What is a Nectar Collector and Why People Love it

If you’re an avid dabber, you might have heard, or even used, a nectar collector. Over the past few years, we have seen a surge of products that are a reimagining of a nectar collector or a device that incorporates the elements of what a nectar collector brings to one’s sessions. Today, we’ll look at what exactly nectar collectors are and why wax concentrate consumers go crazy over them.

The nectar collector that will change your life

How does a Nectar Collector Work?

Nectar collectors are pretty much like dab rigs. They are designed to vaporize just like dry herb vaporizer your select wax concentrates. They use a dish to hold your materials, use an external heat source (torch lighters) and often have a means to filter the vapor through water. That said, the principle in using a nectar collector does not differ from a dab rig, it is just made smaller and with fewer components. That said, one can say that nectar collectors are the predecessors of dab pens and other portable wax vaporizers.

The only unique thing about using a nectar collector is that instead of loading your wax concentrates to a banger or to an atomizer, you dip the tip of the heated glass or metal directly into your wax container. Interested to know just how exactly it works? Here is how you start a session with a nectar collector.

  1. Start by preparing your wax concentrates. Load your preferred amount on a glass dish or you can help yourself by dabbing straight from your wax jar.
  2. If you are using a nectar collector that has a water attachment, fill the bubbler with water.
  3. Continue by heating the nectar collector’s tip (not the mouthpiece) with a torch. Five it a minute to cool down.
  4. Hover the tip over the wax concentrates and slowly dip the tip of the nectar collector into the dish or your wax jar.

The longer you dab, the heavier the vapors will be. That said, remember to lift the nectar collector from time to time. Standard nectar collectors offer no means of temperature control so learn how to get used to finding your sweet spot.

how to use a nectar collector

Types of Nectar Collectors

Like most devices used to consume wax concentrates, it is inevitable that the humble nectar collector will see several iterations. Especially that different manufacturers want to develop products around nectar collectors. Here are a few types of nectar collectors that might just pique your fancy.

Glass Nectar Collector

It’s the nectar collector in its true form. Nectar collectors were first fashioned out of glass with a heating tip made either from borosilicate or quartz glass which boasts better resistance to heat. These glass pieces were not only valued for their portability but also for their purity. For the uninitiated, glass is an inert material and will not leave any unwanted smell or taste on your vapor. Glass helps preserve the overall quality of your wax concentrates making them ideal for connoisseurs who lids to dab on-the-go. However, because glass isn’t indestructible, they are vulnerable to damage so you better observe caution.

Silicone Nectar Collector

The answer to the vulnerable glass nectar collectors, this iteration boasts a more durable body made out of silicone material. It will not exactly last the apocalypse, but it can handle a fair amount of use and travel activity. It still has a glass bubbler, but it is hidden and protected with silicone. The heating tip is typically made out of titanium which is also a likewise hard-wearing component.

Electronic Nectar Collector

As the name implies, this type of nectar collector eschews the use of a torch making it a safer alternative. Pretty much like vape pens and dab pens, electronic nectar collectors use batteries to fire up a heating element which then heats up a coil that vaporizes wax concentrates. They are convenient and safe and are sometimes packed with other modern features like temperature controls. Of course, there is a glass attachment and an atomizer instead of a heating tip.

Depending on your need and preference selecting any of these types of nectar collectors can help you achieve comfort and convenience. Purists prefer the use of conventional nectar collectors while more modern consumers are open to the benefits and advantages brought by the recent iterations of this compact dabbing tool.

Pros of Using a Nectar Collector

Here’s a quick list of why many consumers have fallen in love with nectar collectors.

  • Portable
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Requires Minimal Equipment
  • Has Different Varieties
  • Inexpensive
The best kind of nectar collector

Cons of Using a Nectar Collector

And while nectar collectors may look like they are godsend, it does come with its own set of drawbacks. Here are a few.

  • Minimum Amount of Water
  • Temperature Control Will Vary

Why We Love Nectar Collectors

It is small and compact form factor plus its dab rig-like vapor production is one of the main reasons why people love nectar collectors. They get a chance to experience dab rig-like sessions without investing in an expensive rig.

Another benefit of using a nectar collector is that it lets you get over the restrictions of a limited atomizer and even a banger. Because you’re dabbing directly from a dish or from your wax container, you don’t exactly need to load your rig or your dab pen constantly. Depending on your tolerance to the psychoactive effects of your select wax concentrates, you can dab straight till you get really baked or take it in small doses. You're only limited by your tolerance and yes, your imagination.

Nectar collectors are also great to have with you during social gatherings. They’re small and compact and are literally easy to pass around. You and your friends can take quick dabs during parties, concerts, and similar events without making too much of a scene.

blue Nectar collector produces quality smoke

Final Nectar Thoughts

Using a nectar collector over any kind of vaporizer or even a dab rig is entirely up to your preference. That said, the pros of using one definitely outweigh the cons. Here at Vapevetstore.com, we have a wide collection of nectar collectors that will not only make you enjoy your dabbing sessions but also a great gift idea for friends and fellow connoisseurs.

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