Ten Things to Look Out for When Buying an Herb Grinder

If a smooth roll and a perfectly burning bowl is what you want, then you surely need an herb grinder. When you go shopping in the market today, you’ll find that there are many grinder options and it is important to get the best herb grinder for you.

Efficiency, durability, and sturdiness-these are the features you should look out for when shopping for the best herb grinder. However, these features aren’t written on herb grinders, so how do you know the herb grinders that exhibit those features?

You don’t have to worry. You will discover some valuable tips in this article to help you get going on your quest for the best herb grinder based on their features and quality. Let’s get started.

  1. The Grinder Blades

The blades of an herb grinder will determine the power of the machine. It will also determine how many chunks it can take at a go. Some herb grinders are built with a blunt blade, and blunt blades can only tear apart the leaves, leaving you with more work to do. As a result of this, the herb grinder won't last long, and its overall efficiency will be reduced.

So, ensure the blade of the herb grinder is well-sharpened and you are not just carried away by the good looks on the outside. We advise that you request to open the herb grinder to check the blades and ensure that it is sharpened, even to touch. Some edges are even lined with diamond to increase its efficiency.

  1. The Metal Parts

Considering the number of herbs your grinder has to grind, you should also ensure that the metal parts of the grinder must be strong enough to withstand pressure. Be it the casing or the handle, always ensure that you go for components made of steel rather than plastic. This is because parts made of plastic can easily be deformed and break, especially when there is a temperature change. This deformation can then affect the effectiveness of the grinder.

  1. The Storage Spaces

When buying an herb grinder, ensure you are getting something with storage space that can contain as much as you would need for the time being. You don’t have to go about with extra containers simply because your grinder cannot carry the recently ground herbs. Some herb grinders are built with bigger storage compartments; you can invest your cash in them rather than going with extra containers whenever you are out.

  1. The Size of the Grinder

You will do well to buy a grinder that has the size that suits your needs. Some people only need a tiny-sized grinder that could easily be squeezed in the pocket and carried anywhere. In contrast, some people would prefer something big enough to serve a crowd. Whatever your choice is, you must ensure that it perfectly suits your needs.

  1. Multiple Layers

Depending on the technicality of an herb grinder, they come in layers. Some can only be in two layers: a compartment for the blades and the other for the grinding. However, some may have more than two layers to as many as eight layers with different designs and specialties. With this grinder, you can easily filter the herb and separate the potent ones from the rest. You can also gather kief, store herbs, among other features, all in one grinder. Therefore, more layers mean more features.

  1. The Magnetic Component

In some situations, you may mistakenly drop the herb grinder, and every crumb of your herbs is scattered on the floor. In essence, the herb grinder may also be dismantled in the process, hence making it difficult to be fixed together. To avoid such occurrences, you can opt for herb grinders that are held together with magnets.

  1. The Grinder Design

Even though it’s just an herb grinder, it should also suit your personality. You will find many herb grinder styles in the market, but you need to buy something that matches your persona and will be easy to use. Opt for a stylish herb grinder to get you started. For instance, there are rose petal metallic-styled herb grinders. You will also find the Pikachu grinders, vibrating grinders, electric grinders, hand crank grinders  and so many more. Some grinders styles are for efficiency of the herb grinder, and others complement your personality!

  1. Grinder Costs

The cost of a grinder varies, depending mainly on the features of the herb grinder. The prices of herb grinders fall within the range of $2 and $200. There are different types of herb grinders, ranging from a plastic keychain design (this is the least priced) to an expensive electric herb grinder. However, you can’t just judge the quality and efficiency of an herb grinder by its price alone.

You can get a perfect herb grinder for $40 or less even, which implies that you don't have to spend $200 to get a good herb grinder. However, plastic herb grinders below $10 cannot be trusted to deliver a good job or last. So, keep these prices in mind when you plan to get a new herb grinder. If you come across something higher, you may need to have a rethink.

  1. Fewer Nooks

There is always a need to consider the tight corners in the herb grinder. Sooner or later, the herb grinder will eventually need to be cleaned. However, herb grinders with more nooks and crannies will pose more problems than those with fewer nooks and crannies. Therefore, you have to also put this into consideration whenever you want to buy a herb grinder.

  1. Reviews

You may have probably come across an advert that displays a great and fancy herb grinder, but you doubt if the herb grinder is worth its price. In such a situation, the best thing to do is to check the reviews of other users. People who have used a product, love to share their experience. You can then use these online reviews to your advantage. Go through the reviews of a particular herb grinder to know what to expect if you eventually buy it.


Now you can get to shopping and select the best herb grinder you love using the above tips. You can then say goodbye to tearing herbs with your hands or even chopping with your kitchen knife, which isn’t as effective as a herb grinder, and begin to enjoy a smooth roll and a perfect burn at all times.

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