15 Things you Should Consider When Buying a Dab Rig

If you’re serious about upping your wax concentrate game, investing in a dab rig is a must. However, finding the right piece could be an overwhelming and complicated process, especially for beginners looking to join the fold. That said, here are 15 things you should consider when looking for the best dab rig.

  1. Consider the Quality

Be warned, dab rigs are not always cheap. On that note, make sure you look for a good quality piece since the money you’ll be investing in it is no joke. Look for a rig made with borosilicate glass or quartz glass as these types of glass pipes can handle higher temperature levels and boast better durability. Glass rigs are also better in preserving the flavor and the aroma of your wax concentrates as they are inert materials and will not leave any taste or smell that will rub off on your vapors.

  1. Check Compatibility

Dab rigs are made out of different components. And having a modular build and design can give way to a wide range of compatibility with other dabbing accessories. Check the rig you’ve been eyeing if it can work with various types of bangers and nails. You’d want something that will let you explore instead of a dab rig that will restrict your experiences. Other dab rigs are also compatible with other accessories like thermometers, terp pearls, and others. Select a dab rig that can give you a wide range of experiences and are compatible with customizable parts and components.

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  1. Consider Your Heating Element

Traditional dab rigs use an external heating element, typically a torch lighter, to heat the banger. In some cases, other consumers prefer to get a flame-less option and use an e-nail. Make sure to consider what type of heating element you will be using and how you’d like to heat your dabs.

  1. Consider the Rig Size

Shopping for a dab rig is pretty much like shopping for a shoe. You have to find one that fits. Using your personal preference, select a rig of the right size. If you want something that can blend in your office or living room, a medium-sized rig will be a good option. If you want one that can handle long and grinding group sessions, go for a dab rig that can offer you better filtration and moisture conditioning. If you want one you can take to your friend’s house or for when you're on a vacation, a smaller, travel-friendly size would do.

  1. Consider Dab Rig Filtration

One benefit of using a dab rig is how it introduces the elements of water filtration and moisture conditioning into your sessions. And while all dab rigs will have some kind of water piece, not every one of them are made equal. Be mindful of the percolators and downstems. The more percs there are, the better it can filter the vapors. That said, the harder they are to clean

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  1. Find a Rig Design you Like

Different dab rigs will feature different designs. Some are simple and straightforward while others are complex and intricate. Choose a design that makes you happy, you’re going to be staring at it while dabbing anyways. Why not get one that piques your fancy?

  1. Consider Availability

Say you’ve found a design you like on Instagram or on Twitter and you really want to get that piece. Make sure you check for its availability because some unique dab rigs are custom made and are hand-blown depending on the specification requested by the customer. Specially made dab rigs are harder to come by while generic ones can easily be bought off the shelf.

  1. Check the Material Used

As we’ve briefly covered above, most dab rigs in the top tier level are made from high-quality glass like borosilicate and quartz. However, some dab rigs boast the same level of durability (and some claim to be better) that are made out of silicone. Some silicone dab rigs are marketed as nearly indestructible products so make sure to check them too. The materials used in making your dab rig will not only affect the way it looks, how long it lasts, but also how well it reacts to the heated materials and the heat coming from your torch of e-nail.

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  1. Consider the Odds

And by odd we mean the odd ones. Some dab rigs can be made out of ice where you buy a mold, you fill it with water, and throw it in the fridge. They still function and perform like a conventional dab rig, but the way they’re made is not traditional at all. These can be great conversation pieces when you’re at a party or at a friend’s house. But you can’t expect these rigs to last. Literally.

  1. Consider E-Rigs

While we’re in the topic of unique rigs, today’s advancement in technology gave way to innovations we never knew we needed. Check out electronic dab rigs or e-rigs that are operated using a rechargeable battery and have preset or precision temperature controls. They can be more expensive but are a lot more convenient to use. They also offer more features and kind of bridge the gap between dab pens and dab rigs.

  1. Consider Getting Dual-Purpose Rigs

While most dab rigs are designed for wax concentrate use, some can cater to dry herbs. If you’re a fan of flowers, getting a dual-purpose dab rig can be a good investment.

  1. Consider Service-ability

If you plan to dab a lot, consider getting a dab rig with replaceable and serviceable parts. You can start with the nail. Most nails made out of titanium are durable and hard-wearing, however, they still rig that offers replacement parts allowing you to easily maintain your rig on your own.

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  1. Consider Warranty and Replacement

Let’s face it, no matter how careful you are with using your rig, things do happen. Whether it’s by accident or simply a defective product, (some items even get damaged in transit) make sure to go with a dab rig that has a warranty and replacement program. This gives you a sense of security, even if it’s only for 30 days.

  1. Consider Getting a Combo

While most rigs are sold per piece, others come in bundles. In a single purchase, you get the actual glass piece, bangers, nails, and so on. Depending on where you’ll be getting your dab rig, you can get as many inclusive parts and components as possible.

Speaking of which…

  1. Consider Where you’re Buying.

One of the most important considerations to make before you splash the cash is where you’d be getting your dab rig. Always buy from a trusted seller, whether it’s a headshop or an online retail store. Make sure you check out reviews and other customer feedback before you decide to swipe the card or smash that check out button.

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