Vape Accessories for CBD Wax Vaping - What you Need

While vaping wax remains one of the most popular forms of vaporization, wax vaporizers fall into a couple distinctive categories. There are wax vapes that specialize in only wax, and there are wax vapes that can incorporate other modalities such as dry herbs and oil concentrates.

Other options include wax vapes that are designed for recreation, and wax vapes that are intended for the medical patient. We will be looking at vapes like these and discussing what types of accessories augment or enhance the vaping experience, and what components you just cannot do without. Some of the advice here will be common sense, while other pieces of information might be novel to consider.

Nonetheless, we will try to provide you with a comprehensive guide to maintaining the integrity of your CBD wax vapes to ensure you get the most out of them. This article will focus on the essentials of a CBD wax vape, what makes it function, what parts you will eventually need, and extra options to consider in order to have a better vape session.

Wax Dab Rig for Wax

CBD Wax Vaping

CBD wax vapes are just like any other wax concentrate, despite whatever form it may take. Wax concentrates are typically applied directly onto a heated coil and the vaporization process begins. Drawing in the breath at the moment takes in the vapors produced from the heated coil, and the user keeps this going until he or she is either finished with the product or no longer has a need to medicate.

This differs slightly from recreational users who usually just stop vaping once they think they have had enough. CBD users are vaping for medical reasons, and usually stop vaping once their ailments are successfully treated at a session. Once the pain subsides, or the irritation lessens, or you begin to relax, then the session can be ended at the user’s discretion.

Recreational users usually have much more liberal limits and can exceed consumption in favor of simply finishing a product. This is how CBD users differ from the typical recreation crowd. CBD is a medicine that can treat a wide variety of ailments ranging from pain to anxiety. In the form of wax, CBD vapes much like any other wax and produces a light vapor that is thicker than dry herb vaporizervapor, but much lighter than oil concentrated vapor.

Some accessories that can accommodate wax are compartments that are physically attached to the vaping unit itself. Many of these, such as the Yocan Evolve Plus XL have a detachable dual-compartment silicone wax container for your convenience. This lessens the load of accessories and makes for a very good investment for your CBD vape pen consideration.

CBD Wax Vape Pens

Wax Pen Vape Accessories

Other accessories that are likely to be included are devices such as chargers and cables, replacement coils, and extra mouthpieces or guards. We can take a look at these individually to get a better idea of why we need these. The first one, chargers, is pretty obvious. CBD wax pens, and virtually every other portable pen out there, runs on a battery. That battery needs to eventually get charged, and depending on your vaping habits, might need to get charged multiple times in one day.

Some vapes come with a high mAh output which extends battery life, though can quickly drain with high settings and long usage. It is important to consider having a vape with a good power output and a quick recharge time to accommodate heavy vaping habits. This is especially true with CBD medical patients who require heavy doses to treat specific ailments. Other accessories such as replacement heating coils will eventually need to be purchased to ensure the integrity and function of your wax vape.

All wax pens use these to heat up the wax and without them, no vaporization can occur. Always make sure you have plenty of these to replace the ones that will eventually burn out. Mouthpieces and mouthpiece guards are also an overlooked but essential component to having a decent vape session. This is especially important for the comfort of CBD users who are already looking to escape pain, and so elongated or covered mouthpieces mitigate, nullify, and otherwise redirect heat away from the sensitive area of the lips which could otherwise potentially burn if placed directly on a heated mouthpiece.

This is even more of an issue for CBD users who are heavy users or who have extended vape sessions in which the unit itself gets very hot. Heat travels throughout the vape and will eventually find its way to the mouthpiece. Silicone mouthpiece covers are great for this.

Wax for a dab rig

Vape Accessories to Consider

Some of these accessories can indirectly enhance your vape sessions by maintaining the integrity of your wax vapes, such as replacement atomizers and cleaning supplies. You will be happy to learn that cleaning any wax vape is a minimal task that rarely requires any heavy or repeated usage. The main area of focus for cleaning any wax vape will always be the mouthpiece.

You will want to ensure that you thoroughly and properly disinfect this area after every session to prevent buildup and potential illness. This is especially true nowadays and you would do well to heed this advice: Always keep your mouthpiece clean! This can be just as easy as wiping it down after every session with an alcohol swab.

Unlike dry herbs or pipes, wax does not accumulate or buildup in the same manner. In fact, simply heating up the coils will dissipate and vaporize whatever lingering wax you may have left over. You will also want to make sure you have replacement atomizers for your device, especially if it is a 3 in1 vape that can accommodate other modalities.

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