How to Get Thick Clouds from any Type of Vape

Unless you are using a box mod or oil vape, you will not get thick, monstrous clouds. No matter what method you use, aside from smoking your dry herbs, you will simply not get the type of vapors produced naturally by a box mod vape. The reason why oil produces big thick clouds of vapor is inherent to the way it naturally vapes. Dry herbs simply cannot compete.

Wax concentrates produce thicker clouds than dry herbs do yet lack in volume when compared to an oil vape. However, there are some methods out there that can increase your vapor production and give you more thickness and volume versus just vaping the way you normally do. In this article we will provide you with a few methods in each modality to getting the most vapor production possible.

Keep in mind that these methods will heavily rely on the user, the material being vaped, the quality of the material, the vape itself, and possibly the environment. We will not be mentioning combustion vapes here due to the fact that while it does produce thick clouds, the clouds themselves are not truly vapor, but smoke.

Blowing thick smoke is the best way

Increase Dry Herb Vape Vapors

The biggest complaint for users of dry herb vaporizers is not having a big enough vapor cloud to compare to other modalities. This is a normal and common concern. In fact, some users might actually be wondering if there is something wrong with either their vape, their material, or how they are using the vape itself. While some of these could play a factor in a lack of vapor production, the truth is that dry herb vapor is very light and wispy.

The thickest dry herb vapors can be produced by a convection vape which blows air directly into a whip or balloon. Since the majority of users will be using portable vapes instead, we will advise that you first choose material that is not overly dry or overly damp. Perhaps the most direct way of increasing vapor production from a dry herb vape would be to simply increase the temperature of the vape.

Combined with good quality material and a vape from a reputable brand name, and you could notice how your vapor production increases. Keep in mind that while the vapor will increase this way, it will also be a bit more harsh and run the risk of possibly igniting your dry herbs. Still, this remains one of the only true ways to naturally increase vapor production from a dry herb vape.

Increase Wax Vape Vapors

Much like a dry herb vape, wax vapes produce light clouds of vapor, albeit much thicker than that of a dry herb vape, but not by much. Wax vapes can produce some good sized clouds, however. The key to getting both cloud size and thickness lies within the vape’s coils.

There are some models out there that incorporate quad-coil technology, utilizing 4 coils for your wax. This can create some pretty big clouds of vapor, though combined with a high heat setting, will create the biggest clouds possible in a wax vape. Much like dabbing from a traditional rig, a portable wax vape can give off some decent vapor, though will not compare to either a dab rig or a box mod.

Because wax itself is laden with concentrated compounds that release vapor upon reaching their boiling points, more vapor is produced than that of a dry herb vape. The key to big clouds from a wax vape is simply the coils and the heat setting. Keep these to the max if you want to start vaping those big boy clouds.

Yocan Wax Pen

Increase Oil Vape Pen Vapors

If you want those huge, massive crazy clouds, then you will want to get your hands on a box mod vape. Whether or not it is a 3 in 1 vape will not matter, so long as it is a vape that provides you temperature settings, and the option for vaping oil. By itself, an oil vape will naturally produce big, thick clouds of vapor. Enhance this with a high heat setting, and your clouds will be so thick, you will be hardly able to see through them.

Keep in mind that this will considerably lower the life of your coils and of the oil itself. Why anyone would want to get bigger or thicker clouds is up to them, though keep in mind that if you really want those big clouds, it has to come from an oil vape. The reason why we stress that it must also be a box mod is because these usually offer the user with temperature settings that can be variable.

Over time you might find that vaping at the highest setting will produce the thickest clouds with the shortest sessions. Fortunately, vaping oil is usually an intermittent activity, unlike vaping dry herbs for example.

Oil Cartridges

Which Vape is Better for Clouds?

If you have not guessed by now, it would have to be the oil vape. Whether you are using it for e-juice or oil concentrates is irrelevant to vapor production, being as how they both have very similar consistencies. Always make sure that if you want to go for big vapor production, to always have the vape set to its highest heat setting.

Be careful not to push your vapes too hard for long periods of time, as this can significantly wear out your unit in the long-run. Always carry spare replacement parts and chargers to ensure you have your vape running at its full capacity to provide you with the thickest vapors possible.

No matter what you end up choosing, just make sure that your vape comes from a reputable brand in order to ensure that your efforts with trying to produce thick clouds are not cut short by cheap or knock-off brands.

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