Top 10 Best Wax Pen Brands for 2021

Wax vaporizers or dab pens have grown in popularity over the past few years. Thanks to its small and compact form factor, plus its ability to generate potent clouds from your favorite wax concentrates, there’s no wonder why it’s such a hit amongst a wide variety of consumers. From recreational connoisseurs to medicating consumers, using a wax pen proves to be a more beneficial choice. And if you’ve been meaning to get yourself one, here are a few brands to look out for and why.

SteamCloud Vapes

SteamCloud Box Mod

Not the largest company in the wax vaporizer industry, but they easily compete with the big guys with their amazing vape pen platforms. SteamCloud Vapes offer “frustration-free and user-friendly wax vaporizers,” like the SteamCloud EVOD Vape Pen. While products from other brands come with a premium price tag, SteamCloud Vapes produces simple, affordable, and reliable devices that get the job done without the bells and whistles. On that note, the SteamCloud EVOD offers a 900mAh variable voltage battery with twist-style operation. There’s also a 510-threaded link that helps you connect a wide variety of low-powered wax atomizers as well as pre-filled carts and refillable cartridges. Because this brand makes devices that are simple and affordable, it’s no wonder why they’ve gathered a huge following from both beginners and advanced consumers alike.  BTW, all their vapes work with their herb and oil vape cartridges as well!


Puffco has always been a staple brand when it comes to wax vaporizers. From the now retired Puffco Pro 2, to the refreshed and redesigned Puffco Plus, these guys prove that they walk the walk and talk the talk. Having had almost a decade of success in the industry, Puffco prides themselves when it comes to manufacturing high-quality wax vaporizers that produce clean clouds of vapor and unlock the full potential of your extracts. Their wax pens are designed and engineered by a team of in-house talents that bring together “the disciplines of design, technology, and engineering.” That said, you’ll find features like a mouthpiece that functions as a carb cap and a loading tool, a pressure-sealed coil-less ceramic bowl, variable voltage settings, and a durable fingerprint-resistant alloy housing in their products.

Dr. Dabber

No brand is as synonymous as wax concentrate consumption as Dr. Dabber. The company has earned numerous awards and recognitions for their wax vaporizers putting them directly on the map. For years, consumers looked to Dr. D not only for its award-winning devices, but also for its award-winning customer service. Today, they help lead the wax pen platform with products like the Dr. Dabber Stella and Dr. Dabber Light. The light dab pen is more of their basic wax vape with a single low-heat setting while the Stella is the brands crème de la crème packing features like a floating vaporization chamber, variable voltage setting, pass-through charging, and the brand’s Vortex Airflow Technology.


Yocan Wax Pen

This Chinese vaporizer manufacturer aims to change the stigma about vaporizer products made from their part of the globe. The brand has been known for devices that offer the perfect marriage of affordability and dependability. Yocan has been known for their Evolve line of wax pens starting from the OG Evolve, down to its more recent iterations like the Evolve Plus, Evolve Plus XL and its other spin-offs. Moreover, some parts of the aforementioned Evolve devices are usually cross compatible which allows you to enjoy the experience of using some of the wax atomizers featured across different Evolve models.

Grenco Science

Grenco Science, or colloquially known as G Pen, is a brand known for their wax vaporizers that are products of collaborative efforts. Some good examples are G Pen’s partnership with Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur Berner and Los Angeles-based musician and businessman B-Real. They’ve also partnered up with some of the music industry’s big names like the man himself - Snoop Dogg. However, fan-favorites like the G Pen Nova makes them the go-to for everyday wax concentrate consumption. The Nova offers 300mAh of battery capacity, variable voltage settings, 510-threaded connection, and a ceramic-based heating element.


Although Grenco Science’s partnership with some of the entertainment industry’s big names took them a step forward, no other company capitalized celebrity partnership than KandyPens. The brand brings the bling with their products having partnered with celebs like Justin Bieber, DJ Khaled, Chris Brown, Tyga, A$AP Rocky, and Fat Joe. They’ve also teamed up with other influences like Amber Rose to bump up not only on-screen product placement but also brand swagger. Notable KandyPens products include the Crystal and Crystal 2 which is known for their medical-grade components, powerful batteries, variable voltage settings, and all-quartz atomizers. Their products are as capable as they are instagrammable.

Boundless Technologies 

Boundless has made waves in both the dry herb vaporizer and wax vaporizer platforms making them a versatile company. However, just because they specialize in both doesn’t mean that they make any less inferior wax vapes than brands that concentrate their efforts in wax pens alone. The brand has recently released a couple of capable wax pens - the Terp Pen and the Terp Pen XL. These wax pens double as nectar collectors making Boundless Technologies one of the hottest and most sought-after brands at the moment. The smaller Terp Pen features a draw-activated 300mAh battery with a single heat setting while the larger Terp Pen XL boasts 700mAh of power in a draw-activated battery with variable voltage setting. If you like taking large dabs, you can’t get a better deal than this.


Atmos Vaporizers for sale category

Atmos is the brand tied to the iconic Kiln RA Vaporizer. A wax pen that offers a rebuildable atomizer made with ceramic components that, at some point, revolutionized how we dab. The mark they made in the industry made them one of the go-to brands that deliver affordable wax vaporizers. Today, Atmos has a sundry of dab pens in their catalog. The likes of the Electro Dabber and the Pillar have been some of the brand’s best-selling devices combining impressive performance and superior user experience. And like the aforementioned brands, Grenco Science and KandyPens, Atmos did its fair share in partnering with iconic names in the music industry with a collaborative piece done with Tyga.

Pulsar Vaporizers

Like most of the brands and companies in our list, Pulsar is a name that’s been around the vaporizer industry for a while now. They’ve been in the forefront of the industry and are even considered as veterans in the business. And while they offer a slew of vaporizers for various materials and other vaporizer accessories, they surely did wax pen enthusiasts a solid. The Pulsar Barb Fire Variable Voltage Wax Pen is a great option for advanced wax concentrate vaporization. Its 1450mAh battery allows you to enjoy long sessions in between charges. Plus, it’s got a variable voltage battery and an adjustable airflow control. A good vaping device when your main rig is out of reach.

Linx Vapor

Linx Vapor is a brand that focuses on the needs of on-the-go consumers. This is evident in the devices they put out like the Blaze. Not only does it get you lit (pun intended), but it also lets you enjoy your extracts in a convenient way. The Linx Blaze uses magnetic connections to link its components which says something about the brand itself. If you’re the type of consumer that is looking to add some innovation and convenience to what you already try for your sessions, checking out this wax pen brand might be a great way to start.

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