What is a Glass Bong?

Bongs come in any shape or size you can think of. The purpose of a bong is to eliminate the harsh smoke you get compared to the herbs rolled in paper.  Some people have mentioned a stronger effect from using a bong. Bongs use water filtration to filter out some of the harmful chemicals that papers and cigars are full of. Usually, bongs are hand blown, but soft glass bongs are spun kind of like the process used to make pottery.  Bongs are available with many cool features like color changing, they come in various designs, and some include accessories to help you enjoy your experience even more.

How Does a Glass Bong Work?

How Does A Glass Bong Work?

To newcomers using a bong or understanding how thye work can be daunting.  A bong consists of five essential parts: mouthpiece, chamber, bowl, carb, and a downstem. The bong is first filled with water. Make sure the water level is below the carb. The carb is a little hole usually located towards the bottom of the bong. It is kept covered while the person is inhaling to create smoke then uncovered to release the smoke.  Sometimes a bong does not have a carb, the bowl is a removable piece that acts the same as uncovering the carb.  As the user lights the substance the smoke travels from the downstem, through the water and escapes from the bubbles. The smoke sits above the water until new air enters the apparatus.

What is a Glass Bong?

Glass is the cleanest material to burn. There are two different types of glass a bong can be made from, artisan and scientific.  Scientific glass bongs focus more on function over style. This type of glass is for the most part scratch resistant and thicker than regular glass. Bongs made of scientific glass give a higher performance than artisan glass bongs. Artisan glass bongs are opposite of scientific glass. Focusing  more on style than function. They can be seen in various shapes more extravagant than those made of the latter.  This is a softer glass and requires more care and attention.

What is a Glass Ice Catcher Bong?

What Is A Glass Ice Catcher Bong?

Regular bongs already do a great job making the smoke feel smoother, but when ice is added to the bong it cools the smoke creating a nice, refreshing hit. An ice bong has notches incorporated into the bong to hold the ice cubes. The cooling effect lasts even after the ice has melted due to the ice cooling the water. One benefit to ice bongs is it makes the smoke easier on the lungs. This essentially reduce the amount of coughing you might experience from regular glass bongs.  

What is a Glass Percolator Bong?

What Is A Glass Percolator Bong?

Percolators are mostly used by seasoned smokers. A percolator is an extra chamber placed inside the initial chamber. The main purpose of a percolator is to filter the smoke through water a second time.  As the smoke clouds the area above the water, it gets pushed through several little holes on its way to the mouthpiece. Percolators are made with thick glass and are very durable. Because the smoke is double filtered it is more gentle on the throat and lungs.  Percolators also help make the herbal effects last longer. There are additional parts available for percolators that strengthens the filtration process. Glass percolator bongs are the perfect choice if you are concerned about the quality of smoke you are inhaling. 

What Is A Color Changing Glass Bong?

Color changing glass bongs are one of the cooler types of bong. The color changing effect is possible because of the fuming added to the bongs during the manufacturing process. They add either a silver or gold fuming to the glass, then they encase the fuming in another layer of glass to transform it to color changing glass. The color of the bong changes depending on the light source and the amount of times the bong has been used. Sometimes the color change can be triggered by heat. These types of bongs are cool because over time the bong changes and becomes more breathtaking. Many people like to add color changing bongs to their collection to add an artistic appeal.

What Is A Cheap Glass Bong?

Just because a bong is cheap, it does not mean it is bad quality.  You can get a good, reliable bong for an affordable price.  Cheaper bongs are mass produced with thinner glass. But with the proper care, an affordable bong can last you just as long as an expensive one. You can find affordable bongs anywhere from online to your local head shop. They come in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes, with the main focus being function.  It all depends on your preference.  Some people prefer to have a cool looking bong to add to a collection rather than a proper working one.  Either way you can still find the perfect bong without breaking the bank.

What is a Heady Glass Bong?

What Is A Heady Glass Bong?

Heady glass bongs are high end, designer bongs. They are usually one of a kind, hand blown, and made in the U.S. The main attraction of heady glass bongs is the creative influence behind the design.  These bongs are perfect for anyone that takes bong collecting seriously.  Heady glass bongs are the perfect example of how to blend style and functionality.  You can not go wrong with a heady glass bong. Because sometimes they are limited edition, heady bongs are lavish and on the pricier side. They are loved by experienced collectors.

What Is The Best Glass Bong?

