The Best Smoking Pipes for Camping

The great outdoors can be a great place to relax with a bowl of dry herb, and to smoke without the worry of it drifting through someone’s air vent. However, not all pieces were created to use in the wild. A delicate, intricate bong with a percolator can be easily dropped and shatter to pieces around a campfire. And an e-nail with a dab rig has nowhere to plugin when you’re surrounded by trees. So the next time you’re going camping there are a few different types of pieces to consider smoking dry herb from around a campfire.

Different Types of Pipes

The first place to start when packing for a trip into nature is by packing your dry herb. This is essential for smoking and is a great way to get the ball rolling. Next, you’ll want to consider what you’ll be doing during your trip and what piece will go well with those activities. If you’re planning on car camping and hanging out around a campfire, then smoking from a water pipe would be possible. But if you’re backpacking and aim to explore trails, climb mountains, and smoke a bowl at the top of an overlook, then a more portable pipe is a better option for you. If you have a well-built-out piece collection, then you’ll want to consider each type of pipe carefully before backing it up for a camping trip.

Classic Smoking Pipes

The first type of pipe to consider is the classic smoking pipe and all of its variations. There is the basic spoon pipe that can be made of glass or food-grade silicone for the most part. These pieces are common, sturdy, and easy to carry. If you are the more adventurous type while camping, who like to throw your things in a hiking bag and hit the trails, then you’ll probably want to stick to a silicone pipe like this one:

Silicone pipes can be equipped with either a glass or metal bowl piece insert. Sometimes the pipes come with a lid as well, making them easy to load bowls that can be had ready and waiting in your hiking pack to light up. They are also virtually indestructible and will be sure to survive a jump into the river, although your herb may not do as well.

If you prefer to have a bit of flair to your pieces though, there are a ton of other variations of both glass and silicone pipes. A Gandalf pipe definitely has some flair to it and has a long air path so that the smoke cools down more before the inhale. This version of the Gandalf pipe also is made of silicone to make it extra durable for an adventure:

Overall, a classic smoking pipe is probably the best choice when looking to have a session in the woods. They are equipped with carbs and well-sized air paths so that the smoke is smooth on the inhale and easy to draw from. However, a glass pipe runs the risk of breaking when rolling around in a backpack, so the silicone alternative is probably your best bet. Or you can equip your favorite glass spoon pipe with a solid case to prevent the risk of it breaking during transport.

Chillum Pipes

The next best option to consider when packing your bags for a camping trip is a version of the basic chillum style pipe. These pipes are ultra-discreet and easy to use almost anywhere, including out in the woods. There are also three different types of chillum pipes to consider, including dugout pipes, one-hitters, and classic glass chillums. A dugout pipe is probably the best option out of all the styles of chillums though. This is because a dugout pipe normally has a convenient box with a built-in one-hitter pipe so that you can sneak a toke and conceal the chillum easily. This dugout pipe also comes with some extra space to store your dry herb in too:

Another upside of a dugout pipe in particular is that the one hitter is disguised as a cigarette, so that your session can appear even more discreet when smoking. The wood is durable and will do just fine when tossed around in a backpack too. Chillum pipes are the most travel-friendly pipes available, but some chillums are more difficult to store than others. A glass chillum has a solid build, but the lack of a carb and the risk of breaking might make you opt for a spoon pipe instead. If you prefer to have short, small sessions though then a chillum or dugout pipe will suit you just fine for a camping trip.


The second most risky option for packing up to use on the go is a steamroller. These pipes are known to pack a punch, however they are more fragile than your average pipe. The common glass version of a steamroller can easily break when dropped; and they are known to roll off of tables when you aren’t looking. Small feet added to the bottom of a steamroller might help prevent this issue, but there aren’t many level surfaces along a trail to set your pipe down on. However, they do not require water to be used so you can bring them along the trail and have a strong session in the woods. If you prefer the strength of hits from a bong, but want to pack it up to go camping then you’ll want to check out this durable silicone version of a steamroller:

The high-quality food-grade silicone is completely safe to smoke out of and is also extremely durable. The only part you’ll have to keep a careful eye on is the glass bowl piece. But that’s where your herb will be loaded so we’re sure you’ll keep a good eye on it. To make this pipe even more portable, you can grab a padded travel case to stash the steamroller when it’s not being used.

Water Pipes

Water pipes are probably the most inconvenient type of pipe to pack for a camping trip. This is mainly because they tend to be large and less discrete to use. They also require fresh water for each session, and if you had to pack in or purify your water then that could become an issue on a camping trip. However, these kinds of pieces do offer the smoothest and best tasting hits out of all of the options. This is due to the use of water filtration, and the larger design of the piece. So the drawbacks are a requirement to have a smoother session. Thankfully, there are a lot of different designs of water pipes, including bongs and bubblers. Many of these modern pieces are smaller, more discreet, and more durable than the common glass bong. If you really want to have a luxurious session out in the woods, then you should consider taking along this bong:

This piece will definitely set you up for a nice session in the woods. It is made of two pieces so that it breaks down to be more packable. It also includes a built-in ice catcher, so if you have some spare ice in the cooler you can load it up for an extra smooth session. It is super durable, and you won’t have to worry if someone drops it on the ground around the circle.

Overall, there are plenty of options for smoking herb in nature, but not all of them are ideal. We would recommend sticking to a classic silicone spoon pipe for simple sessions, where you can focus more on your beautiful surroundings than prepping for a smoke session. It all comes down to your personal preference though so choose the piece that fits you best!

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