How to Choose the Best Wax Pen Vape

With all of this diversity in the market, now it is more important than ever that you educate yourself about all of the various options, parts, and features to consider when shopping online or in your local shop for a new wax pen. Particularly if you are unfamiliar with vape technology and trying to move into this market directly from pipes, bongs, or rigs.

What is a Wax Pen?

What is a Wax Pen?

A wax pen, or dab pen, is a brilliant new item and relies on technical and functional concepts to ‘know’ what a wax pen is. When talking about the technical components of a wax pen you are usually referring to: a mouthpiece, heating chamber, coil(s), and a battery. This is pretty much the extent of any basic vape pen. The more complex, sophisticated dab pens include a variety of features that will affect the temperature controls, heat settings, and even whether or not you can enjoy other consumables like oil cartridges or dry herb.

Functionally, a wax pen confers a number of distinct advantages. First and foremost, you wield the power to smoke your wax concentrates in one hand. That’s right, as the name suggests, wax pens are pretty much the size of a large pen or marker. This means that your ability to consume wax, shatter, or crumble is not limited to a particular spot or location. It also means that these dab pens are extremely concealable and lend a great level of discretion to their user. This is all done without sacrificing any amount of power – something that ‘old heads’ might remember from the days of dragging out a small ‘one-hitter’ pipe with you on excursions. No more. You can have the full power of wax without having to deal with a clunky rig setup or going without. Wax pens are also safer. You do not require any sort of ignition fluid or open flame to use your dab pen. This is an excellent thing considering no one should probably be around a blow torch after one-too-many dab hits. In fact, you’ll have to pay attention to burning out your coil or battery long before you worry about burning yourself. Finally, wax pens are able to more efficiently consume wax concentrates because they more thoroughly vaporize the materials without the use of adverse chemical additives or leaving behind as much residue. Now, this also requires a bit of proper maintenance and cleaning, but you will find your wax pen to be more efficient and cleaner than your old rig.

Do Wax Pens Smell?

Do Wax Pens Smell?

This is sort of a loaded question because there are different types of vaporizers and power settings. On the whole, no wax pens do not smell like you’re vaping wax. Certainly not like a bong, pipe, or rig would smell. Also, there can be smells associated with your wax pen but that doesn’t necessarily have to do with the wax itself – for example, you can begin to burn out your coil after heavy usage and this will produce a burn smell. Because of the vaporization process, wax pens tend to produce some of the cleanest hits available and are not combusting any material or producing any tar – in other words not producing a smell. However, to be clear, there are vape pens that are combustible (however, mostly with dry herb) and you should make sure to verify that the particular vape you are trying to purchase does not constitute this sort of vape or use this sort of technology. With the newest dab pens, there is certainly little to no risk of smell. As with all things, there is a certain amount of respect involved when it comes to vaping in a public place, private residence, etc.

How Much Does a Wax Pen Cost?

Wax pens come in all different shapes, sizes, and with different features and therefore range from dirt cheap to car payment status. It all comes down to the type of dab pen experience you want and how much you are willing to pay for it. In fact, this is pretty much the same across the board when it comes to stoner culture – you get what you pay for. However, that doesn’t mean that simply by spending a substantial amount of money you are inherently getting a better vaping experience. Keep in mind, your personal preferences and choices are going to impact any decision. Whereas a more tech-oriented connoisseurs might prefer a $300 vape and not experience buyer’s remorse afterward, you might prefer something simpler, easier-to-use, and that won’t set you back more than $60 for a kit. Neither choice is more right than the other but a matter of preference. Below we explore some of the quality differences and features available near each general price range.

