SteamCloud Micro Vape Review

SteamCloud Micro Review

With the increasing popularity of vaping, the market is growing rapidly and the technology is improving each year. Most people take their vaporizer around with them throughout the day. and this created a demand for micro-vapes. While these might not have the battery capacity of larger vapes, they still last throughout the day and their small size will not take up much space in a pocket or purse. 

The SteamCloud Micro is one of the best value vape batteries and works with all 510 thread oil cartridges (the industry standard). It also works well with 510 thread wax and dry herb atomizers. For the price, the SteamCloud Micro by SteamCloud Vapes is a solid choice for those looking for both convenience and performance in a vape battery. 

SteamCloud Micro Vape

What Comes in the Box

1x SteamCloud Micro 360 mAh Battery

1x Micro USB Charging Cable

1x Protective Box

1x User Manual

The Details

The SteamCloud Micro is a 510 thread vape battery. 510 threading is the industry standard so this battery will work with all standard 510 pre-filled oil cartridges, refills, wax atomizers, and dry herb atomizers. The battery has a capacity of 360 mAh. This is plenty of juice to get you through the day, but it is still super compact and light. Measuring only 2 ¾” high, ⅝” wide and ⅜” deep, the SteamCloud Micro easily slips into a small pocket. Like most pocket vapes, this battery features a 5-click safety feature to turn on. Just click it five times quickly to turn it on. It also has a 10-second auto shut off to prevent it from overheating. Unlike many micro vapes and vape pens, the SteamCloud Micro boasts variable voltage settings. Choose from three pre-set settings to control the temperature of your vapor. 

Top Features of the SteamCloud Micro Vape Pen

When choosing a vape pen, most buyers want to know what sets one vape apart from the rest. Here we’ll go over some of the three top features of the SteamCloud Micro.

Variable Voltage

Unlike many micro vape pens, the SteamCloud Micro features three variable voltage settings. This gives the user more control over the thickness and intensity of the vapor. Set it to low (3.2 V) for super smooth, tasty vapor. Leave it on medium (3.7 V) for a good mix between smooth and strong vapor. Turn it up to the highest setting (4.0 V) for thick, heavy vapor. Most micro vapes aren’t capable of producing the thick clouds the SteamCloud Micro offers.


At only 2 ¾” high, ⅝” wide and ⅜” deep, the SteamCloud Micro is one of the smallest vape pens but this does not mean it lacks power. Capable of producing smooth but thick vapor, this micro vape pen performs as well as any vape battery. Since it features 510 threading, it is possible to attach most pre-filled oil cartridges, refills, wax atomizers and even 510 dry herb atomizers making this the most well-rounded micro vape pen.

Micro USB charging

The SteamCloud Micro charges with a standard micro USB cable. This is the same connector that is used for Android phones and most other small electronics today. While it may not seem that important, it is so nice to have universal charging cables. Especially for Android users, who can charge their vape anywhere they have a phone charger. To charge the SteamCloud Micro vape pen, plug in any micro USB cable to the port on the bottom of the vape.

SteamCloud Micro Vape Performance

How the SteamCloud Micro Vape Performs

Available for under $20, the SteamCloud Micro vape pen is one of the most affordable vape batteries. Despite the low price tag, this micro vape is capable of producing thick, heavy vapor. It works best with oil cartridges and wax atomizers, but is also capable of vaping dry herbs. This being said, customers looking to vape only dry herbs should really consider buying a dry herb vaporizer. These vaporizers are designed solely for dry herbs and do produce a better vapor from dry herbs.

Most vape pens in this price range do not provide any pre-set temperature settings. They usually just heat up as you use them. The variable voltage on the SteamCloud Micro gives users a customized vaping experience. The low setting produces a really smooth, tasty vapor with most oils. We think oils are best enjoyed on the low (3.2 V) or medium (3.7 V) settings. The medium voltage will still produce smooth vapor, but it will be slightly thicker and will have a more dynamic profile of terpenes than the low setting. Wax, shatter and sauce vape best on either medium or high. The medium setting produces a thick, smooth vapor with most wax concentrates. Set the SteamCloud Micro to the highest setting to get heavy dabs similar to that of a dab pen.

As we mentioned before, the SteamCloud Micro is capable of vaping dry herbs if you connect a 510 thread dry herb atomizer like the Yocan 94F. Most 510 thread dry herb atomizers use combustion to heat dry herbs. This means the atomizer or heating element makes direct contact with the dry herbs. Although this is still referred to as vaporizing, it produces smoke rather than vapor. By using glass screens within a dry herb atomizer, users can get more of a vapor than smoke. However, if you are looking to vaporize mainly dry herbs, we recommend you take a look at our selection of dry herb vaporizers.

The SteamCloud Micro Vape Wrapped Up

Overall, you cannot beat the SteamCloud Micro for the price. It is ultra-compact, yet high performance. It produces excellent quality and flavor vapor with oils and waxes and can even be used to vape dry herbs with the proper attachment. Despite its small size, it provides decent battery life and is charged easily on any micro USB or Android charging cable. It features three pre-set variable voltage settings to customize the vaping experience and provides better vaporization of a variety of concentrates and dry herbs. This is an essential battery for all levels of vapers.

SteamCloud Micro vs Stylus vs EVOD

SteamCloud Micro vs Mini vs EVOD vs Stylus

The biggest difference between SteamCloud batteries is their size and battery capacity but they also vary slightly in features. The Stylus battery has the smallest capacity at only 280 mAh. This is fine for the light user who does not mind charging their battery a bit more often. It does not have variable voltage like the SteamCloud Micro but it actually doubles as a stylus pen for your phone or tablet - so it is the perfect vape for graphic designers or just anyone that likes to vape and play around on their phone or tablet.

The SteamCloud Micro has a slightly larger battery with a capacity of 360 mAh. However, it is actually shorter than the Stylus vape pen. It also has the added feature of variable voltage, giving users more control over their vape profile. The Micro and Stylus are the two most compact options, just varying in shape.

Like the Micro, the SteamCloud Mini features variable voltage settings and fits skinny 510 oil cartridges. It also has the option to vaporize wax, if ordered with the optional wax atomizer. However, the Mini has a battery capacity of 650 mAh, almost double that of the Micro. It also has an added preheat feature to warm-up new cartridges. This is not a necessary feature, yet it provides excellent vapor clouds without having to take a few pulls first. The SteamCloud Mini also has magnetic connections allowing users to easily swap cartridges. This is a great vape for users that have separate daytime and nighttime cartridges.

The EVOD vape battery has the largest capacity of the SteamCloud products at 900mAh. You can get through almost a half gram of oil on a single charge with thee EVOD. This vape pen also features variable voltage allowing users to fine-tune their experience. The EVOD has four preset voltage settings going all the way up to 4.8 V for massive, thick vapor clouds. Be careful to check the capacity of your cartridges. Most cartridges should be able to handle 4.8 V but you do not want to risk burning out an atomizer on a pre-filled cartridge before it is empty. The EVOD is a great choice for those looking for an extended life battery that is capable of producing massive clouds. However, this battery is not suitable for those looking for an ultra-compact and lightweight battery. For those users, the SteamCloud Micro would be the best choice.

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