How to Use an Oil Vape Pen

What are Oil Vape Pens?

Vape pens are increasingly becoming the most popular way to consume concentrates, like oils and wax. These tools are relatively new, and different models come on the market every day, so it’s not surprising if you’re not entirely sure how to use a vape pen. Vape pens are electronic devices designed to heat a substance and turn it into vapor. There are several varieties of vape pens to choose from; some come preloaded with the proper type of concentrate and are disposable, while others you fill with your choice of concentrate and are reusable. Vape pens come in all sizes and a range of shapes; such as cylinders, rectangular and boxes with tanks. Some models feature variable voltage settings, display screens, interchangeable cartridges or components, Bluetooth syncing, and more. It is important to note that the price of a vape pen will also vary greatly depending on things like size, power, and extra features.

Though there is a large variety of vape pens, they generally all work the same way. The device will have a power button. Turning on the vape will take a few clicks, usually 5 in a row. Once the pen is on, holding the button down will cause the heating apparatus to engage, turning the material inside into an enjoyable vapor. It is recommended that you use short clicks of the button to evenly and slowly vaporize the substance inside. When using a model that has a variable heat setting, start on the lowest setting and work your way up. This tip is especially useful when consuming a new concentrate so you don’t burn it. When you’re finished vaping, turn the device off the same way it was turned on, 5 power button clicks in a row.

Oil Vaporizer with 510 Oil Cartridges

Vape Batteries for 510 Oil Cartridges

Pre-filled cartridges are growing in popularity and more vape pens that utilize them come on the market every day. They are easy to use, leave no mess or stench, and are discreet. Most of the pre-filled cartridges that you’ll find have a 510 thread at the bottom for connecting to a rechargeable battery. The oil cartridge screws onto a long, skinny battery. Other oil cartridges connect to their battery via magnets. Magnetized oil cartridges are a snap to connect, but use caution as they can be knocked off if bumped too hard. Threaded oil cartridges are more secure but are slightly less quick to connect. If you can’t choose, there are several models available that have both threads and magnets.

Batteries for oil cartridgescome in a wide range of sizes and styles, some being very simple and others are more intricate. Some batteries feature power buttons, while some heat automatically when drawn upon. Some have variable heat, wattage or voltage settings, while others are preset to the optimal settings range. Prices of these devices range greatly depending on the size, style, features, and materials used in production. The cost of oil cartridges can vary a bit too, depending on the quality and manufacturer. Oil cartridges and their batteries work like just about any other of your typical vape pen. Turn the pen on with a few quick button clicks, hold the button to vape (intermittently of course), and a few more clicks to turn it off. 

Variable Voltage/Wattage Oil Vapes

Variable voltage and wattage vapes used to be rare and pricey, but as the technology and market evolve, these pens have become more affordable and findable. Vape pens that feature a variable voltage or wattage setting allow you to control the voltage/wattage output of your device. A circuit in the device stores and regulates power coming from the battery. This allows the user to adjust the temperature of the atomizer and create the optimal vaping settings for them and their concentrate of choice. Turning the voltage up or down will affect flavor, intensity, and vapor production. The higher the voltage/wattage setting, the higher the temperature.

Variable Voltage Oil Vape Pens

There are thousands of vape pen models that feature variable voltage/wattage settings, in a wide range of styles, sizes, and shapes. Many devices that have a variable setting will have many other features, making these vapes more expensive than their minimalistic counterparts. However, these devices allow for great session customization and optimal oil vaporization. They will work like a regular vape pen but you get to control the voltage level. To use, turn on the pen via the power button, engage the power button to heat, and turn off once finished.

Box Mods can be Used with Wax, Oil and Dry herbs

Box Mod Vapes

Box mods could (and do ) have their own article, so this will just cover the basics. Box mod vapes are basically high tech batteries that feature various different functions and settings. They were first made popular for e-liquid vaporizing, but many on the market today are compatible with pre-filled cartridges, oils, and other concentrates. Box Mods generally fall into one of two categories, regulated and unregulated. Regulated types are safer and tend to be more user-friendly. Unregulated mods offer a wider range of features and customizations but are not for the beginner vaper. Box mods are usually bigger than the average vape pen, and they get their name from their boxy shape. Users are able to interchange various tanks, atomizers, and batteries for ultimate customizability.

A box mod works similar to most other vaporizers. A battery heats a coil, which is inside an atomizer. Concentrate loaded onto the coil will vaporize once heated. The operation of a box mod vape is like that of any other vape pen. Turn the device on; select desired setting if using a model with a variable feature. Press the power/heat button to heat the coil and vaporize the material. Draw and enjoy! (And of course, turn the device off once finished.) With your box mod, you’ll be able to set the variables you want to achieve the vapor you’re looking for.

Choosing the Right Temp

When it comes to vaping oils and other concentrates, the right temperature is the key to everything. Simple oil vape pens with basic features are popular among beginners and minimalists. These vaporizers usually don’t have a variable heat setting. Instead, they come pre-programmed to heat at the optimal temperature for oils, which is between 350-420°F. If the model you are using has a variable voltage setting or is a box mod, the optimal temperature will vary depending on the currently connected attachments and desired outcome. Thin, wispy, flavorful vapor that is smooth is achieved vaping at lower temperatures, between 315-345°F. For fuller, denser, harder hitting vapor, choose a higher temperature, between 345-420°F. If you’re trying out a new vape pen or concentrate for the first time, it’s smart to start at the lowest setting and work your way up to prevent scorching and coil burning.

Vaping oil cartridges with the SteamCloud Mini

Pro Vape Tip

Pre-filled oil cartridges don’t require much power to get the job done. If you are using a box mod or a vape pen with a variable setting of some kind, make sure to start on the lowest setting and incrementally turn it up. The optimal wattage range for vaping is between 4 and 6 watts or 3 and 5 volts. Go higher than 7 watts or 6 volts and you risk burning out the cartridge coils before the oil is completely consumed, wasting it.

Maintenance and Cleaning

One of the reasons why oil vape pens are so popular is because of the quick, easy cleanup. Most of the time you won’t have to clean anything at all. However, you’ll want to keep the exterior of your vape nice by giving it the occasional wipe down. No harsh chemicals or water should ever be used to clean a vape pen. A lens wipe is all you need. The kind that comes pre-moistened with alcohol work great and dry quickly.

Charging your vape pen

Charging an Oil Vape

Your vape pen should come with a charger. It will be the best one for charging your device. When you first get your oil vape pen, it will need to be charged fully before you use it. Follow the instructions in your manual, and leave the vape to charge for the recommended time. It’s important not to overcharge your device, especially overnight, as this will actually weaken the battery over time. Allow your battery to run out fully before charging and let it fully charge before using to preserve your device.

More Information About Oil Vapes

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