What is a Dab Container?

Whether you want something a bit more discreet or you want to feel the effects more quickly, concentrates, commonly referred to as dabs, are a great way to go. Wax containers are typically made from some sort of non-stick material such as plastic, silicone, or borosilicate glass. These storage containers are great because you can find some that are small enough that you can discreetly take them with you, allow you to dab on the go. No one container is better than the other, the one you choose is based on personal preference. 

Along with coming in a variety of materials, dab containers also come in many styles, which we will cover more in-depth a bit later. There are small silicone containers, larger silicone holders with multiple compartments, and even containers that come in shapes such as clouds and legos. You are even able to find silicone containers in nearly any color imaginable. Each one serves the purpose of holding one or more varieties of wax and would be a great addition to your collection.

When used in conjunction with your favorite nectar collector, rig, or wax vape pen, a dab container is an invaluable accessory that makes consuming your concentrates easier than ever, allowing you to have a great place to store your wax and a container you can even dab right out of it!

Cool Dab Containers

Cool Dab Containers

I am sure you have seen the simple silicone style dab slick that is made to hold just a gram or two of wax. While that is a great option for many people, you may be interested in something that is a bit fancier or has multiple slots and compartments. Each style is a fantastic option, it just depends on which style you prefer.

Silicone dab containers

Silicone is a great material for storing wax because it can be molded into many different shapes and styles and it is non-stick, allowing you to be able to peel off all of your concentrate from the container, leaving nothing behind. You can find larger honey jars, large rectangles with multiple slots, and simple small containers that hold just a single gram.

Flat Dab Container

This style is a great option for use at home or on the go. Because it is large and flat, you can discreetly slip it into your pocket or you can leave it at your house with your smoking tools. If you choose to use a nectar collector or glass straw, the flat dab container is a wonderful choice because you can let your concentrate spread out so you are not dipping into a thick hunk of dabs, potentially wasting your product or getting a much larger hit than expected. 

Lego Dab Container

This fun style has a variety of slots to keep your dabs organized and it also allows for easy stacking if you have multiple lego containers.

Multi-Slot Container

The lego dab container is just one of many multi-slot containers you can choose from. The biggest perk of using one of these vessels is that you are able to keep a variety of types of concentrate in one location, keeping them separate and preventing any of it from mixing. 

Glass Dab Container

Borosilicate glass is a great medium for containing your dabs for a few reasons. It is heat resistant and does not contain any harsh chemicals, meaning you can take hits directly from the container without having to be concerned that you or your friends will be ingesting anything aside from the concentrates you are vaping; it can easily be scraped, minimizing the chances of wasting any products; and it is sturdy and resistant to breaking. 

Yocan Evolve Plus

The Yocan Evolve Plus is a bit different than the other containers on the list. The Yocan is actually a wax vaporizer pen with a built-in container, allowing easy dabbing on the go. Not to be confused for a dry herb vaporizer

How to Choose a Dab Container

Deciding on the best dab container is not about which style or material is better, it is more so about which container is the right one for you and your needs. If you are the type of person that only keeps a small amount of wax around, you may just want to have a small or medium size container to have at home. If you prefer to have more types of wax or a larger amount, it would be a great idea to have a holder with multiple slots to keep your flavors separate and then a small one for travel purposes. Whichever you decide on is a great choice!

How to Use a Dab Container

How to use a Dab Container

Using a dab container is pretty straightforward. You just peel your wax off of the parchment paper you received it on and transfer it to the dab container of choice. With a multi-slot container, you are able to keep your different flavors and styles of concentrates separate and organized so you can enjoy each one as you please. It is definitely important to be sure you have a non-stick container so you do not waste any of your dabs.

Dab Tools and Wax Containers

Dab Tools & Wax Containers

Unless you strictly use nectar collectors or glass straws to do your dabbing, a dab tool is an essential accessory for your dabbing set up.Just like there are all sorts of dab containers, there are just as many dab tools as well. You can find a variety of styles of dabbers and they come in many materials, such as glass, metal, or silicone. Each style will effectively allow you to take your dabs, but some work better for specific situations than others. 

Depending on what variety of concentrate you have, different tools are a better choice for the type of wax you are working with. If you have something that is firm to sticky, a poker or spade style would work great. If you have the crumbly honeycomb style of wax, you would benefit from more of a scoop, as it is more likely to fall off of a flatter tool. 

Dabbing with a Wax Container

Usually dabbing is done with a dab rig and a nail or with a bucket attachment but using a rig is not the only way you can enjoy your concentrates. One of many benefits to using a heatproof container made from silicone or borosilicate glass is that you can use either a nectar collector or a glass straw, giving you the ability to take a dab straight out of the container! Doing so is simple. Just heat the tip of your tool with a torch. Once it comes to temp, just touch the hot tip to the wax and inhale through the tube. 

Taking your dabs in this manner is great for those that do not own a rig, whether it is because of economic reasons or your rig or attachments for it are broken. It is also a good option for people that want a faster way to take their dabs when they do not want to commit the time to using a rig. While it is a quick way to take a hit, the only downside is that the hits tend to be more harsh due to do not giving the diffusion and cooling that comes with using a rig, as a nectar collector does not use water.

How to Clean Dab Container

Cleaning your container is simple. If you are using a vessel that is non-stick, such as silicone, you should not need to clean it. However, some containers are not as non-stick as others and require a bit of maintenance. If you are using a glass container, you can simply scrape as much of your wax together as you can and collect it. You may even notice that a good scraping will give you a couple of bonus dabs you were not expecting. After you have scraped as much as possible, further cleaning is as easy as cleaning a glass pipe or a filter screen. You can fully submerge your glass container in rubbing alcohol allowing it to soak for some time or you can use a soft rag or cotton swab soaked with isopropyl alcohol and wipe the surface of the glass. Since your concentrate has not been burnt or scorched, it should be very easy to wipe off with minimal scrubbing or soaking.

Where To Buy Dab Containers?

Wax, dabs, and concentrates have become increasingly popular over the years, making it easy to find tools and accessories at your local head shops, hippie shops, or the corner stores where you can buy tobacco and alcohol. The only downside to shopping at brick and mortar establishments is that you may run into scarcity and limited options. Fortunately, with the internet, you can shop from the comfort of your own couch. The possibilities are nearly endless! You can find dab containers in all sorts of styles and types and have them shipped right to your home. Many even come with free extras, such as dab tools. And here at vapevetstore.com, all U.S. orders ship for free!

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