FireFly Vaporizers Are One of the First Vape Companies

Firefly vaporizers - ‘OG Firefly’ also referred to as ‘Firefly Classic’, and the ‘Firefly 2’ are in a league of their own and comparable with the top notch vapes available at present. Sasha Robinson, an experienced hardware/software consultant and Mark Williams, a highly skilled and seasoned design professional teamed up to establish ‘Firefly’ in 2012.

The enterprising duo burned the midnight oil for two years at a stretch but abandoned their first prototype, owing to design flaws. They again started from scratch, and eventually came out with the ‘OG Firefly Vaporizer’ in 2013, after testing the model nearly 50,000 times. Also known as ‘Firefly 1’ or ‘Firefly Classic’, the OG Firefly was voted as the most versatile vape during its heyday.

Mark and Sasha carried out further design improvements on the OG Firefly and the outcome was Firefly 2 Vape which is a big improvement on the former in every respect. The Firefly 2 was slated for a February 2016 release.

What's the Difference between the Original Firefly and Firefly 2

Firefly Classic Vaporizer

What is The Original Firefly Vaporizer

The Firefly 1 vaporizer scores both in terms of aesthetics and functionalities. The vape takes advantage of convection heating mode implying that it processes dry herbs for vaping real fast, roughly in about 7 seconds. The original is a vaporizer all right but it appears more like a mobile phone. That is the impression you’ll have when you try it the first time.


At 278 grams, the Firefly Classic is surely not as portable as its sibling-Firefly 2 but you can still hold it or carry it effortlessly. That the Firefly 1 is somewhat hefty is what makes it so sturdy and hardy thereby you can rest assured that it’ll be effectively able to withstand hard knocks, bumps, and accidental impacts. The extra heft is on account of the stainless steel heat sinks that disperses excessive heat and keeps the vape cool.

Heating and Temperature Control

  • The unit has a borosilicate glass compartment capable of holding dry herbs weighing about 0.15gms. Such a tiny amount is not enough for an extended vaping session but sufficient for enjoying 6-9 hits in each session. The heating coil of the OG Firefly can coast from a low of 68-75˚F (room temperature) to a high of 400˚F in seconds. Making the most of Firefly Classic is supremely simple; it comes embedded with tactile sensors on each side for triggering the heater. 


  • You do not have to worry about deactivating or switching off the vape as the sensors go on a ‘sleep mode’ when these remain untouched for some time. As far as convenience of use is concerned, you’ll become a tad frustrated as it takes quite an effort to pull up the lid. To get the device started you’ll need to flick the ‘power button’ on the right end. Pressing the other knob activates the heating process which continues for 30 seconds continuously irrespective of the duration for which you hold the knob.

Battery Life

A mild glow indicates that the vape has attained the maximum temperature. The detachable 7.4V Li-ion battery is perhaps the most glaring downside of the OG. You can use the vape at a stretch for about 45 minutes on a full charge. The fact that you can charge the device in as much time compensates for the battery’s inability to hold charge.


Maintaining the OG is a breeze, using a paper towel for cleansing the gadget at the end of each session keeps it spic and span.

Vapor Quality

Talking about vapor quality, the heating chamber made of borosilicate glass together with the convection heating technique makes for a perfect vaporization of the dry herb. For best results, preheat the compartment for 5-6 seconds, then let go, and again hold down the button for approx 30 seconds.

The Kit

The Firefly Classic kit includes five cleaning picks, five replacement screens, multiple cleansing wipes, and multi-sided brush. The accessories along with the unit can be comfortably stowed and lugged in a carry case supplied with the kit.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

What is The Firefly 2 Vaporizer

The Firefly 2 Vaporizer, like its predecessor, exploits the convection process for heating/vaporizing. You can slot in concentrates like rosin and butter as well as wax besides, the normal dry herb, a feature which was missing with the OG Firefly. Firefly 2 is also more compact and lightweight, nearly 33% compacter and 55% lighter.


Firefly 2 heats up quicker than the OG, despite being less heavy and sleeker than the latter; you’re ready to vape in 3 seconds flat.

Built Quality

Surprisingly enough, the device is incredibly robust and resilient, its ‘made in China’ tag notwithstanding. The device’s body has been crafted out of magnesium alloy (instead of the aluminum framework of OG) which makes it lighter. The magnesium alloy body means low thermal conductivity, thereby ensuring faster cooling in between hits. The heating chamber has a Gorilla Glass lining which protects the compartment even when the oven is scorching at 400˚F and beyond. In terms of design and aesthetics, there’s little to distinguish the Firefly 2 from its forerunner.

