Top Vaporizer Picks: 5 Vape Pens for E-Liquid, Herb, Oil, Wax


Vape pens have become a trendy means of vaping in the last few years, and this success can be attributed to their discreet design and ease of use factor. In addition, users simply love to use them, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, not to mention unique designs certainly help. But did you know that most users use the term vape pen to refer to a lot of devices like e-cigarettes, weed vaporizers, etc.

Progression of Vape Pen Brands

When American Rapper Snoop Dogg launched his popular convection vaporizer called G-Pen, this created a ripple in the market since it was the only pen using which you could subtly smoke in public places. However, as with every other technological invention, other manufacturers eventually caught up with the idea and brought out their own versions of it. Hence, the concept of subtly vaping was born.

In case you are on the lookout for some vape pens to smoke e-liquid, herb, oil, and wax, then read through this guide below:

Top 5 Vape Picks for Herb, Wax or Oils

EVOD Vape Pen

The EVOD by SteamCloud Vapes is a simple but super-popular vape battery for oils, wax and herbs. Simply attach whatever type of vape cartridge you want and the EVOD vape will power it. The battery operates similar to most vape batteries and is very easy to use. A dial at the bottom of the vape allows you to control how much power goes into the attached cartridge and boom, you are vaping.

E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vape

The E-CLIPSE is a super sleek vaporizer for dry herbs. The small and ergonomic design mean that it really can fit into your pocket. But even though it is a compact weed vaporizer, it is still super powerful and heats up really fast. You can adjust the temperature setting up or down by a single degree. This vape works really great and is not priced sky high. The E-CLIPSE is affordable and reasonable under $100.

Mini 2.0 Vape

This awesome vape is specifically designed for use with the popular, skinny vape cartridges you see everywhere. Capable of vaporizing herbs, oils and wax, this compact vape continues to become even more popular. This vape easily fits in the palm of your hand and still packs a powerful vape battery that will last you all day and night. With multiple voltage settings you can adjust the power of the vape hit and find tune it to whatever material you are vaping.

Yocan Evolve Plus XL

If you are looking for a vape that is specifically designed for use with wax concentrates, Yocan vaporizers are not a bad idea to start. The Evolve Plus XL is This is a luxurious and premium vape pen which can be used, and it also supports the common 510 thread cartridge. It features a magnetic USB charger for a quick and effortless charging solution and also has three voltage settings. The cartridges are protected by a metal sleeve, which helps keep the device discreet. The device itself is made out of wood and has a luxurious and premium feeling. You will be getting the device, battery, charger, and a quick start guide in the box.

G Pen Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer

Grenco Science is a vape company that has been in the game since the beginning. They have always produced quality vapes and continue to improve on each model. The 2022 G Pen Pro is an upgrade from the original G Pro. This vape looks really good and works great too. With it you can control the temperature ranges with a single button. Navigate between different temperature settings and fine tune your dry herb vaping experience with the G Pen Pro vaporizer.


There are so many vaping pens to choose from, but you as a user must choose only those which fulfil your wish. Meaning if you wish to vape e-liquids, concentrates, oil or wax even. Choose whatever fulfills your needs and comes within your reasonably set budget.

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