Should I Use a Dab Rig or a Dab Pen?

Dab rigs are a classic set up to enjoy a variety of different wax concentrates. They are built similarly to a bong, with the only real difference being the use of a dab nail instead of a bong bowl. However, much like bongs, dab rigs aren't the easiest to transport or carry around.

It's one of the reasons that dab pens have exploded in popularity. Much like dry herb vaporizers, dab pens have created an easy to use, portable solution to enjoying wax concentrates, not to mention highly discrete.

However, easier doesn't necessarily mean better, and there are places where dab rigs shine and dab pens don't. You really need to think about what you want out of enjoying dabs to make sure you get the right equipment for your needs.

1. Value Portability or Discrete Use? Get a Dab Pen

As we've stated, dab pens are the ultimate solution to enjoy wax concentrates on the go. All you need to use a dab pen is your concentrate loaded and a charged battery, and the rest is just a matter of powering the vaporizer on and pressing a button to fire it.

Dab rigs, as we've also stated, are stand-alone glass water pipes. They are not something you can walk around and use, unless you enjoy breaking expensive hardware or 3rd degree burns. You need a place to set the dab rig down, heat the dab nail, and apply the wax. If you're looking for something for on-the-go use, a dab pen is clearly the better option.

Dab Pen collection of carts and containers

2. Want Cool, Smooth Hits? Get a Dab Rig.

While dab rigs aren't as portable as dab pens, the quality of each hit is where dab rigs really shine. When you use a dab rig, the vapor travels from the dab nail into a water reservoir, where it is filtered and cooled. This is especially important with dabs, as the temperatures required to vaporize the wax can be upwards of 900F.

Most dab pens don't have a water filtration option, which means that your hits are going to be consistently hotter and harsher (though they will continue to be quite strong). This can be mitigated with dab pens that support variable temperature settings, so if this is a primary concern for you, be sure to purchase a dab pen with those features included. Some higher end dab pens have water filtration as an option, though expect to pay a pretty penny to get them!

3. Want Precision Control? Get a Dab Pen (or an E-Nail)

Enjoying dabs at varying temperatures is a great way to enjoy a single substance in a variety of different ways. Dab pens regularly come with temperature control, meaning you can enjoy wax vapor at the cooler or hotter end of the spectrum. Cool vapor will be more flavorful, though the overall vapor production will be low. Hotter vapor produces bigger clouds, but the taste is a bit more harsh.

Dab rigs really operate at a single temperature, though you have some flexibility depending on the material your dab nail is made from.  Generally, you'll heat your dab nail until it's red hot and then let it cool for around 45 seconds, which can give you some temperature options, but not much temperature control.

For the best of both worlds, you could consider an e-nail, which is a dab nail that is heated by electricity. It replaces a traditional dab nail in a dab rig (so you still get water filtration), but you're afforded precision heating options through digital controls on the e-nail device. Their price can be intimidating, but they are a fantastic option if you're not looking to compromise a dab rig experience.

Electric Dab Pen

Is a Dab Rig or Dab Pen Better?

Hopefully, you can tell that neither of these products is inherently better than the other. Dab pens are fantastic at portability and heat control, but dab rigs excel in producing cool flavor easily. You'll need to examine what you value most in a dabbing experience and see which product fits your preference best.

You may find that owning both is a viable option, since each product fits its own niche so well!

Where Can I Buy a Dab Pen or Dab Rig?

Many CBD dispensaries and vape shops now carry both dab pens and dab rigs, though few physical retailers specialize specifically in these products. If you want a wider variety to choose from, online stores continue to be your best option.

That, of course, includes here at! Anything you purchase here comes with FREE U.S. shipping, Reach out to use if you have more questions about choosing a dab rig, dab pen, or both, and we'll make sure you end up with a product that you love!

Where can I buy a dab rig

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