Nectar Collector VS Dab Rig: Which Should You Get?

Consuming wax concentrates have become a popular alternative to herbs and other botanicals. That said, many devices designed and engineered to allow consumers to reap the benefits of wax concentrates have been developed which includes the nectar collector and the dab rig.

In this article, we will investigate the advantages and the disadvantages of using a nectar collector and a dab rig so you can find out which of these will best suit your needs.

Let us start by talking about the basics of nectar collectors and dab rigs.

What is a Nectar Collector?

A nectar collector is an apparatus that can be used with wax concentrates. They have been designed to be compact and small making them ideal tools for dabbing wax extracts at home or on the go.

How does a Nectar Collector Work?

A nectar collector may look like a vape pen with a mouthpiece on top and a heating tip at the bottom. Some nectar collectors have a percolator for water filtration and moisture conditioning and a dab dish to help avoid the mess of having to scoop sticky concentrates to a nail.

To use a nectar collector, one must heat the tip and lightly hover it above the wax concentrate. As the extracts are vaporized, the consumer inhales the vapor from the mouthpiece.

A nectar collector can either be battery-powered or heated using an external heating source — like a torch.

What is a Dab Rig?

A dab rig, on the other hand, is a large tool similarly designed for wax concentrate consumption. Because of its size, it is often used for consuming wax concentrates at home.

How does a Dab Rig Work?

Because of the complexity of a dab rig, it functions differently compared to a nectar collector. It is common for dab rigs to have a water attachment, a banger to hold the wax concentrates, and a mouthpiece.

To use a dab rig, one needs to fill the water attachment with water first. The banger is then heated, and the wax concentrates are placed. When the wax is vaporized, the last step is to draw the vapors from the mouthpiece.

A dab rig can also have a carb cap to help regulate air and control the quality of the vapor.

Now that you know the basics of each device, let us talk about some pros and cons.

Nectar Collector Pros

Portable Dabber

One of the benefits of using a nectar collector is its small and compact size. You can take this awesome dabbing tool with you almost anywhere possible, especially with all of the cool silicone nectar collectors out there.

Yes, you may not be able to use it like you would a dab pen and vaporize your wax concentrates on the go but fitting a nectar collector inside your backpack is easier compared to doing it with a dab rig.

On that note, it will be easier to bring a nectar collector than drag a large dab rig to your friend’s house.


Carrying a nectar collector with you is also more discreet than lugging around a dab rig. Hauling a large dab rig makes it obvious what you and your friends are about to do.

Ease of use

Another benefit of dabbing with a nectar collector is the simplicity of using it. As we mentioned earlier, there are fewer steps to using a nectar collector compared to a dab rig. This makes nectar collectors a more appealing option for beginners who get intimidated by dab rigs.


For obvious reasons, it is more affordable to buy a nectar collector than a dab rig. That is because only less glass is used and the process of blowing tube glass is less intricate and demanding than a dab rig.

Nectar Collector Cons

No Temperature Control

One of the downsides of using a nectar collector is its lack of temperature control. Because of its small size and rudimentary design, most nectar collectors do not have this kind of feature. Consumers will have to get used to the kind of hit the nectar collector has to offer or control how they inhale or dab the tip to regulate the vapor quality.

Dab Rig Pros

Water Filtration

While both nectar collectors and dab rigs can have water attachments, the quality of filtration and moisture conditioning that a dab rig can offer is far more superior than a nectar collector.

That said, those who value the purity and the cleanliness of the vapors they inhale do prefer to use dab rigs instead. The amount of water and the percolation technology featured by some of the more popular dab rigs on the market today can promise a better vaping experience.

Many manufacturers now take into consideration that some of their customers consume wax concentrates for medicinal purposes. That said, it is important that they deliver high-quality dab rigs that can provide their users with clean vapors.


Another reason why many consumers choose to invest in a dab rig is because of its efficiency. Dab rigs are designed and engineered specifically to improve a consumer’s experience when vaping wax concentrates that to some extent, some dab rigs were designed to accommodate or be compatible with several accessories to elevate its performance. Things like a carb cap and quartz bangers increase a dab rig’s efficiency in vaporizing your select wax concentrates.

Dab Rig Cons


One of the cons of using a dab rig is the amount of time you need to spend to clean it. Yes there are plenty of cleaning agents on the market today, but this still entails some level of rubbing and scrubbing.

Requires Setting Up

As you can see, a dab rig is not exactly a plug and play apparatus. Some set up is required which means you must plan your sessions beforehand.


When choosing between a nectar collector and a dab rig, make sure to consider the points we have discussed above. They will help you make an informed decision whether you are buying your first nectar collector or dab rig or if you are simply adding to your growing collection.

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