Wax Pen vs Dab Pen - Vape Guide

Vaping concentrates is one of the most popular trends for vaping concentrates. While there are a wide variety of devices you can use, dab pens are generally one of the most common choices for partaking in dabs. While it is easy for those who have been on the scene for quite some time to distinguish between devices, it can be easy for new users to get lost in the various terms and information presented. To help users to better understand these wonderful devices, here is a quick guide to wax and dab pens.

Dab Pen the same thing as a Wax Pen?

A common question among new users is whether or not a dab pen and wax pen are the same thing. The answer is simple - yes. There is absolutely no difference whatsoever between a wax pen and a dab pen. In fact, it is simply a matter of using different terminology to refer to the same device. For example, some people call a vaporizer - a vape, a vape pen, or just a pen. It is all a matter of personal preference, and the exact terminology used depends solely on the user.

What Defines a Dab Pen, aka Wax Pen

Dab Pen Wax Vape

What makes a dab pen a dab pen? Is it the process? The device? The type of concentrate it uses? What defines a wax pen all boils down to three very distinct characteristics.

Uses a Vape Battery

The center component of a vape pen is the battery. It can vary in size with larger battery options, allowing for additional features (such as the ability to change the temperature or whether it offers a display screen). Most importantly, a vape battery allows the user to have the convenience of partaking in a session, both at their leisure and in any location they want to indulge. For the most part, a dab pen generally will have a battery capacity somewhere between 600 and 1400 mAh (or milliampere-hours).

Equipped with a Wax Atomizer

Whether interchangeable or not, there are a variety of different variations of wax atomizers (for example the type of material it is made out of). However, no matter what type of coil you decide to use, the purpose of a coil remains the same. It is for use with wax and helps in the vaporization process with this type of concentrate.

Designed to Vaporize Wax Concentrates

While vape pens have the ability to vape multiple concentrates, wax pens are designed to specifically vaporize all forms of wax concentrate. Dab pens are light and compact in design, making them very discreet and easy for the user to slide in and out of your pocket.

Is a Dab Pen the same as an Oil Pen?

Difference Between Oil Vape Pens and Dab Pen Wax Vapes

Ultimately, dabbing is associated with wax concentrate. Despite having some of the same components, wax concentrate is different than oil, as it is more of a liquid (similar to e-liquid or e-juice). Due to these key differences, a dab pen is not the same as an oil pen. While there are many vape pen batteries available that can work with vaping both wax and oil cartridges, a dab pen would never be classified as an oil pen (or vice versa).

Does the Shape of my Vaporizer Define it as a “Vape Pen” or not?

When you start your search for a vaporizer, there are plenty of pen-shaped vape options on the market. These devices can be used for vaping wax, oil, liquid, or even dry herbs. However, the term “pen” does not stay confined to the particular shape of the vaping device. After all, vape pens can come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes. Some pens are square, while others may be oval or randomly shaped. Nonetheless, people will know what you are talking about based on the specific terminology (or lingo) you use to describe it. For example, when discussing a vape pen, vape enthusiasts will realize you are talking about a portable, lightweight, battery-operated device used for vaping.

What are Dab Pens, aka Big Time Wax Pens

Electronic Nectar Collector and SteamCloud Mini 2.0 Dab Wax Pen

The exact terminology used when discussing a wax pen is always determined by the specific user. Nonetheless, in most cases, people tend to prefer the term dab pen over wax pen when talking about a powerful wax vaporizer that can offer a similar experience to what you would have with a dab rig. Again, there is no right or wrong term when discussing a wax pen or dab pen. It is all about terminology and personal preferences. 

Box Mod Vapes is the Ultimate Dab Pens

SteamCloud Box Mod Vape with Wax Atomizer

Although the biggest option out of wax pens, box mod vapes can technically be referred to as a dab pen. Like smaller options, box mod vapes have the ability to be equipped with atomizer attachments. They are often referred to as customizable vape batteries, due to the ability to connect different pre-filled cartridges and atomizers. They offer the user larger rips in the vape space, bigger batteries, and an easy way to control the temperature to your device.

SteamCloud Mini 2.0 vs SteamCloud Box Mod

SteamCloud Box Mod vs SteamCloud Mini 2.0

The SteamCloud Mini 2.0 features a preheat function and 3 temperature settings versus the box mod that allows for many more. However, the Mini is more affordable, lighter, and offers a 650 mAh battery capacity to last you all day. Like many dab pens, the SteamCloud Mini 2.0 turns on with the standard 5 quick succession clicks on the power button and can be up and ready to use in as little as 15 seconds.

While all box mod vapes differ to some degree, the SteamCloud Box Mod provides temperature controls between 200 degrees to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a display screen, a very powerful battery capacity of 1600 mAh, and can go from 1 to 60 watts (moving up in as small as 0.1 at a time). It is small, portable, and very discreet. Although this box mod vape does provide a great option for wax concentrates, users can also interchange with various 510 atomizer attachments to allow users to vape dry herbs, oil, or liquid concentrates.

What is the Best Dab Pen?

When trying to select the best dab pen, it can feel like an overwhelming undertaking when presented with the large assortment of options. From functions and price ranges to coil materials and battery capacity, there are many factors to consider when trying to determine the top choice for yourself. However, despite all the different choices, there are no wrong answers. It ultimately will always come down to personal preferences. You determine what you need and what you are looking for, and what is the best option for one user may not be the top choice for another.

Dab Pen Synonyms

  1. Wax Pen
  2. Wax Vape Pen
  3. Dab Vape Pen
  4. Wax Vaporizer
  5. Dab Vaporizer
  6. Wax Vape
  7. Dab Vape

The list can go on forever, but you get the idea, so we will stop it here. Feel free to add any terminology we missed in the comments below!

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