How to Properly Maintain the E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer

E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer Maintenance

Every vaporizer needs to be maintained from time to time. It can be in the form of regular cleaning or by changing worn out parts, although both are done to keep your vaporizer in good working condition. Even high-quality devices like the E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer need to be shown some love every now and then. That said, here are a few things you can do to properly maintain your E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer.

  1. Let the E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer rest in between sessions

Regardless of the quality of the components used in a vaporizer, heat is bound to be passed on from the actual heating element to other vaporizer parts like the mouthpiece and the chipsets inside the unit. That said, some of these parts weaken faster when constantly exposed to heat and may cause the vaporizer to break down faster than its intended lifespan. Letting the E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer rest in between sessions lets some of the parts recover from the heat emitted by the heating element. Setting your dry herb vaporizer down for a few minutes after a full cycle lets it cool down before you fire it up again. More often than not, this can help maintain or prolong the device’s lifespan.

Moreover, removing and replacing some of the parts when the vaporizer gets really hot can cause deformation and can make these parts loose. Some plastic components can get soft and when removed from its place may lose its original form. Letting the device cool down will allow the weakened parts to harden reducing the risks of damaged and deformed parts.

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  1. Avoid overcharging

Another thing you can do on the daily to help keep your device running for a lon time is to monitor your charging habits and unplug the E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer after the manufacturer’s recommended charging time. The E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer can reach a full charge in 3 hours so make sure you take note of the time you plug it in. Overcharging can damage the battery causing it to bloat, leak, or reduce its ability to hold charge. Also make sure to use the charging cable provided in the packaging. The E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer does not have removable batteries that can be replaced when damaged. So, make sure to follow proper charging instructions when you plug in your vaporizer.

It is best to recharge your vaporizer using a dedicated wall adapter that matches the capacity of the battery. Avoid using wall adapters that are used for devices with higher voltages as it can damage the battery. It is safe to recharge your vaporizer using desktop computer USB ports of laptop computer USB ports as they only deliver a reasonable amount of power that will not harm the battery.

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  1. Make brushing a habit

The E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer comes with its own cleaning brush that can be used to remove small particles of ground material from the chamber or the screen in the mouthpiece. Regularly brushing the chamber, the mouthpiece, as well as the nooks and crannies where small ground herbs may get stuck into can reduce resinous buildup which may clog the air path and in some cases harbor unwanted microorganisms. When brushing the chamber, gently graze the surface just to remove any leftover ground botanicals. Do the same thing when brushing the mouthpiece as applying too much force may damage the components.

A good airflow is important as the E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer is a full-convection dry herb vaporizer that uses hot air to vaporize the herbs without reaching the point of combustion. When  the air paths are clogged, you will have a hard time inhaling the vapor and when some of the smaller particles get past through the screen on the mouthpiece, it can be inhaled which may irritate your throat and your lungs.

  1. Use cleaning wipes

Another way to keep your E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer clean is by regularly using cleaning wipes to remove oils and smudges. They can make your vaporizer dirty, but they can also get into tight spaces in your vaporizer and can cause damage or cause your vaporizer not to work properly when they accumulate. They can get on the small gaps on the E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer’s button which can cause the buttons to get stuck. They can also get into the charging port and cause all sorts of power inconsistencies that can compromise the quality of your battery. You can use cleaning wipes that come in packets, just make sure they are not overly wet when you use them to wipe your vaporizer clean.

Smudges and oils in the vaporizer can cause it to get slippery which can be a reason why your vaporizer falls off your hand. Moreover, when your vaporizer is sticky from dirt and resinous substances, more dirt and pocket lint can get into it which can turn your vaporizer into a magnet and breeding pool for germs and bacteria. Make sure to regularly clean your vaporizer but avoid wiping the charging port with wet cleaning wipes.

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  1. Do a once over

Make sure to inspect your vaporizer at least once a month. Check for any signs of damage on the mouthpiece as it can get damaged through transport especially when you keep your vaporizer in your pocket when you go out and about. The E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer’s flat mouthpiece makes for a convenient and discreet mouthpiece, but it can get damaged if you are not careful because it is plastic. In the same way, the glass mouthpiece can also get broken if mishandled. Check them for cracks and breaks as you do not want them breaking apart when in use. Also, check the buttons if they are still crisp. As we have briefly covered above, they can get stuck when too much dirt or dust gets accumulated in between the gaps. You should also check the battery for signs of bloating especially if you have not been monitoring your charging habits. Doing a once over or a general inspection of your E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer can give you an idea of what parts have already worn out. Some parts of the device can easily be replaced if damaged like the mouthpieces, the  replaced, use the ones that come with the E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer from the box. Dark Side Vapes supplies the E-CLIPSE Dry Herb Vaporizer with replacement components so you can maintain your dry herb vape with no extra cost.

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