What Are Spoon Pipes, Chillum And Sherlock Pipes?

Any glance through an online head shop or vape shop will reveal that there are innumerable ways to enjoy smoking or vaping dry herbs. Some of the more traditionally-minded prefer joints, while the more cutting-edge would likely prefer vape pens or dabbing. And though lovers of bongs may disagree, there is one reigning champion of the quick-and-easy weed-smoking methods: The glass pipe.

This position should be clarified- other smoking methods all have their place. However, the glass pipe has a number of distinct advantages over its counterparts: It does not require the weed that is being smoked to be ground, unlike joints and some vape pens; it is durable and easily transported, unlike bongs and dab rigs; they are easily cleaned and can withstand a fair amount of wear and tear, unlike bongs and dab rigs and most vape pens; and let’s face it - some of them look really cool.

Despite the widespread appeal and utility of glass pipes, there are still a number of factors that a consumer should consider before they actually purchase one. For starters, how big is it? This can often make a world of difference for the consumer, particularly if they plan to use the pipe while out and about. Determining the precise size and weight of the glass pipe you are looking for is crucial to determining what kind of pipe you would ultimately like to buy.

Related to the size of the pipe is how big the chamber is in which the dry herbs are placed. The more stealthy pipes -- commonly referred to as one-hitters -- would obviously be able to fit fewer dry herbs than the sturdier and more voluminous pipes. Figuring out approximately how much you would like to be smoking at a given time will also aid you in your quest for the perfect glass pipe for your needs.

Finally, there is the question of durability: How thick is the glass from which the pipe is made? Accidents happen, and there are few feelings in the world as heart-breaking as dropping your pipe and watching in slow-motion as it shatters into a thousand pieces, never to be enjoyed again. Deciding how important a pipe’s toughness is to you will help you finalize your decision.

With these attributes in mind, we can peruse a variety of different glass pipe options to determine where they fall on the spectrum. And thankfully, they are all available through the good people at Vape Vet Store.

Chillum Pipe

The Stealthy Smoker

There are several kinds of small glass pipes for lovers of the doob who prize simplicity and portability over most other factors.

The first piece that comes to mind is the chillum glass pipe. This type of piece is a textbook example of a one-hitter- a pipe designed small enough so that it may only yield one to three hits from the smoker, at the most.

These tend to be the most affordable options since they are small and lightweight and are often times the easiest to use. (To put it another way, if you can’t figure out how to use a one-hitter, you’ve probably got bigger problems than deciding which pipe to use.)

Aside from their affordability and portability, chillums are also highly regarded because of how easy they are to clean: Simply boil it in hot water for a few minutes, and any leftover resin will slide right off.

If you fancy yourself a pipe that is a bit more sophisticated than a chillum and yet still on the lower end of the pricing scale, the glass Sherlock pipe may be the pipe for you.

The glass sherlock -- which takes its name from Sherlock Holmes, who famously smoked a similar-looking pipe -- is equipped with both a screen and an ash catcher. These amenities ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your doob sessions without the presence of the dreaded Scooby Snack.

Finally, among the lower-priced and more simple glass pipes, there is the twisty glass spoon. A durable piece that is available in four distinct colors, the twisty glass differs from many of the other pipes on this list because it yields better results when the weed that is used in it is ground instead of in its usual nug forms. This pipe is also most easily cleaned when dropped in boiling water for a few minutes.

Hand blown Glass spoon pipe

Advanced Pieces

For those who are looking for a beautiful glass pipe that is even more durable and able to fit a greater amount of dry herb, this is where things get interesting.

The first of these options is the glacier spoon. This blue-colored changing glass features a glass bowl chamber that is deeper than the chillum and twisty glass spoon, which makes it the go-to for those who are looking for more than a one- or two-hit smoking session. It also features a thicker body, which makes it better equipped to handle being occasionally dropped or misplaced.

The other option in this category is the crazy color spoon. This trippy-colored glass pipe -- the looks of which will likely become more intense after you smoke it -- actually changes color with each successive use. It also has a familiar frame to the glacier spoon, meaning that it has a thicker shape and is better likely to withstand the wear and tear of continued use than many other glass pipes.

New York Giants Glass Spoon Pipe

NY Sports Lovers

This is the point at which we feel sorry for those who live outside of New York. (As if we already didn’t.) Vape Vet Store features pipes custom-designed to appeal to fans of New York City’s hometown football teams, the Jets and the Giants. More similar to the pipes in the above Advanced Pieces section, these guys feature a thicker body and are the more durable options than many of those listed previously.

To Sum Up: Choosing a glass pipe can be easy, as long as you know what it is that you’re looking for. If you're still having difficulties figuring out which smoking pipe to purchase, check out our glass pipes in our online shop or continue reading related articles in our Vaporizer Learning Center.

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