The Differences Between Silicone and Glass Bongs

Unlike in the early years when the smoking industry was just taking off, when making a bong purchase today, it is vital to pay close attention to several details. One important decision that you will need to make is deciding which material your device is made up of. Bongs are typically made from two materials, which are either silicone or glass. Companies have made improvements over the years to better the design and materials. Let us look at glass and silicone bong options to get a better understanding of the differences between these bong materials.

Silicone Bongs are Indestructible

One way glass and silicone are different from each other is in their durability. Glass bongs are made from glass, which makes them fragile. Therefore, if they are dropped or not handled with care, they will break easily. While this is not much of a problem for a stationary device, but while you are on trips or out and about, there is a higher likelihood of dropping it.

However, on the other hand, silicone bongs are indestructible and accident-proof, which means Silicone bongs can last for a very long time. Silicone has a very high melting point which ensures it doesn’t sustain any permanent damage when dropped, banged, or even thrown. They offer portability and discretion without being afraid of breakage even when they are tucked away in a small space for travel.

Glass Bongs offer Smoother Puffs

Because glass is not porous, the overall flavor is simply unbeatable, and so is the smoke quality from the glass water bong. This means you are getting 100% of the flavor every time you take a hit of your dry herbs. It doesn’t matter how often you use it, as far as you keep it clean all the time, glass bongs will always provide a tastier puff.

While smoking out of silicone is perfectly safe, you can lose some flavor in your herb as it travels through your bong’s silicone sections. Not forgetting the fact that silicone quality is extremely important. For example, although rare, very cheap silicone bong options can emit a kind of offensive plastic flavor that would mess up your smoking session. This plays a big part in choosing which is better between glass bongs and silicone bongs.


As a result of the durability silicone provides, silicone bongs are great for travel. Compared to glass bong options that require a special case or protective equipment during your travels to prevent damage, silicone bongs do not need this. In fact, silicone bongs can be treated without any special handling, folded, and even condensed, and they will remain the way they are, not deformed or broken.

Art of Glass Blowing vs Utility of Silicone

Glassblowers have been modifying their glass bong designs for the last 50 years. Today, many glass bongs are complete works of art. The shine and vibrancy glass offers are rarely found in other materials, and craftsmen have developed innovative ways of creating more unique designs. However, the backside to this level of craftsmanship is the hefty price tag that goes with these glass bongs, but that all depends on the size, design, and shape of the bong.

While silicone, on the other hand, can be molded and shaped in a different variety of ways, they just cannot provide the unique design style on offer with glass bongs. The silicone material ensures silicone bongs serve the purpose of durability and functionality more than aesthetics, even though they can come in beautiful colors. They come in many cool designs, but these types of bongs may never reach the art and creativity of glass.

Silicone Bongs Can Be Disassembled

While most glass bong options now come with only one removable piece, this is not the same for silicone. Silicone bongs can be disassembled. Some can be broken down into two or more pieces. This makes it easy and quick to clean and maintain. In addition to the fact that by disassembling the bong, you can boost portability, which can help to improve discretion.

But What About Accessories?

When it comes to accessories, glass stands out on its own as no other material can compare to it in this area. Because it is the mainstay material of the smoking world, there are tons of accessories for glass bongs available out there.

You can choose anything from ice traps to percolators, ash catchers, and even dab devices like nails and bangers. All these accessories are often made of glass and designed to fit into glass bongs.

Silicone bongs, on the other end of the spectrum, do not come with this expansive set of accessories. So, if you are big on customizations and decking out with all sorts of bong accessories, then glass is the clear winner.

Are Silicone or Glass Bongs Better?

Having said that, neither silicone nor glass is better than the other. It eventually comes down to personal preferences and what suits your situation. Each material has its own pros and cons, which will ultimately determine which option is suited to a user over the other. For example, if the cleanest flavor and a piece with many design possibilities are what you are looking for, you will find that a glass bong suits this purpose. However, if what you want is something that offers more durability and provides ease of movement on your travels, then a less expensive silicone bong is your best bet.

Silicone and Glass Water Bongs

One method of smoking dry herbs that is getting increasingly popular today is with water bongs. The main benefit of this kind of bong is that they filter the smoke albeit lightly. As the smoke passes through the bong’s water chamber, it cools the smoke removing some of the pollutants. This ensures the smoker gets a smoother and cooler hit that irritates the throat lesser.


Now you know the differences between silicone and glass bongs. Ultimately, they serve the same purpose, but if you are on a budget and need a temporary fix, we suggest choosing an affordable silicone bong. This kind of bong is great for jetsetters as well. But if you are trying out your first real bong or looking for something that will look good and stay functional while being properly maintained, then a top-quality glass bong is a classic that offers the best bang for your buck.

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