Incorporating CBD Topicals Into Your Beauty Routine

There are million flash fads, bogus products, and overpriced extracts in the world of beauty products. So, it can be difficult to tell when the newest beauty fad is the real deal or not. One of the most recent fads involves adding CBD to all kinds of beauty products for your daily routine. They mostly consist of hemp-derived CBD topicals, however, there is a lot of variety between products even within that category. So, which ones are worth exploring and which ones are a total gimmick? Read on to learn about some of the CBD products that are worth using in your daily beauty routine.

Types of CBD Beauty Products and Topicals

For the most part, CBD products marketed as beauty products to consumers are different types of CBD topicals. Common skincare products are now incorporating CBD oil extract into their mix, for an added punch of beauty or marketing benefits. These CBD topicals can include serums, salves, creams, balms, face masks, bath bombs, and so much more. However, you should take a careful look at the list of ingredients on the label.

Most CBD topicals are made with broad-spectrum CBD extract or full-spectrum CBD extract derived from hemp plants. This extract can also be refined further into CBD isolates, and products that contain this form of CBD are commonly marketed as “100% pure CBD”. If possible, ask for a certified third-party laboratory analysis of the product to determine just how much CBD is included alongside other ingredients and hemp plant compounds.

This laboratory analysis will also show you if the product actually contains CBD or not. There are many CBD beauty products that are actually made with “hemp seed oil” instead of actual hemp extract. Although this might seem like a minor difference, it can make a huge difference in the effects you experience. There are many skin care products that have always incorporated hemp seed oil, but they are not the same as skin care products that include hemp-derived CBD extract oil. There is also little evidence of hemp seed oil working in the same way as CBD to fight inflammation or skin level irritation. Be sure to always read the label for the CBD beauty product carefully so that you know exactly what you are getting and what effects you can expect.

Potential Benefits of CBD Topicals

Once you find a CBD skincare product that is derived from responsibly processed hemp, then there are some benefits you might experience while using it. You can first expect the CBD to only sink in as deep as your skin, and not enter your bloodstream. CBD is still being researched in more depth, to nail down exactly how it works with your body’s endocannabinoid system. However, it is commonly accepted that when CBD is applied as a topical, it only interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors within your skin. Some CBD topicals, such as transdermal patches, do permeate the skin and bloodstream barrier, but most common topicals do not contain ingredients that make this happen. Instead, they opt for more hydrating or scented ingredients that will benefit your skin alongside the CBD.

Although CBD topicals are not standardly recommended by dermatologists yet, there are plenty of user testimonies that back the benefits of using skincare products that include CBD. Many people use CBD topicals to reduce redness, inflammation, and swelling associated with inflammatory acne, Eczema, and other chronic skin conditions.Many who are prone to dry or irritated facial skin go the way of CBD facials. Because CBD is thought to work to reduce inflammation in the skin, it could potentially help lessen the effects of Rosacea flare-ups. Generally, though, many people find CBD topicals to be beneficial because they are deeply hydrating for the skin.

Potential Drawbacks of CBD Topicals

Although CBD is a naturally occurring compound derived from plants, that does not mean that it should be used without careful concern. CBD topicals are still made within a mostly unregulated industry, and that means there is a lot of room for inconsistency when it comes to manufacturing processes or non-active ingredients. Your main concern should be whether the hemp that was grown to extract the CBD was grown responsibly, and ideally organically. Your next concern should be what other ingredients are included in the topical since they will have an equal effect on your skin alongside the CBD extract. It is generally recommended to avoid CBD skin care products that also include alcohol, since it might work against the moisturizing or anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.

What CBD Beauty Products Should You Use?

After considering all of the potential benefits, drawbacks, and ingredients included in CBD topicals, you can then choose a CBD beauty product with confidence. There are CBD serums, body oils, lotions, creams, salves, bath bombs, and balms, all meeting different types of skin needs. If you want to apply CBD to a concentrated area of the body, then a salve or balm might fit you best. But if you are seeking full-body coverage of CBD then a body oil or bath bomb might be a better choice for you. It all comes down to your personal preferences, established beauty routine, and the gaps you are looking to fill. You can confidently use CBD topicals daily, without the risk of taking too much. However, you should find the sweet spot for dosing CBD topically, so that you do not waste your CBD topical in the long run. Also, you should check in with your dermatologist to see if it will help provide the results you are looking for.

We can’t promise that CBD will make you more beautiful, but it might make you feel better about your routine. CBD topicals can contain all-natural ingredients that work to reduce inflammation in your skin, with the help of hemp-derived CBD extract. It might be the perfect match for those who suffer from dry or irritated skin and are looking for a better solution in their beauty routine.

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