Is CBD Serum the Skin Solution You Are Looking For?

There are many different types of beauty products made to treat all kinds of natural skin conditions. There are eye creams, lip balms, body oils, and face masks all promising to relieve any redness, wrinkles, and skin irritation you might be experiencing. But do they actually work? And what exactly is included in that mix? If you’re looking for an all-natural alternative to the standard skincare products, then CBD serum might be exactly what you’re searching for. But to be certain, read on to learn more about CBD serums and what they can possibly do for your unique skin.

What Is a CBD Serum?

There are many different terms for similar skin products, and they all work in slightly different ways. Although you can technically apply eye cream to your feet, it won’t provide the potential benefits on the label because it is being misused. With that in mind, a serum is intended to be applied to a small area of your skin to provide highly concentrated active ingredients to that area. Many serums cater to dry skin and wrinkles and are intended to be used mainly on your face. They are not intended as a cure-all solution for your skin though and should be used to treat specific concerns for your skin in small areas. So what is the benefit of adding concentrated CBD extract to a serum?

How Do CBD Topicals Work With Your Skin?

A CBD serum will work in a similar fashion as common CBD topicals, specifically balms and salves. It is understood that when CBD is applied to your skinit can provide anti-inflammatory effects. However, when CBD is applied topically it has a low chance of entering your bloodstream and affecting your mood. It also has an even lower chance of leaving you with a sense of feeling “high”. CBD is considered a non-intoxicating compound that has little risk of becoming addictive, although you might become obsessed with its benefits.

When CBD interacts with your skin cells, it can provide a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect that soothes many common skin conditions. Some are using it to reduce the visual redness from Eczema, Psoriasis, or Rosacea, while others have found that it benefits them for managing inflammatory acne. CBD works naturally with the body to hydrate the skin, reduce inflammation, and therefore promote additional healing in targeted areas. However, you should also consider what other ingredients are in the CBD topical and working to provide potential relief. Most CBD topicals include all-natural ingredients alongside CBD, such as coconut oil, plant oils, and other natural hemp plant compounds. However, it should be kept in mind that the CBD market is still largely unregulated since it is operating in a legal grey area.

Although many people aren't still think using hemp is illegal, however, it is legal to cultivate and harvest hemp for industrial use across the United States, the CBD extracted from the hemp plant and mixed into various products is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It’s always best to look up the third-party laboratory analysis for the CBD serum you are considering, to be one hundred percent certain about what is included in the bottle. A CBD serum packs a whole lot of concentrated CBD extract into a small bottle, but it can also pack a whole bunch of other ingredients alongside it. However, CBD serums are considered the most concentrated form of CBD meant to be applied to your skin and can provide more targeted benefits than other CBD topicals.

Who Should Consider Using CBD Serum?

So how do you know if a CBD serum will work best for you over other types of CBD topicals? That will all depend on the balance of oils in your skin and what concern you are trying to address. Although there is a lot that researchers are still looking into when it comes to how CBD interacts with your skin, it is known that CBD works as an anti-inflammatory. Therefore, if your skin is experiencing an irritation that is inflammation based then CBD could be particularly beneficial for you to use.

You will want to be sure to look for serums that include full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD extract, broad-spectrum CBD extract, or CBD isolates. Be sure to avoid any serums that contain “hemp seed oil” since this is not the same as hemp-derived CBD extract. Although hemp seed oil is still thought to be hydrating for your skin, it does not provide the same potential anti-inflammatory effects as CBD oil. It can also have a much greasier consistency.

So, if you have a particular skin problem that has to do with inflammation or irritation, then a CBD serum could be the solution you have been looking for. It is a natural and potentially organic beauty product that aligns with today’s skincare trend of putting less chemicals in our products. However, it’s always best to chat with your dermatologist before adding CBD serums to your daily beauty routine.

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