What are CBD Patches and How they Work

What is a CBD Patch?

Among the many things you may have heard about CBD, you probably may have heard about a CBD patch? Although they are fairly similar to nicotine patches in terms of the technology behind them, they achieve dramatically different results. While nicotine is a substance that is known to put your systems on high alert, CBD can have the opposite effect. They are both easy to use though and highly effective. They also offer consumers a discreet method for dosing over long periods of time, with little to no associated mess or smell.

But what is a CBD patch specifically? And how do they work exactly? Not all CBD patches are the same and it is important to know the general differences before applying one to your skin.

Is a CBD Patch a Topical?

Since CBD patches are applied to your skin, it is safe to assume that they are classified as a CBD topical. However, it is not safe to assume that they work with your body in the same way as a CBD topical. Each CBD patch is packed with cannabidiol molecules, or CBD, infused with a gel or oil solution designed to permeate your skin. Most CBD topicals only affect skin cell receptors in your body, CBD patches go a bit deeper thanks to the use of carriers and permeation enhancers. With a patch, the CBD is eventually absorbed into your bloodstream through your skin.

What Types of CBD Patches Are There?

There is a bit of variety behind the technology included in CBD patches, which make it possible for CBD to permeate your skin and enter your bloodstream. Generally, there are two different types of CBD patches. The first type is called a matrix patch and the second type is a reservoir patch.

The CBD matrix patches are built with five layers, each working to serve a different purpose. The first layer is infused with CBD molecules that will eventually work their way into your skin and capillaries. The second layer is a separating layer, followed by an adhesive layer that holds the patch to your skin. The final layer to the patch is the protective backing layer so that no CBD solution leaks out.

However, reservoir patches take a different approach to applying CBD through your skin, with the aim of achieving a more controlled delivery rate. Reservoir patches are still made with multiple layers, including a peel-off layer, adhesive layer, and protective backing layer. However, the CBD is mixed into a permeable release membrane that can be fine-tuned to change the delivery rate of CBD to your body. Overall, reservoir patches are considered the more effective option for releasing CBD at a steady, controlled pace.

How Do You Use a CBD Patch?

With CBD body balm, a user has to massage the balm until it is absorbed into the skin. Thankfully, applying a CBD patch is a lot easier. All you have to do is remove the protective film and apply the CBD patch to almost anywhere on your body. Make sure that the area you are applying the patch to is clean, dry, and free of any dirt that could interfere. Then just kick back and wait for the relieving effects of CBD to kick in. Some patches will provide CBD in small doses over the course of six hours, but there are some that last as long as 12 to 96 hours.

One of the best parts about CBD patches is that you can add more if you need an extra boost of CBD, and simply remove them when you would like to stop applying CBD. You also have the option to cut the patches down to smaller sizes if you want to achieve an even micro-dose over the course of a day. A patch can be applied directly to an area that you want relief in, such as a sore muscle. Or they can be applied closer to the source of blood flow, where blood vessels and capillaries are closer to the surface of the skin. These areas include your wrists, ankles, upper arms, shoulders, and the back of your neck.

How Do CBD Patches Work?

Once you have the CBD patch applied to a clean area of your skin, what can you expect to happen? Well, about fifty percent of the CBD included in the patch will make it into your bloodstream. And that’s a pretty efficient rate when compared to CBD ingested orally, which only has a five percent CBD absorption rate on average. CBD patches work efficiently to provide minimal CBD loss, with the added bonus of interacting with your skin cells as well.

Overall, CBD patches are a very convenient, discreet, and efficient method for delivering CBD to your body. They can be placed underneath your clothing and take only a few seconds to apply, which is a lot more convenient than dropping, dabbing, smoking, or vaping CBD. Patches are designed to deliver a consistent and controlled dose of CBD to your body over long periods of time, although you should watch against using patches for too long since there is the risk of delivering too much CBD into your bloodstream compared to other topicals. Check them out the next time you’re browsing CBD products because they are a great option for dosing CBD on a daily basis!

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