$20 Vape vs $50 Vape

$20 Wax Pen vs $50 Wax Pen

Remember when we mentioned that a vape is technically just a mouthpiece, battery, coil, and heating chamber? Well, that’s what you’re mostly looking at in this price range. At the bottom of the range you will find wax pens that are useful but might not be made of as strong materials, have weaker batteries, or more rudimentary power settings. This is not inherently bad – you probably just need a dab pen to hold you over through your vacation or you simply want to see if vaping wax is right for you. Not to mention, these wax pens can serve as a great addition to other forms of consuming wax concentrates or are useful when traveling from place to place. However, there are plenty of excellent brands and models of vapes that will set you back no more than $50. They will not include ALL of the features available on the market and will likely not come with any form of extended warranty, however, they will definitely produce an excellent wax vaping experience. Some dab pens to check out that fall under this category include:

$50 Vape vs $250 Vape

$50 vs $250 Wax Pen

In this range of wax pens you are certainly bound to spend quite a bit more and receive quite a bit more as well. Again, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a less expensive dab pen, however, just like with any other pipe, bong, or rig you are getting what you put in. These dab pens offer a wide-range of features that will definitely evolve your vaping experience depending on what your preferences are as well as offer a different suite of advantages to tailor your wax vaping experience more to your tastes. Some of these features include, but are not limited to, temperature control, in-depth LED displays, better quality coils and materials, as well as pre-heat functionality. Some of these include box mods which allow you a high degree of versatility and interchangeability. What you choose is ultimately up to you.

There are a host of advantages to being able to access these features. For example, with temperature control options you are able to control the ‘harshness’ of your vaping experience. This means that you can get a hotter or colder hit from your vape and allow yourself an opportunity to cough more or less. Particularly for medicinal users, having temperature controls and allowing a lighter or cooler hit is certainly a valuable ability. Having a better LED display on your dab pen is going to provide you with more control.

You will better know how much battery life you have as well as your temperature and pre-heat abilities will more clearly be displayed. Moreover, these LED displays can be accompanied with various compatible downloadable applications that give you more control over your dab pen experience and let you see your habits and temperature control overall.

Naturally, having better quality coils and materials is going to allow you to enjoy a quality experience and peace-of-mind when transporting or using your wax pen. For example, better metals and fittings will mean that you don’t need to be concerned about shattering your vape. Magnetic features in the construction of your dab pen could mean a sturdier feel and security over loose-fitting pieces leaking wax or making a mess. Larger, more powerful batteries (that might even charge faster than cheaper models) will keep you vaping all day or for multiple days depending on your use. These all come with investing a little bit more into your dab pen.

In addition, some of these vapes will come with pre-heat functions that will allow you to more quickly begin enjoying your wax pen. With less equipped models, it is best to let your coils warm up before trying to pull on your wax pen. Depending on your battery power, wattage, and temperature controls this can take anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds. While this seems like a small amount of time (and in the grand scheme it is) for a more experienced and involved vaper this might be too long. Besides, when you want to enjoy your dab pen you should be able to enjoy your dab pen. With the pre-heat function, you can begin to heat the coil and wax prior to beginning your vape sesh. This means that you will only experience warm, smooth, full-bodied hits of vapor from start to finish.

Again, none of these features is a ‘must have’ in order to begin using a dab pen. However, you might find that some of these are more important than others. For example, you might decline to purchase a wax pen with pre-heat or temperature control features but want a longer-lasting, larger battery for longer times in between charges. All of this, in the end, is up to you and should be considered when making your vape purchases. Below are a list of wax pens that fall in this range:

Types of Wax Vape Coils

As mentioned earlier, coils are one of the basic components required to officially have a wax pen. The coil is essentially where the rubber meets the road – or, in this case, where the wax meets the heat. Coils are what allow us to enjoy the full-bodied flavor, efficiency, and temperature of our wax pens and are essentially where ‘the magic happens’. As such, it is important to have an idea of what kind of coil you might prefer, what kind of coil your future vape does/should have, and how to go about making the best decision for yourself.

Essentially, there are two types of coils: quartz and ceramic coils. Now, there are such things as wick coils. These types of coils utilize a cotton wick and drastically affect the flavor of your wax pen. This is why wick coils have been pretty much relegated to the beginning of the dab pen industry’s history. Almost any wax pen you purchase or contemplate purchasing is going to come with a quart or a ceramic coil. We will explore the advantages of both below.

