What is a Bubbler and Why Should You Get One

As a smoker who wants to diversify his or her experience, trying out a bubbler pipe should be on the top of your smoking adventure bucket list. If you want to engage all your senses while at the same time having a pleasurable smoking session, then this interesting smoking device might be the one you are missing out on.

Getting curious about what a bubbler is? If so, let us start this comprehensive guide to help you decide if this smoking device is invited to your next smoking session.

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What are Bubbler Pipes?

There are a lot of ways to enjoy your smoking material, depending on your purpose and preference, you can try several approaches to the smoking tools you use to give you a better perspective of how you should consume your product.

One interesting smoking device that you can experiment on is a bubbler. Bubblers are a type of water pipe that falls under the same category as a bong. This pipe contains a percolator that aerates your smoke. This device provides great filtration for a cleaner hit in just a small surface area. They are like a combination of a traditional glass pipe and a regular water pipe. It uses water and the percolation system to create a smooth, filtered, and soft smoke that gives a different kind of hit.

Product Features of a Bubbler

A bubbler is becoming a known and recognized smoking device among smokers due to its functions and how it is easy to use and carry around with you.

A bubbler pipe comprises a mouthpiece, a carb hole, and a bowl. These features are similar to those of a typical dry pipe. The only difference is that this bowl's stem is constructed to contain a small amount of water that cools and extracts the smoke before inhaling it.

woman lighting a glass bubbler outside

How You Should Use A Bubbler

A bubbler pipe is a simple device to operate. You will begin by filling the water chamber with cold water. To know the amount of water you should pour into a bubbler, you should consider the size of your device. Carefully fill it up until it is enough to cover the bottom of the bowl stem. After doing so, you would notice that it does not require too much. When you apply cold water to your hits, they will be smoother.

The next step is to make sure that your smoking material is in finer pieces so that you could place it into a bowl in the same way you would with a normal bong. If the bubbler has a carb, cover it with your thumb before putting it on the mouthpiece.

Now light your bowl and draw the smoke into the chamber slowly but steadily, inhaling. You will hear the bubbling sound coming from your bubbler. After removing the thumb or finger from the carb, inhale the remaining smoke from the chamber. As a result, you will be able to take longer hits without irritating your throat since the water plays a vital role in removing the harsh taste and rough feeling of the smoke very similar to dry herb vaporizers and vape pens.

Pipe Functionality and Practicality

There are various styles, shapes, and kinds of bubblers. No matter the design it all delivers the same experience and purpose.

Bubblers offer a convenient smoking encounter. Being a handheld device that is typically under 10 inches in length, it is easy to carry around with you. They bring out a fashionable way to have a smoking session wherever you may be. Its portability and discreet style would not cause staring eyes to linger.

This smoking device shows a lot of personality and character. Not only does it provide you the satisfaction that you are looking for in a smoking device, but it is also appealing. In terms of practicality, a bubbler is an excellent way to transport your favorite smoking device. They also offer smooth hits, allowing for a much more pleasurable smoking experience. 

Orange and Yellow silicone bubbler with clear glass bottom brick background

Making the Most Out of Your Bubbler

A bubbler pipe deserves to be a piece in your collection. Whenever you have guests around, they can see how beautiful and effective this smoking device is.

Just like any other smoking pipe, you can make every hit count and every experience great if you properly maintain your bubbler. Regularly clean it and clear out any residue left in the chambers and make sure to replace the water often.

One thing to keep a note of is that cleaning a bubbler might be a challenging feat since it is one solid piece that cannot be taken apart. Just watch out for those hard-to-reach areas when cleaning it. Despite that, you should still definitely exert effort and dedicate your time to thoroughly clean your bubbler.

Other than a regular cleaning, proper handling is also essential. When using your bubbler make sure to carefully place it on the surface where you will store it and be careful not to knock it over.

Purchasing a Bubbler Pipe

Bubblers come in different sizes and designs and they are often made out of metal, glass, ceramic, bamboo, and plastic. When looking for a bubbler pipe make sure it is of high quality to avoid the chances of it breaking easily.

You should make sure to check out if a bubbler you are about to buy has a carb hole that is decent in size. This way, it can effectively eliminate stale smoke and help clear out your smoking device. Other than its carb hole, look for a bubbler that has good structural stability that can keep the water inside the device.

Know that a bubbler you would buy should not be one of the cheaper versions out there. If you are going all in, you should invest in a good one to reap all its benefits, ensuring that you get a good deal out of your purchase.

multiple lined up Rainbow silicone bubblers

Bubbler Pipe Takeaways

A bubbler pipe is a good smoking device that offers you a unique and enjoyable experience. It can help you figure out what kind of smoking technique or tool suits you. If you are interested to buy a bubbler pipe, you should carefully consider what it can do for you. In this guide, you know have an idea about what a bubbler is.

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