What Does Vapor Actually Smell Like?

Good Herbs Need Good Vapes

No matter how good your strain of medical cannabis happens to be, if you have a subpar vape, you will have a subpar session. If you have dry herbs, you will need a vape that specializes in that modality. If you have wax or oil concentrates, you will need a vape capable of utilizing those compounds.

Fortunately, there are combination 3-in-1 vapes that can accommodate all three and are some of the best known vapes on the market today. Vapes such as the SteamCloud Box Mod and the SteamCloud EVOD can take advantage of the most popular modalities to provide you with a superior vape session from start to finish.

The worst thing anyone can do is get ahold of some top-shelf medical cannabis, and either vape it through a subpar vape, or smoke it outright. While smoking is a popular method of consumption, it remains inferior to vaping and is not the best way to get the most bang for your buck.

What are Some of the Best Strains for a Vape?

Here is a short list containing today’s heavy hitters that are perfect for your vape. Keep in mind that the names of these strains comprise every form from dry herbs to wax and oil. Please also note that unlike smoke, vapor is not as pungent and will not linger for very long as it dissipates quickly into the atmosphere. This is in no way a complete list:

Gorilla Glue #4

  • Herb Form Smell: Herbal, Fresh, Earthy
  • Vapor Form Smell: Earthy, Skunky
  • Herbs After Being Vaped Smell: Popcorn

GG #4 is a hybrid and one of the most popular strains on the market today. A skunky type of herb that fills your mouth full of flavor, the smell is strong and the high is perfect for those looking for a calming effect.

Strawberry Cheesecake

  • Herb Form Smell: Skunky, Cheesy
  • Vapor Form Smell: Skunky
  • Herbs After Being Vaped Smell: Earthy

An indica strain that is popular among those looking to relax and kick away depression, Strawberry Cheesecake is unmistakably skunky and very sharp. The top effect for this strain is happiness, just what the doctor ordered.

Blue Dream

  • Herb Form Smell: Floral, Sweet, Fruity
  • Vapor Form Smell: Sweet, Musky
  • Herbs After Being Vaped Smell: Popcorn

Another classic hybrid that has been around for a while, Blue Dream is a sweet strain that is ideal for those looking for an energy boost for their creative side. A very fruity smell and a really sweet taste to match!

Lemon Cake

  • Herb Form Smell: Citrusy, Lemony
  • Vapor Form Smell: Sweet
  • Herbs After Being Vaped Smell: Earthy, Popcorn

An energetic sativa strain that can be a little overpowering for some, though perfect for those who truly need a pick-me-up in the morning or just before a demanding task. One of the sweetest smelling and undeniable lemon tasting varieties out there, hence the name.


  • Herb Form Smell: Herbal, Musky
  • Vapor Form Smell: Herbal
  • Herbs After Being Vaped Smell: Earthy

A well-known hybrid that produces one of the most powerful and euphoric highs, ChemDawg smells very herbal and musky. A heavy hitter that has earned its place among cannabis enthusiasts and medical patients alike.

Green Crack

  • Herb Form Smell: Sharp, Piney
  • Vapor Form Smell: Earthy, Musky
  • Herbs After Being Vaped Smell: Popcorn

A highly energetic sativa strain with a sharp smell and an almost citrusy undertone, Green Crack is tangy and instills the user with focus and an unusual sense of clarity. One of the most popular strains among cannabis connoisseurs.


  • Herb Form Smell: Earthy, Cheesy
  • Vapor Form Smell: Musky
  • Herbs After Being Vaped Smell: Earthy

Also known as San Fernando Valley Kush, this OG is a hybrid sativa-dominant strain that imbues the user with focus and relaxation. A stinky strain that is quite pungent and aromatic, SFV OG remains a top medical strain.

A Common Scent

You may have noticed that the most common smell after cannabis has been vaped is that of a noticeably popcorn-type of scent. Users have reported that vaped cannabis is reminiscent of a dry popcorn, with no butter.

This is normal and usually signifies the nearing end of a vape session. Once you start to smell the hint of popcorn, you know your weed is about to be spent. One of the best tips however, after you have vaped your weed, is to save it and not throw it out! Unlike smoking, vaped weed can be salvaged after use and reused to make edibles and wax.

What gives cannabis its many interesting smells are the volatile compounds within that make up the vapor when heated to a specific temperature. Terpenes and flavonoids such as pinene, myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene are just some of the few compounds that contribute to its wonderful smells and varying effects.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis is truly a miracle plant for many people. The best way to enjoy cannabis is through vaporization. This is the only way to truly appreciate not only its therapeutic effects, but also its palatable flavors and contrasting aromas. When vaping cannabis, you will tend to notice that the smells change as they give off their hidden scents upon reaching a certain temperature.

The boiling points for many of these compounds are destroyed when smoked and therefore go almost completely unnoticed by the user with minimal effects. Only by vaping can these compounds be tailored to reach a certain threshold by the user without resorting to combustion. Edibles also mask the flavors and aromas of cannabis when mixed with foods or other ingredients.

Unlike smoking, vapor is usually very light and wispy in dry herb form, though thick clouds from a box mod will produce clouds that rival that of smoke. The best part is that vapor will not penetrate and linger to stink up your house the way smoke can. So, now you know!

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