Snacks That Go Great With CBD Butter

If you love to cook and you love the effects of CBD, then I highly recommend making CBD-infused butter. It is a simple process that takes just a bit of time, patience, and some CBD-heavy dry herb. But once you have your homemade CBD butter on hand, you can create a wide variety of snacks or treats that pack a dose of CBD in every bite. However, some flavors pair better with the hemp plant matter taste that often comes along with making CBD butter at home. Read on to learn more about our pairing suggestions and ways you can get creative with dosing CBD on the daily.

Working with a base of CBD-infused butter, there are a ton of options for edibles to create. All you need is butter included in the recipe. Then you can swap out the normal butter for your homemade CBD butter instead. Easy as that. If you have dietary restrictions, it’s also easy to make CBD-infused olive oil or coconut oil as an alternative. These homemade CBD-infused cooking oils are versatile and can create more than your stereotypical CBD brownie. No matter what time of day you prefer to take your CBD, there is a snack that can be lathered with homemade butter and quench your CBD craving.

Wake and Bake CBD Snack

To take a bit of CBD in the morning, you can always go with the simple option of spreading CBD butter across a piece of toast. It will work in a pinch, but if you have the time in the morning it can be well worth getting more elaborate with your CBD-infused breakfast. You could get fancy with some banana chocolate chip pancakes or sourdough french toast, and then lather the layers of this classic American breakfast with CBD butter. Douse the whole plate with as much syrup as you’d like and dig in for the most relaxing breakfast you’ve had in years.

CBD Lunch Box Surprise

If you prefer to take a dose of CBD halfway through your day with a bit of other food, then a CBD-infused lunchtime snack is perfect. If you have the time to do some food prep, then I recommend taking your homemade CBD butter and transforming it into marshmallow cereal treats. You can choose your favorite type of cereal or stick with the classic Rice Krispies to create a nostalgic CBD-infused lunchbox treat. You can also write yourself a note for your lunchbox, the way Mom used to, reminding you to drink plenty of water after taking your midday dose of CBD.

Afternoon CBD Tea Time

If your morning dose of CBD does not wear off until the afternoon, then waiting until after lunch will be better for you to snack on some CBD butter again. It’s important to start with a low dose when first exploring CBD, and then gradually increase over time. Tracking this information in a notebook can help so that you know what dose and timing works best with your body and schedule. You can take the time to jot down your notes during an afternoon tea time, complete with CBD-infused tea sandwiches. A classic cucumber sandwich with CBD butter and a bit of ham will add some substance to your stomach alongside CBD. Also, you will enjoy more effective effects drinking along with a CBD tincture  than just dropping it on an empty stomach in the afternoon instead.

Sweet Tooth CBD Snack

If your sweet tooth kicks in after dinner and you want to take a dose of CBD before bed, then there are a wide variety of sweet CBD edibles for you. Manufacturers across the United States are not only making CBD-infused candies, brownies, chocolate, caramels, pop rocks, marshmallows, and so much more. If you can’t find your favorite dessert already in the lineup though, then you can make your own dessert with your homemade CBD butter instead. My favorite is adding “the devil’s lettuce” butter to a classic devil’s food cake recipe, and making one amazing dose of CBD for the evening. CBD-infused cakes also freeze well for a short period of time, so you can stash the rest of the cake away for dessert another time.

Midnight CBD Munchies

Not all munchies have to be sweet, and at midnight sometimes savory snacks are more appealing. If you are digging through your refrigerator and find some leftover rice or mashed potatoes, then you are in luck. Add a slice of CBD butter to a bowl of rice with some Japanese rice seasoning for a quick midnight snack that should help you get back to sleep. Or top a bowl of mashed potatoes with CBD butter for a warm and comforting snack in the middle of the night.

The options are virtually endless though when it comes to the delicious creations you can create with CBD butter. Be sure to check out our step-by-step instructions for how to make CBD-infused butter at home. Then start paging through all of your cookbooks, grandma’s family recipes, and blogs to find some creative recipes to mix some CBD butter into.

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