There are glass bongs for everyone no matter who you are.  As mentioned before, the best bong for you depends on your preference.  Whether you want a high quality bong made of artisan glass or an affordable bong that focuses on function more than style.  Knowing which bong is best for you is determined by a few factors. You want to make sure you know how much you are willing to spend on a bong. There are cheap bongs that are durable, work well, and look cool.  Also there are upscale glass bongs that put more effort into the durability of the bong and use higher quality materials. The second factor depends on how you want the smoke to feel. Ice bongs give the smoke a cool, refreshing feeling and percolators double filter the smoke making it cleaner. Both are smooth. 

Silicone Bong vs Glass Bong

Silicone Bong vs Glass Bong

Silicone and glass bongs both have many pros and cons. Silicone bongs are a new product to the market. Silicone bongs are lightweight, scratch resistant, and easy to clean. Another pro to silicone bongs is that they are unbreakable. They are more portable than glass bongs which is why people prefer them more.  Glass bongs are not as portable as silicone bongs, but they are higher quality. Unlike silicone bongs, glass bongs can break or be fractured. On the other hand it takes more effort and precision to make a glass bong. Both materials are durable, easy to care for and work well.

Acrylic Bong vs Glass Bong

Acrylic bongs are perfect for beginners. They are one of the most affordable bongs on the market. They are praised for how durable they are. Acrylic bongs are shatter resistant and for the most part, light weight, making them the best bongs to bring to a gathering and shared with a group. Glass bongs are more fragile, but offer more use out of the bong. No matter how many times you burn the bong, the quality still stays the same. Glass bongs are more expensive than an acrylic one and last longer. Acrylic bongs are more affordable and stronger than glass bongs.

Plastic Bongs vs Glass Bongs

Plastic bongs are affordable, light weight, easy to clean, and portable. They are recommended for beginners or people who do not have a lot of money to spare. When plastic is burned over time the material starts to breakdown, on that note, plastics bongs are easier to replace than glass bongs. Glass is a clean material to burn, it heats evenly and does not alter the taste of the smoke. Both are available in many styles and colors.

Dab Rigs vs Glass Bongs

Dab Rigs vs Glass Bongs

A dab rig is used to smoke herbal oil concentrate while a bong is used to smoke dried herbs. They both are made of strong glass.  Dab rig bowls are cup shaped and must be heated with a torch; glass bongs are more user friendly and can be lit with a simple lighter. Dab rigs are more complicated and seemingly dangerous to use but make up for it with a stronger effect. Glass bongs give a strong effect, and is greatly easier to use. Both tools come in an amazing variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

How To Make A Bong Out Of A Glass Bottle

Making your own glass bong will save you money and boost your confidence. The first step is preparing the bottle. You want to make sure the bottle is thoroughly cleaned. You then want to locate a place to put your downstem. You can order a downstem and bowl from online or make your own from supplies you can find around the house. The next thing to do is to drill a hole in the bottle for the downstem. The easiest way to do this is to acquire a diamond drill bit and drill the hole that way. If you do not have a drill bit, you choose the more time consuming option, find something sharp and pointy to punch a hole in the bottle. There will be shards of glass in the bottle so make sure you wash it out to avoid injury. Carefully insert the downstem and bowl into the hole. This is the last step needed to make your own bong.

Glass Bong Bowls Attachments

Glass Bong Bowl Attachments

The bowl is one of the most important parts of a bong.  It can be made of glass, plastic, ceramic, or silicone. The purpose of the bowl is to hold the dry herbs. It is connected to the downstem and gives the smoke a pathway to the chamber and water. It is important to keep the bowl clean and clear to limit the amount of herbs wasted. 

How to Clean a Bong

The key to lengthening the life of your bong is the amount of care and how well you clean it. There are many ways to clean a bong. The traditional way of cleaning a bong includes rubbing alcohol and epsom salt. Take a gallon size ziplock bag and put it over the bong, you may have to use two ziplock bags depending on the size of your bong. Add the salt to the bag, secure the ends with rubber bands, and add the alcohol. Then you will shake the whole thing to clean it. Leave it overnight until the water gets cloudy. Rinse with water and let it dry. There are products available that make cleaning easier like bong caps, to eliminate the need to use ziplock bags, and cleaning solutions. Some stores online even offer cleaning kits that include everything you need to get the job done.

Glass Bongs For Sale

It is quite easy to get a bong. You do not have to look far to find one. If you are in need of a new bong, check your local head shop. There you may find affordable bongs, that work really well. There is no guarantee there will be a large selection to choose from, but you might find the perfect first bong or whatever you are in the market for. If you are in search of a designer bong, looking online at the shops of artists you favor could help you obtain limited edition bongs. A quick online search can provide you with hundreds of places to shop for a bong. Here at the Vape Vet Store online vape shop we have a large array of glass bongs and accessories to choose from and many more. All with affordable prices, brands like ROOR, and free shipping in the U.S.

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