How to ensure Vape Batteries Last as long as possible

Vaporizers would not be able to function without batteries. Not only do they provide crucial power needed to vaporize a range of materials from wax to dry herb and oil, but also, they ensure users can take their vaping on the go throughout the day. Thus, it is of the utmost importance to make sure one’s batteries are fully charged and functional.

There is no one size fits all philosophy when it comes to batteries. The type of battery used for vaping will depend largely on your vaporizer. For example, vape pens utilize a different battery than box mods do. The difference can be seen in physical battery size as well as mAh, or the total power output of the battery itself. Some vaporizers require greater battery power for them to perform their functions. Other vaporizers may utilize a weaker battery to get the job done.

In this article we will explore a few essential tips to keep your vape batteries in tip-top shape.

Battery life tips and tricks

Listen to the Vape Manufacturer

All brand-new vaporizers should come with a set of manufacturer instructions which guide first-time users in getting started with their newly bought vape. In general, it is quite common for the manufacturer to provide specific instructions in ensuring the longevity of your vaporizer batteries.

A common piece of advice is to always charge your vape up fully out of the box to ensure you have optimal power. Improperly charged batteries can lead to a lackluster vaping experience, which nobody wants. Before you begin vaping, we highly recommend you consult the manufacturer guidelines for charging batteries beforehand.

Fully Charge Vape Batteries

It is always optimal to ensure your batteries are fully charged in between each vaping session. This guarantees you will have a solid experience every time you take a draw. Vaporizers running on low/empty batteries can be frustrating to deal with. If you have finished vaping for the day, go ahead and plug in your vaporizer overnight and it will be good-to-go.

Nothing is as frustrating as waking up only to find out your vape is dead and requires a few hours to fully charge. This headache can be avoided altogether with basic battery etiquette.

Battery being charged properly is a key factor

Avoid Storing Your Batteries in Extreme Temperatures

One of the biggest killers of vaporizer batteries is improper storage in extreme temperatures. This is incredibly easy to do, a prime example being leaving vape batteries in a hot vehicle. Intense heat and cold not only drains vaporizer batteries, but it also reduces their longevity. A set of batteries consistently charged and stored in temperate conditions will last longer than a set of batteries stored in hot or freezing conditions.

This rule not only applies to batteries for box mods, but also vape pen batteries which are less robust and sleeker. Regardless, batteries can degrade if improperly stored.

Invest in a Battery Charging Station

Although most vaporizers are capable of USB charging, many box mods utilize separate batteries which can be removed and placed on a charging station. In general, charging stations offer faster charging times in comparison to USB charging. That being said, they do require an upfront investment, which ultimately will come down to personal preference.

Vape battery charging station

Wrapping Up

If you plan on vaping frequently throughout the day, it is incredibly important to maintain the longevity of your vaporizer’s batteries. In this article we discussed a handful of tips related to vaporizer batteries and what users can do to ensure they are getting the most bang for their buck. Most importantly, we urge users to ensure their batteries are fully charges in-between sessions to maximize their energy output and maintain their health. Also, it is highly recommended that batteries be stored in a temperate climate free from extreme heat and cold, which could reduce the longevity of your battery.

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