Chillums vs. Spoon Pipes Full Comparison

Over the past several years, the availability and use of glass pipes are on the rise. With the nationwide legalization of hemp and the general destigmatization of glass smoking ware, it's easier than ever to walk into a vaping shop and have a large selection of glass pipes to choose from.

However, this can be overwhelming for those who have little to no experience with glass pipes. Most vape pen shops will have literally dozens of different pipes to choose from, all in varying sizes and styles. For those that lack experience with glass pipes, it's likely helpful to focus on two of the most popular designs: chillums and spoon pipes.

What's the difference between spoon pipes and chillums? Read below to see which style would best fit your smoking needs (and you may end up wanting a few of each!)

1. Bowl Design

The most noticeable difference between chillums and spoon pipes is their bowl designs. Chillums have a very simple, straightforward design. They feature a forward-facing bowl with a direct smoke path between the bowl and the mouthpiece. They mimic the look and feel of a classic cigarette, except you're using glass instead of paper!

Spoon pipes have large, upward-facing bowls. True to the name, it actually looks like a "bowl," where dry herb is packed and piled on top of the bowl. A flame is applied to the top of the bowl, and the smoke path is similarly direct when compared to a chillum pipe.

Generally, spoon pipes will have a much larger capacity for dry herbs than chillums. If your priority in smoking is not having to repack frequently in a smoke session, then a large spoon pipe might be what you're after!

bowls and Chillums have different designs

2. Airflow Control

Chillum pipes don't offer much in terms of airflow control, though this adds to their overall ease of use. You'll need to take care of how much smoke you're pulling on any given hit since it is easy for inexperienced smokers to accidentally get a huge lungful of hot, harsh smoke.

Spoon pipes generally have a carb hole built into the side of the bowl, which can make taking hits easier. When the carb hole is covered, airflow is directed through the bowl, which will draw smoke from the dry herbs into your lungs just like a dry herb vaporizer. When the carb hole is uncovered, air no longer is drawn from the bowl, so you can clear the smoke path without creating more smoke.

There isn't a right answer for the kind of airflow control you want, though you should consider it before investing in a pipe.

3. Ease of Use

Chillums are very, very easy to use, especially if you get a small chillum (often called one-hitters or tasters). Small chillums are easy to pack and only give a few hits before needing to be filled. While that might not work for smokers who don't want to repack, it's perfect for beginners who don't plan on smoking very much at any given time.

Spoon pipes are difficult to use, but they aren't quite as convenient as chillums. For starters, even small spoon pipes will have decent-sized bowls, so if you're not looking to commit to a decent-sized bowl every time you smoke, a smaller chillum might be more ideal.

smoking bowls and chillums is very easy

4. Overall Bowl Size

Chillums have a big range in size, which includes chillums that are several inches long with very large bowls. If you like the design of a chillum but want a big bowl, it is definitely possible to find one with a big, satisfying bowl for dry herbs.

Having said that, spoon pipes will almost always have bigger, more convenient bowls. This is due to their upward-facing design, which allows for larger, deeper bowls than the forward-facing bowls of chillums.

If you want a huge bowl for dry herbs, you can find it in either design. However, if you're looking for the biggest bowl, spoon pipes will win almost every single time.

Is a Chillum or Spoon Pipe Best?

While the smoking styles are different, there isn't an objective best option. If you're looking for the easiest, most straightforward glass pipe, then a small chillum will likely fit what you want. Spoon pipes aren't exactly hard to use, but they do have a bit more nuance in their use than a chillum does.

If you're looking for the biggest bowls, then you'll want to shop for a large spoon pipe. Chillums can also have large bowls, but spoon pipes are able to offer larger dry herb capacity more consistently.

Again, there isn't a right or wrong choice. We recommend thinking about what you want out of a smoking experience and picking the style that best fits your needs. If you are having trouble deciding, you can also buy two low-cost versions of each style and invest in a higher-end option once you know for sure whether you prefer spoons or chillums.

Bowl or chillum which one is for me?

Where Can I Find Chillum and Spoon Pipes?

You can find chillum and spoon pipes (among other glassware) in all kinds of places. Vape shops, headshops, CBD dispensaries, and even gas stations will have some kind of selection of chillum and spoon pipes to choose from.

Online stores are another fantastic option, since your selection is usually wider, as is your access to higher quality glass pipes. Of course, you can find a large selection of chillum and spoon pipes here at Vape Vet Store, where all orders come with FREE USA Shipping.

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