What is a CBD Pedicure and Is It Worth a Try?

The next time you take a look at a Salon’s menu, you might notice CBD listed throughout it. Using CBD topicals during beauty routines is becoming increasingly popular, and spas and salons are jumping on board. However, they are doing this for more than the reason that it is trendy. CBD is a natural plant compound that can help relieve skin level irritation, and potentially speed up the healing benefits of a spa treatment. Although it might seem obvious to include CBD oil in a massage, should it also be included in a pedicure treatment? And how does CBD work with a pedicure? Read on to learn more about this new health and beauty trend, and discover if it is worth the cost.

What Does A CBD Pedicure Include?

A CBD pedicure is simply a pedicure treatment that involves CBD products. A basic pedicure will start with you soaking your feet in warm water and essential oils. Next will come a bit of foot scrub, as well as a light massage. Finally, they will wrap up with some moisturizing lotion, and paint on your toenails. However, when you start incorporating CBD products the whole experience can become more soothing and relaxing.

A spa or salon might include CBD body oil in the massage portion of a pedicure. Or they could provide you with CBD-infused tea to start the treatment and help you relax into the experience. During the foot soaking portion, they might include a CBD bath bomb or bath salts. They might even opt to use a CBD-infused sugar scrub to help exfoliate your feet as well as relax them. Or they could wrap up the pedicure with a touch of extra-hydrating CBD lotion on your feet and legs. Or they could do all of the above! There are a variety of ways that CBD topicals or tinctures can be incorporated into a pedicure, but they do all involve a nice coat of fresh paint on your nails. However, that paint normally does not include CBD since there is no proven benefit of doing so, yet.

How Much Does A CBD Pedicure Cost?

The inclusion of CBD in your average pedicure can up the cost of it quite a bit. This is not only because a CBD pedicure can offer an elevated experience, but also because CBD products can cost a lot. Spas and salons will invest in these products for their treatments, but that investment will also be tacked onto the final price of the CBD pedicure. CBD pedicures currently range anywhere from $50 to $70, plus tip. But it all depends on the spa or salon you go to and where it is located. Thankfully, more and more salons and spas across the United States are starting to offer this luxurious treatment. If you are looking for a treat-yourself experience with a touch of relaxation, then the cost of adding CBD to your next pedicure could be well worth it.

What Are The Potential Benefits Of A CBD Pedicure?

CBD is thought to provide a wide variety of benefits when applied topically to your skin. It is also thought to provide a lot of benefits when ingested or inhaled, however much more research is looking into the specifics of this. There is still much to be learned about the way CBD interacts with the human body before any health claims can be made. Generally, though, users will claim the benefits of applying CBD cream or balm to minor skin irritations, or those caused by chronic inflammation. There are those who have found it to help relieve symptoms of rosacea, psoriasis, joint inflammation, sore muscles, or inflammation-based acne. CBD is thought to also be an antioxidant and can help promote healing with any irritation on the skin.

However, the other ingredients included in the CBD topical can also have a play in these benefits. They are often made with simple, natural ingredients, to match the natural benefits of CBD. The same goes for CBD pedicures potentially being more beneficial than a normal pedicure. They both will result in your feet being more moisturized and your toenails painted, however, a CBD pedicure also has the potential to help with any skin irritation you might have. It’s all about what you include with the CBD topicals, that make them work and provide a relaxing pedicure experience.

What Are The Potential Downsides Of A CBD Pedicure?

There are really no downsides to giving a CBD pedicure a try, in our humble opinion. The worst-case scenario is that you paid a little extra for your feet to be even more hydrated than they were before. There are little to no negative or potentially dangerous side effects from applying CBD topicals to your skin. You also cannot get “high” or intoxicated from having CBD applied to your skin, although you might feel a bit elevated with relaxation. However, due to a lack of scientific research and published studies, there is little evidence that CBD pedicures are that much more beneficial than a regular pedicure. You should give it a try yourself the next time you’re looking to go to the salon to truly see if it’s worth every cent to you. And it’s how you feel that really matters in the end.

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