Temperature Control

Firefly 2 has a clear edge over the Classic when it comes to temperature settings. With the original model, you could select only setting but the Firefly 2 gives you the leeway to choose from six temperature settings in 20˚ increments-from 340˚F to 420˚F. Take note that you can heat the vape up to 500˚, in case you’re using concentrate. You can put your fingers inside the compartment even when the oven is searing at 500˚, thanks to the insulation furnished by the Gorilla glass lined interior. The Firefly 2 comes equipped with a hook-on 770mAh Li-ion battery which when fully charged lets you enjoy up to a maximum of eight vaping sessions, where you draw in the vapors nothing less than 7-8 times on each occasion. As far as taking advantage of the FF 2 is concerned, there have been some minor modifications.


Dual capacitive tactile sensors on both ends of the vape have replaced the power knob. Since the device springs to life only when you touch the buttons, you do not need to worry about the unit switching on inadvertently. A light push on the arrow mark at the unit’s base reveals the battery and placing a finger underneath the battery’s tip release the component.


Replacing the battery once it is charged is simple as well. That FF 2 comes without a power button means that is always in a ready-to-use mode.  The vaporizing chamber lets you stuff roughly 0.15 gm dry herb, same as FF 1. And like FF 1, the FF 2 heats up consistently for half a minute reaching the maximum temperature, and won’t heat any further even if you continue to hold the button.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning the Firefly 2 should not be an issue for the majority of vapers. Even if you continue to defer cleansing the device, you’d be able to get rid of the accumulated deposit using an absorbent towel moistened with a dash of ISO propyl alcohol. Rub the paper towel on the body as well as the lid. As the receptacle does not have any screen, cleaning the device is easy.

The Kit

You get three separate concentrate padding for vaporizing dry herb, e-liquids, and wax. The Firefox 2 costs upwards of $300, so you can take it for granted that it does the basic job of vaping extraordinarily well. If you wish to get a heady and invigorating high from your puffs, set the temperature under 400˚ and take in the vapors slowly. The Firefly 2 kit packs 3 concentrate pads, a USB charging dock, USB 3.0 cable, cleaning kit with two plastic toothpicks, 2 rechargeable batteries, alcohol swabs, and a multi-sided cleaning brush.

Firefly Classic vs. Firefly 2 Vapes

Factors to Consider When Buying FireFly Vaporizers?

Convenience of Use

The fact that FF 1 has fewer bells and whistles makes it more convenient to use. You simply load the herb or wax in the chamber and press down on the power knob at one side, and you’re ready to go. On the other hand, the FF 2 comes with 6 settings for temperature-you need to download Firefly app for taking advantage of this feature. The ‘Power Turning’ functionality lets you coast the current temperature a further 11%.You can start vaping in less than 8 seconds with the FF 1 and within 3 seconds with the FF 2.

Vaporizer Design

Firefly 1 looks more like a mobile phone than a vape. It is heavy at 278 grams, bulkier than Firefly 2 which weighs 140g.  FF 2 is also available in a range of colors like blue, gold, black, and red.

Heating chamber

Compartments of both the vape models are remarkably small, much smaller than other comparative brands.


The Firefly 1 could feel a little bulky if you put it inside your shirt or trouser pocket. The Firefly 2 is definitely more portable but flimsier and so make sure you handle it with care.

Vape Battery

The Firefly 2’s battery runs for almost 1 and a half hour letting you continue with your session for a long time. Alternatively, FF 1’s battery allows you to run a session for a maximum of 45 minutes. Batteries of both devices take about 45 minutes to charge fully.

Should I Buy the Original FireFly or FireFly 2 Vaporizer?

So, when it boils down to choosing one out of the two models, We’ll settle for the Firefly 2 not only because it is more compact and portable but chiefly because it gives me the freedom to experiment with a variety of flavors owing to its variable temperature settings.

Where to shop for a Firefly Vaporizer?

You can buy the Firefly 2 online from any of the numerous sites that sells the vape, but you can place an order here at

FAQ about Firefly VaporizersHeating Chamber of Firefly 2 Vape

How do the original Firefly and Firefly 2 heat up the dry herb, concentrate or wax?

Both the vape pen makes use the convection heating technique which heats the herb perfectly without combusting the grinds, resulting in your inhaling premium quality of vapors.

How to use FireFly Vaporizers?

The Firefly 1 is effortlessly easy to use. After putting the dry herb or concentrate inside the chamber, you need to hold the power button for powering it on. The heat button needs to be pressed for 30 seconds for heating up the device fully. The Firefly 2 has touch sensors that needs to be touched mildly for switching it on and for heating the device, follow the same procedure as for FF 1.

Where Can I Find the Firefly 2 Smart app?

The Firefly 2 Smart app is compatible for downloading both on Android and iOS smartphones. You can trace the app on Google Playstore as well as on iTunes app.

Should I fill the heat chamber to the brim?

No. Always leave a small gap when you fill the wax, concentrate or dry herb. Leaving some room promotes healthy air circulation that in turn facilitates convection heating. 

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