What are Glass Pipes?

Glass pipes have been a staple of herbal smoking culture since the very beginning of popular use. They are a classic, non-complicated way of smoking dry herb that are produced by craftsmen dedicated to the artistic expressions of herbal culture. Glass pipes also give a full, natural flavor to your smoke and are extremely easy to clean. The many different types of glass pipes are fascinating and cater to a variety of smoking preferences. VapeVetStore carries a wide selection of glass pipes in order to fit whatever you want when smoking your herb.

Why glass pipes?

Glass pipes have been traced back to ancient Romans, mainly as small tubular chillums that are still used today (check out our chillums section). Glass and glassmaking has been around since the early Egyptians and Mesopotamians, but didn’t really catch on until the 1960s when they became the go-to method of smoking herbs. And there’s good reasons why they caught on.

Smoking out of a glass pipe allows for delivery of pure, unadulterated smoke. It Is probably the easiest way to smoke herb, and allows for a full expression of your herb’ flavors. Like any other piece, glass pipes get dirty, but are also the easiest kind of piece to clean, and their compactness and variety make them available for on-the-go use, however they are not as discrete as vaporizer pens. On top of that, the community that produces glass pipes takes in great consideration of their artistic proficiency and create beautiful pieces of art to smoke your herb out of.

Pipes also do not usually require any kind of external materials like rolling papers or tools, so they are a great way to get into smoking herb or maximize your plant funds.

What kind of glass pipes can I buy?



Chillums are glass tubes that have a bowl on one end to pack your material into. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes but mainly look like the stem of the ever-popular spoon pipe. Another popular design of chillum is the one-hitter, which usually comes in a carrying case called a dugout and contains a bowl for herb. Chillums are great for on-the-go use and are usually the smallest and thus most portable kind of glass pipe that VapeVetStore offers along with dry herb vaporizers.

Spoon Pipes

Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are the most popular type of glass pipe, and usually the most well-rounded in features. They usually come in very artistic variations and have carbs on the side to allow for effective airflow. Some spoon pipes change color like these, when you light up your material. They are very easy to handle and usually only 4 or 5 inches long, so they aren’t superportable but can definitely be carried around if needed. Spoon pipes are probably the best option for beginners and are a favorite for vets.



Steamrollers are basically like hitting a dry bong. They have a bowl piece, a chamber, and a mouthpiece. They usually give extremely hard rips and are only for more experienced lungs. Steamrollers could be considered advanced chillums, and are only recommended for those looking for massive, hard hits of herb.

Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock Pipes

The aptly named Sherlock pipes usually have large bowls and beautiful curved stems, and usually have carburetors like spoon pipes. They also come in many artistic variations and are sometimes also referred to as “Gandalf pipes.” Our products come with screens which prevent herb from being sucked into the mouthpiece, and also come in a couple different sizes and glass types. Sherlock pipes are an all-around excellent choice, especially if you want great pull control, thanks to the carb. They are a great next step if you’re looking to get something other than a spoon bowl.



Bubblers use water to filter the herb you put in the bowl and removes tar and other unwanted materials, helping to get a smooth, filtered hit. They function like bongs, but are usually smaller and their carburetors allow for more control than bong hits. Bubblers are a great choice if you want a fantastic water-filtered hit with full control thanks to the built-in carburetor. These pipes are the best introduction to smoking bongs, as they won’t deliver quite the amount of smoke that bongs provide, but still allow for maximizing your product and getting a clean, filtered hit.



Bongs deliver larger hits than other of the pieces on this list, and usually delivers them smoother than them as well. Using water filtration and varying chamber sizes, bongs allow for large, filtered hits. The culture surrounding bong art is extremely popular as well. Bongs have been a staple of smoking culture since the beginning, and will certainly not be dying out anytime soon, and are always a go-to for those who want to maximize their product-to-smoke ratio. Bongs usually give smooth hits but can be a lot for some beginners.

Other Glass Pipe Variations

Chameleon Dichroic Borosilicate Pipes

What is Chameleon Glass?

Chameleon glass changes color when hit. It is a very unique type of glass and is a big product of the art community behind pieces. Chameleon glass is a really cool feature to make your piece stand out.

What is Dichroic Glass?

Dichroic glass changes colors according to how the light is held up with it. Dichroic glass provides unique colors and patterns that change according to the light shown on it, and usually has multiple variations on the same piece. Dichroic glass is also excellent for an added amount of flair in the pipe of your choosing.

What is borosilicate glass?

Borosilicate glass is a type of glass that has extreme resistance to thermal expansion due to its extremely low thermal expansion rate. It is used frequently in laboratories as an alternative to quartz.

Glass Blunt

What is a glass blunt?

Glass blunts are essentially glass pipes that smoke like blunts. They can be cleaned and reused, and are great for replacing blunt wraps with a more sustainable piece. Glass blunts are smoother and a good choice if trying to cut the tobacco out of your herbal diet. Glass blunts waste much less product than wraps as well as letting you not have to keep trying extra products.

Which Pipe?

Which glass pipe should I get?

Depending on what your smoking preferences are, you may want to get a specific type of glass bowl. Luckily, the variety of glass pipes we offer make it extremely easy to select a product that fits your needs.

If you are looking for an all-around favorite, spoon pipes are usually the way to go. Their carburetors allow for some of the best unfiltered hits out there. Spice it up with some dichroic or chameleon glass if you’re looking to add a little extra flair.

If you’re looking for an on-the-go option, chillums are an excellent choice. They are easy to use and discrete, especially one-hitters. Glass blunts may also be a good choice for on-the-go use, but they are not very discrete. Vaporizers are also recommended for those looking for the best on-the-go device.

For beginners, spoon bowls or chillums are usually recommended. Bubblers are a good place to start getting into water pipes, while bongs are going to deliver the most effect from your product. Bongs are usually only recommended for experienced smokers.

For those looking to get massive hits of raw smoke, steamrollers can be a good option. They provide for a massive amount of hot smoke. Sherlock pipes are great for a step up from spoon bowls, and longer Gandalf pipes are excellent for smoking big bowls.

The pipe that is right for you heavily depends on your experience level and preferences about smoke production, size, portability, and filtration. The above guide should help you find a glass pipe that fits your preferences amongst our variety of glass products. If you still can’t find something you are looking for, check out our other products like herbal vaporizers and oil products.

You should now know a significant amount about glass pipes and how they function! When choosing the pipe you want, make sure you check out the reviews and information provided in the product link. Our website provides a number of glass products within numerous price ranges, starting at lower than $20, so you can choose something a little more artsy or something basic depending on what you’d like. Always make sure to read about the pipe you choose, as some pipes may be variations without certain features or with added bonuses. Most of all, enjoy your new glass pipe.

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