O2Vape Flip Ultra Oil Pen Review

The O2Vape Flip Ultra is an oil vaporizer with a sleek, modern design. It has the standard features you would expect from a higher-end vape, including variable voltage, digital display screen, and universal 510 threading. 

What makes the O2Vape Flip Ultra stand out from other compact vaporizers is its key fob-like design. When not in use, the connected skinny cartridge can flip into the body of the vape, keeping the delicate parts of your vaporizer secure. You should note that, while you can attach a wide variety of oil cartridges or attachments to the O2Vape Flip Ultra Vaporizer, only skinny oil cartridges will fit inside the body of the vape. 

O2Vape Flip Ultra Oil Pen Notable Features

Highly Portable and Discreet

The unique physical design of the O2Vape Flip Ultra oil pen makes it an ideal portable vaporizer. When the skinny cartridge is flipped inside the vape body, it really does look like a key-fob for a car. If you want to get a quick puff without anyone being the wiser, this is the perfect vape for you.

Aside from its unique design, the size of the O2Vape Flip Ultra is comfortably small, easily fitting into the palm of most users. It can be difficult to find a full-featured vaporizer that is as travel-friendly as this one!

Hands Holding O2 Flip Ultra Vape

Variable Voltage

Many vape pens that specialize in being small and compact have little to no voltage options, but not the O2Vape Flip Ultra! It offers a voltage range of 2.7-4.8v, giving you access to a wide range of vaping experiences. The precision heating options make it easier to use varying attachments as well, especially if you are using a dry herb vaporizeror wax attachment.

Pass-Through Charging

One of the worst experiences with a vape is settling in for a vape session and realizing your vape battery is dead. While this happens to the best of us, the O2Vape Flip Ultra offers pass-through charging, which means you can use it while it is plugged in! This is a great feature to use when you come home after a long day of vaping and want to keep puffing along!

Digital Display

The digital display gives the O2Vape Flip Ultra a premium feel and gives you access to valuable information. The display will show what voltage setting you have chosen, the remaining battery charge, and even how many puffs you have taken in a single session.

What’s in the Box?

The O2Vape Flip Ultra does not come with much because it does not need much to get started! You will find that you can hop right into vaping just minutes after opening the box. Inside the box, you will find:

  • The O2Vape Flip Ultra Oil Pen
  • 05mL refillable cartridge
  • USB charging cable
  • User-Guide
  • Lifetime Warranty Information
Hands Demonstrating How to Use the O2 Flip Ultra Vape

How to Use the O2Vape Flip Ultra

The O2Vape Flip Ultra is extremely user-friendly. Once you open the box, plug the vape in to make sure it has a full charge before you begin vaping. After the vape is fully charged, it is time to choose what you are vaping! You can fill the included cartridge with the vape oil of your choice, or you can attach your own prefilled cartridge.

You may notice that the screen automatically turns on when the cartridge is attached. That is because the device automatically turns on and turns off when the cartridge is flipped outside or inside the vape. It is a fantastic safety feature to let you know whether the device is turned on or off.

Once the device has a cartridge connected and flipped open, it is time to vape! Use the small round button near the digital display to choose your heat setting. It will cycle through all your options as you press it (but you cannot cycle backward). When you have set your voltage preference, press the large button to fire the device and take a hit!

While vaping, if the cartridge feels wobbly, you can lock it in the upright position with a lever located on the back of the vape. When you are done vaping, flip the cartridge into the body of the device and it will automatically turn itself off. If using an attachment or cartridge that does not fit inside the body of the device, you will need to manually remove it.

How to Clean and Maintain the O2Vape Flip Ultra

Most vape pens do not have a stringent cleaning process. If you notice residue building on the outside of the pen, just use a dry cloth to wipe it clean. You should never soak any part of the O2Vape Flip Ultra

Hands Holding O2 Flip Ultra Vape with Two Charging Wires That are Interchangeable

Is the O2Vape Flip Ultra Right for Me?

By now, you should know if the O2 is right for you! If you are looking for a modern, compact vape with a unique physical design and enough features to give you a full oil vaping experience, then the O2Vape Flip Ultra is perfect! It offers a discreet, easy-to-use design that should appeal to beginners and veterans alike.

You are the only person that can take a look at your personal vaping needs and determine if this vape is a good fit for what you want. If you still are not sure and have more questions, reach out to us! We will help you determine if the O2Vape Flip Ultra is a fit for what you want, and if it is not, we will help you find something that is!

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