Smoking Pipes vs Dugout Pipes: Which is Better?

Choosing Between a Dugout and Standard Pipe

As an all-around smoker who is familiar with the various ways of consuming your smoking material, you know that there is a device for every occasion. Whether you are invited to a group session or fancy a quiet alone time stroll outdoors, you switch between the smoking pipe and dugout pipe that you have in your collection.

But for those beginner smokers of dry herb vaporizers, bows and vape pens who are confused about which smoking device they should get; this guide can give you a better idea of whether a smoking pipe or dugout pipe is the one for you.

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Figuring Out What Works Best for You

There are a lot of smoking devices out there that offer different experiences. It is easy to get overwhelmed. So, if you are wondering what device you should buy, you must first understand what you want to benefit from it.

If you are after portability and efficiency, then a small and affordable dugout pipe can be a great fit for you. While smoking pipes offer a classic smoking experience that can be more engaging and interactive, particularly if you are with different people.

A great technique that you can use as the baseline for your choice would always be revolving around your purpose. What is it that you are after? Do you want to have an easy hit outdoors or do you want a laborious yet creative way of having some recreational fun? Set your goals and you have a solid foundation to start from.

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Familiarization with the Smoking Device

A smoking pipe offers different types that have a broad selection of designs and functionality. It comprises a chamber or bowl to place your smoking material, a thin hollow stem or shank, and a mouthpiece. Smoking pipes come in distinct and unique packages.

A dugout pipe normally measures around three to four inches in length, which makes it easy to bring along with you. Traditionally, the top either twists or slides down. When the top is opened, there are two compartments inside. A small circular hole with a spring at the bottom can be found on one side, which carries a one-hitter pipe.

Features That You Should Look Out For

Depending on your objective, the best and suitable pipe that you will buy should satisfy you. Also, it must meet your expectations and personal requirements. For you to know which type of pipe is the one for you, you should be equipped with thorough research and strive to purchase a pipe that excites you the most.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing whether a smoking pipe or dugout pipe is for you:

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Style and Aesthetics

You must appreciate the smoking pipe's appearance and feel. It would not matter if you bought a technically perfect pipe for a ridiculously low price if you do not use it. It might not complement your style and character.

Pipe Practicality and Portability

If you want a surefire way to get a quick hit while being discreet, then a dugout pipe can do the job. A dugout pipe is the ultimate travel companion wherever you may be. Meanwhile, a smoking pipe can be your pick if you want to have unlimited fun with fewer interruptions since this can extend your smoking session better than a small and compact dugout pipe. For those who want a more classic and usual device that ranges from different types and sizes, you might want to buy a smoking pipe. Before anything else, when you choose a smoking device, purchase the absolute best that you can afford unless you are willing to stretch your wallet a bit more. Just make sure to try to get the best bang for your buck.

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Maintenance and Durability

Most smoking pipes are prone to break easily, one careless and accidental move can cost you your pipe. A dugout pipe, on the other hand, is resilient enough to withstand any type of beating. When you are about to buy a pipe, keep a note of what smoking device can give you a long-lasting experience. Just make sure that it gives you the pleasure that you are looking for. You must also consider what pipe is easier to maintain. It should not have any design defects that make it difficult to keep clean, lit, or even put together. 

Other Things to Consider

  1. The best pipes should not only have cutting-edge filtration, but they must also have features like spill-proof tops and built-in tool storage for quick cleaning.
  2. Beginners with a low tolerance level will benefit from using a dugout pipe. Its appearance is often similar to that of a cigarette, making it a stealthy as well as an inexpensive option. 
  3. For dugout pipes, these small tube-shaped smoking devices made of metal, glass, or wood are the most popular. Dip one end into your herb, and you get yourself a single-serving hit while smoking pipes can prolong the fun and make it more interactive. It is easy to pass around and does not need constant repacking. 
  4. Standard smoking pipes are usually glass and not self-sealing, they must be handled with greater caution. This means that your smoking material has the chance of falling out or being thrown away. It may also leave a stench in your pocket or any small space that it came from. While a dugout pipe leaves a subtler note and can be taken almost anywhere.
  5. Nothing beats the classic pipe when it comes to simplicity. Smoking pipes are the quickest way to go from bag to buzz because all you have to do is toss a small piece in and light it up. Dugout pipes on the other hand can be a bit complicated if you are not familiar with how it works.
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The Most Suitable Pipe for Your Smoking Needs

In choosing a pipe for your smoking needs, your decision is highly dependent on what you want and need. Just make sure that you consider the benefits and drawbacks of both when buying a smoking product. With the proper understanding of the device, you end up deciding the most favorable pipe for you.

Depending on what you expect to learn from your smoking experience, preferring one over the other is normal and surely there is nothing wrong with owning both smoking devices. This even gives you an edge of having a better perspective and knowledge about your smoking preference, which leads you to have a distinct and pleasurable experience every time. Consider all the key factors mentioned in this guide and you are all set to begin your enjoyable smoking journey.

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