where you place (pack) your dry herbs into. Common traditional types of one-hitters include the kiseru (Japanese style device made from a combination of bamboo and metal), sebsi (a Moroccan device with a clay bowl and wooden stem), the midwakh (Middle Eastern one hitter used for both tobacco and dry herbs), and more. 

One-Hitter Pipes vs Chillum Pipes vs Bats

One-Hitter Pipes vs Chillum Pipes vs Bats

In short, bats, chillum pipes, and one-hitters are essentially just different terminology for the same thing. While the designs can vary, each smoking device offers one to two hits. Typically, a one-hitter will be made out of metal or glass. This tube-like device generally has a bowl on one side and some form of a mouthpiece on the other side.  

Chillums are a type of one-hitter first smoked by Hindu monks and other holy men dating back to 18th Century.  While they were originally made out of clay, most modern chillum designs are created out of glass. These small pipes are associated throughout Eastern Europe and Asia with meditation and or spirituality. 

Bats are a common choice type of one-hitter. This style of one-hitter is named for its baseball bat shape. In most cases, bats are made out of some form of metal. 

One-Hitter Pipe Categories

One Hitter Pipe Categories

There are three main categories when it comes to one hitters - metal pipes, glass pipes, and dugouts. 

Metal One Hitter Pipes

As it sounds metal one-hitter pipes are made out of metal. One of the most popular metal one-hitter pipe designs is made to mimic the look of a traditional cigarette. This design is commonly referred to as the cigarette one-hitter, and can frequently be found sold inside a dugout pipe kit. 

Glass One-Hitter Pipes

Glass is one of the most frequently used materials to create one hitters. They are often referred to as chillums, and are less subtle than metal one hitter pipes. Glass one hitters are each hand-blown and come in an assortment of designs and colors. These pieces are often attractive in design and offer a nice uniqueness with each piece. 

Dugout Pipes

Unlike some one-hitters, dugouts are a two-part device. It provides you with a one-hitter as well as a chamber to hold your ground dry herbs. Dugouts are also extremely easy to pack. All you need to do is place the bowl to the spot where your dry herbs are stored and the bowl pretty much packs itself. 

How to Use a One-Hitter Pipe

How to Use a One Hitter Pipe

One hitter pipes are one of the easiest pipes to use. To use, simply fill (pack) the bowl with dry herbs. Next place your mouth to the mouthpiece. When you are ready light the bowl and inhale. Once you have taken your hit, hold it as long as you desire and then exhale. 

Cleaning Your One Hitter Pipe

After each use, you should always give a few taps to clear out any residue or ash from inside. Before putting up your device, use some form of poker to remove any resin buildup. Additionally, every week or two you should also provide a more thorough cleaning. During this time you should make the effort to go through every nook and cranny of your device to ensure the tarry resin residue does not build up anywhere inside of your device.

Tips for Using a One Hitter Pipe

Tips for Using a One Hitter Pipe

While smoking a one-hitter is pretty straight-forward, experiences can vary from user to user. For the best smoking experience, remember to keep these helpful tips in mind. 

Use a mesh screen 

To help avoid your dry herbs and ash from pulling up into the mouthpiece, many enthusiasts use a mesh screen.

Clean regularly

Just like other smoking devices, you have to clean your device regularly in order to prevent the taste from being altered and to keep your one-hitter working properly. 

Smoke slowly

When smoking a one-hitter you should inhale slowly for the best smoking experience. Otherwise, you risk pulling ash up into the mouthpiece. 

Keep your herbs a little more coarse

When you grind up your dry herbs, do not grind them as finely as you would for a traditional pipe. Leave your dry herbs a little more intact. This will help the herbs to pack better into the tip of the one-hitter. 

Benefits of One Hitter Pipes 

Benefits of One-Hitter Pipes

Due to their convenience and simplicity, many smokers like to smoke out of one-hitters. While these devices may be small, there are a variety of benefits to using a one-hitter. These can include (but are not limited to):

Easy to use, even on-the-go 

Due to their size, one-hitters are perfect for easy transport. They easily can fit into your purse or pants pocket, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go. When you are ready to use it, you simply pull it out of your pocket and take your hit. It is as simple as that.

They are very discreet 

One hitters are small and slender, making it the perfect size for discretion. In fact, one of the more common one-hitter designs offers a similar appearance to a cigarette. Many designs (such as the one mimicking a cigarette) allow for users to pull out the one-hitter in more public places (such as the park or walking on the sidewalk) to take a quick hit while simply looking like you are doing something else (such as smoking a cigarette).

Helps conserve your dry herbs 

One hitters are small and are designed for either one or two hits. Therefore, the smaller bowl helps you to consume less herb and avoid wasting dry herbs you are not hitting. This makes one-hitters great for those who are on a tighter budget or looking to extend how long your supply lasts.

Produce less odor 

One hitters produce far less of a smell. This is because unlike other smoking devices where the smoke goes into the air around you, the majority of the smoke from one-hitters goes directly into your lungs. However, while it does eliminate more odor than most devices, it does not mean there is not any kind of smell. You will still have to exhale the smoke, and the smoke will still have the telltale aroma associated with dry herbs (which can also be minimized by filtering or by using things to help mask the odor). 

One-Hitters vs Spoon Pipes 

One Hitters vs Spoon Pipes

Overall one-hitters are very similar to spoon pipes. Aside from their size, spoon and one-hitter pipes have two main differences. The biggest being the carb hole. Spoon pipes have them, one-hitters do not. To use, simply cover the carb hole. This will cause the smoke to pool within the inside of the bowl and tube. Once you uncover the carb hole, air can flow back into the device, allowing for the user to rapidly inhale the smoke. 

The other key difference is the number of hits it can provide. One hitters have between one and three hits with each bowl. Spoon pipes, on the other hand, tend to vary in size depending upon the size of the pipe. 

Where to Buy a One Hitter Pipe

As one of the most discreet smoking methods available, it is no surprise one-hitters are a great option for any dry herb enthusiast. You can find a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes at any local head shop or smoke shop, or you can go to an online retailer (like Vape Vet Store) and have it shipped to you. Plus many online retailers offer an assortment of rewards programs or incentives for purchasing through them. For example, Vape Vet Store offers free shipping on orders shipped within the United States. With one-hitters so easy to purchase, all you have to do is decide which one works best for you. 

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