Types of Vaporizers for Use with CBD

The world of vaporizers is a vast and saturated market filled with everything from high-quality brand names to cheap Chinese knockoffs. While trying to choose a good brand for the first time may be as easy as just recognizing a big name in the industry, there are many factors you will want to consider before investing in just any old vape.

The purpose of your vape pen should match your intentions, in this case having a high-quality vape for your therapeutic CBD sessions. In this article we will be looking closely at the many vapes available that are perfect for this type of medical need. While some people cannot ingest CBD due to health or personal reasons, topical CBD is meant for localized ailments.

Because of the inherent nature of vaporizers, CBD is best absorbed throughout the body by way of vaporization. Unlike CBD that is digested in the body, effects take a considerable amount of time to be felt, and so the best and most direct method is in the form of vapor inhalation.

Since the fastest and most efficient method of delivery is that of vaporization, it would make sense to have a detailed evaluation on what types of vapes are best for CBD. There are vapes on the market that are precise and able to gauge the proper dosage. Some vapes are better than others when it comes to vaping CBD, and having the right vape for your needs is what this article is all about.

Desktop Vapes

Most medical patients will find that vaping CBD from a desktop vape will provide the best hits at the right dosages. Because desktop vapes use electrical power instead of portable batteries, sessions last much longer and can be tailored to your liking, all in the comfort of your own home.

High quality desktop vapes on the market for CBD include popular models such as the Volcano Classic, Arizer Extreme Q, and the famous Silver Surfer. Each one of these functions similarly and can accommodate everything from dry herbs to wax and oil concentrates.

This is possible due to accessories that come with these vapes that can be soaked in wax and oil concentrates. These can be measured out and vaped without having to rely solely on dry herbs to get the job done. This is a much better option for medical patients due to the higher potency and ability to measure dosages.

Arizer Q Vaporizer is perfect

Box Mod Vapes

Powerful, portable, and perfect for CBD, box mods are notorious for producing incredibly large volumes of vapor with every exhale. These vapes are typically known as 3 in 1 or combination vapes and are ideal for the CBD user. Because box mods are inherently powerful, medical patients will find them to be ideal for travel.

Some of the best box mods for CBD include vapes such as the SteamCloud Box Mod, the Yocan Uni Box Mod, and the Pulsar APX. Because CBD is better when it is in concentrate form, it is best to confine our recommendations to devices that can accommodate those modalities by way of dosage delivery and vapor production.

Less is more when it comes to a box mod, as less material is needed when compared to dry herbs for example. Intense vapor production comes naturally to a box mod, and one need only to maintain their units by keeping a set of replacement coils and keeping their batteries charged.

Dry Herb Vapes

Despite the fact that dry herbs are not as potent as other forms of CBD, they remain a viable candidate for medical relief. In fact, dry herb vapes are truly ideal for beginners and those looking to ease their way into having CBD as part of their medicinal regimen.

Starting low and working your way up to a suitable threshold is one of the best ways to get the most out of your dry herb vapes. Most of them are portable and feature precision temperature control. It is quite common to find combination vapes that are also capable of utilizing dry herbs as part of their capabilities.

Some of the best dry herb vapes for CBD include the Titan 2, the Flowermate V5.0S Pro, the DaVinci IQ, and the E-CLIPSE from Darkside Vapes. Because CBD is a therapeutic compound for medicinal uses, vapes like these are specially designed to vaporize dry herbs at specific temperatures to release these compounds. full flavor profiles are best achieved through a dry herb vape.

Titan 2 temperature

Portable Wax and Oil Vapes

Perhaps the most popular choice on this list when it comes to vaping CBD is that of the portable vape, in this case those that can vape wax, oils, or both in one unit. Popular vapes such as the Yocan Hive 2.0, the SteamCloud EVOD, SteamCloud Mini 2.0 and the SteamCloud Box Mod are all capable of vaping everything from wax to oil concentrates, and even dry herbs!

The reason why people opt for these types of vapes for their CBD sessions is because they are portable, highly efficient, and stealthy. Instead of being confined to a singular location, one can take their sessions on the go with these types of vapes. What makes them highly efficient aside from their power output is their variability and versatility. Other wax pens like the Yocan Loaded are perfect if you want a vape that specializes in one particular modality.

This can be especially useful if you know your preferences with CBD and want to focus on just one type of vape instead of switching atomizers and adjusting for other modalities. This can streamline your sessions by creating an established habit of simply loading and vaping while eliminating the guesswork. No matter what you end up choosing for your particular style of vape, all of them will be suitable for conducting highly productive CBD vape sessions.

SteamCloud Mini 2.0

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