The Vaporizer For Smoking, Not Vaping

With the recent and consistent technological advances in the vaping industry, it’s no surprise why it has become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional smoking with a pipe or rolling papers. The ease and portability of vaping are just two of the main reasons people are making the transition to vaporizers. But what many don’t know is that you can still have the feeling and sensation of smoking with one type of vape in particular: a combustion vape — here’s what we know.

The Vaporizer For Smoking, Not Vaping

Combustion Vapes, aka, Vapes for Smoking

Combustion vaporizers are much different than your average vape pen. This is because combustion vapes directly expose dry herbs to their heated coil element, which ignites and burns them. This is different from convection vapes, which use the air within the chamber to heat and release vapors from the dry herb. It is also different from vapes that use conduction heating. This type of heating utilizes a sort of glass screen that acts as a barrier between the coil and herbs, allowing the herbs to release vapor from the heat from the screen instead of the coil. Although combustion is not considered true vaporization, it’s just another way for one to enjoy their herb – and often for a more affordable price. (Vaporizers that utilize convection or conduction heating – and sometimes a combination of the two – can be much pricier.)

10 Reasons to Use a Combustion Vaporizer

Making the switch to a combustion vape from your favorite pipe or even rolling papers can be difficult for some people. But there are so many reasons to make that switch to and ultimately enhance your experience consuming dry herb. Below we’ve detailed our top ten.

1. You Like Smoking

If you love smoking, this is the type of vape pen for you. It feels very similar to consuming herbs from a pipe or rolling papers.

Discreet Smoking

2. Discreet Smoking

Vapes are arguably one of the most discreet ways to consume dry herb. There is no lighter involved and all you have to do to consume your herb is push a button on your vape.

3. Portable and Smells Less Than Pipes

Vapes do not create a strong smell. If you love to smoke but you’re tired of the smell always hanging around, this is the perfect alternative. They’re also extremely portable and can often easily fit in your pocket or purse. 

4. Wind and Cold Resistant

Since there is no lighter involved, vapes are great for use while cold, wet and windy conditions. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding or out for a walk on a particularly windy day, smoking with a combustion vape doesn’t involve worrying about finding a less drafty area so you can get a light.

Can Be Turned Into a Convection Vape

5. Can Be Turned Into a Convection Vape

If you are interested in convection vaping, it’s easy to add a glass screen to the chamber of a combustion vape, creating a barrier between the hot coil and herb. This will simply stop your herbs from burning.

6. Ease of Use

Combustion vapes are easy to use. Although they’re pretty high-tech, most only have one button so that all you have to do is turn it on and enjoy.

7. Affordable

Combustion vapes are typically extremely affordable. They typically start at just $25.

Techy Gadget

8. Techy Gadget

Vapes are neat because a lot of technology goes into making them so easy to use. If you’re a tech-nerd, a vape is something that you could find yourself easily interested in.

9. Easy To Blend In

If you’re not necessarily interested in being discreet but you want to blend in, combustion vapes are the perfect option. They can be easily passed off as an e-cig, whereas a pipe doesn’t have the same effect.

10. Long-Lasting

If you regularly clean a vape and keep it well-maintained, it will last a long time.

The AGO Dry Herb Combustion Vaporizer

The AGO Dry Herb Combustion Vaporizer

The AGO Vaporizer Kit comes in at $29.99 – an extremely affordable price compared to similar models. The kit includes the vape, a dab tool, one cleaning brush, a silicone dab container, a travel case, a USB charger and an AC adapter. Because of its size, the AGO Vaporizer is an attractive option for those seeking a portable and discreet pen. It easily fits in a pocket and can be taken just about anywhere you’d like.

One of our favorite features of the AGO Vaporizer is its LCD screen that displays the battery level and puff count, taking the guessing out of how much battery life and herb you have left. (The puff count gives you an accurate idea of how much dry herb is left in the chamber.) It’s a nice feature that not many budget-priced vaporizers boast.

How To Use The AGO Vaporizer

To use the AGO Vaporizer, all you have to do is click the power button five times. This will turn the pen on. Next, you’ll fill the heating chamber with your dry herbs of choice, press and hold the power button and inhale after about two seconds. You’ll immediately notice that the AGO’s vapor will feel very similar in your lungs to that of traditional smoking using a pipe. The vapor will also create nice clouds and dynamic flavor.

Why Buy The AGO Vaporizer?

Overall, the AGO Vaporizer is a simple, no-frills pen that gets the job done. It is extremely easy to use, it’s portable and discreet, it has a sleek design and its low price is practically unbeatable. It’s a great dry herb pen for beginners, those transitioning from smoking with a pipe or even those looking to add a classic, easy-to-use pen to their collection.

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