Quartz Coils vs Ceramic Coils

Quartz Coils vs Ceramic Coils

As noted, these are the two main competitors in the industry. Which is better for you is going to entirely depend on your experience level and desired vape experience.

Quartz Coils

A quartz coil is commonly composed of an actual metal coil – usually titanium – coils around a quartz rod. This is because the metal is necessary to produce conductivity and begin to heat up the quartz to actually begin the process of vaporizing your wax concentrate. There is usually two coils in your wax pen with a quartz coil, however, that does not always have to be the case. This can vary from vape to vape and you should check the specifics. Quartz tends to heat up quickly, certainly faster than ceramic, and cool down faster. This can be an advantage for a wax pen enthusiast who is more experienced and has a better understanding of their vape. Note, a quartz coil is often more difficult and delicate to clean than a ceramic and this might mean it is better for a new wax pen user to go with ceramic for their first go. In addition, if you prefer to have a larger cloud, a quartz vape will produce a cloudier hit. This might result in slightly less flavor, however, most people would argue both taste just fine.

Ceramic Coils

A ceramic coil is essentially a ceramic bowl sitting in a chamber with a wire also providing heat and conductivity to the ceramic material. Notably, a ceramic coil is going to take a bit longer than a quartz coil to heat up. This is not inherently a bad thing, however, it does mean that your vape will also take a longer amount of time to cool down. To ensure that you don’t burn out your coil or wax, make sure to lessen the amount of heat and energy you’re providing to it to ensure that you are getting the most flavorful hits and avoiding any smell. Ceramic coils are also easier to clean and are often less complicated than a quartz coil in that regard. As a neutral material, it is believed by the most flavor-seeking dab pen users that a ceramic coil is going to provide you with the most flavorful experience. This may or may not be the case, however, it will certainly be up to you. With a slower heat time, the risk of burning your coil is much lower and generally recommended as being ‘simpler’ to someone new to the wax pen experience.

All told, your preferences are going to play a huge role in how you perceive one coil over another. To some, there is no point to vaping without a larger cloud. To others, the flavor is obviously most important. To some more, there is no discernable difference in flavor and the main difference lies in heating times and heat retention. Not to mention that one is considered simpler in terms of maintenance.

How Long Does a Vape Coil Last?

This is going to depend entirely on your intensity of vaping. For example, if you are a heavier wax pen user you might only get a week out of your coils (hitting for long periods, day in and out). This is not an exact science either. If you are a lighter user and extremely careful, you might be able to pull out 4 weeks of use from your coils. However, when planning ahead, it is best to simply estimate that, for average use and maintenance, you can get about two weeks from your vape coils. Not to mention, there is also the matter of how careful you are about overloading your vape, cleaning your wax pen, and simply how gentle you are when cleaning your dab pen. More importantly, how gentle you are when using your vape pen. Taking harsh, long hits and overheating your vape constantly will result in a shorter life expectancy for your dab pen. Just as with any other product or item in your possession. Also, understand that your coils will have to eventually be replaced and can be fragile in general. This is why you can often find coils sold in packs that make it easier to replace and repair in case of accidents, etc. Do not overdo it with your coils either – replace at the first sight (or smell or taste) of something wrong. There is no reason to damage an entire dab pen over a quartz or ceramic coil that you can easily replace.

Types of Wax Atomizers and Vape Tanks

Types of Wax Atomizers and Vape Tanks

There are three main types of wax pen atomizers. Wicked, wickless, and ceramic bowl atomizers each convey their separate advantages depending on what you are looking to do with them. This is related to the ceramic vs quartz discussion we had earlier. Each of these will convey different benefits and you should examine what your needs and priorities are.

Wicked atomizers are as we described them earlier – they use a cotton (or other fiber) wick to heat the wax to be able to be vaped. This can be found in a single or double coil format and, as discussed above, can cause some flavor issues. Not to mention that this works better for less viscous wax concentrates (more liquidy). This is important because it will require less maintenance.

Wickless atomizers are where we begin to see our ceramic vs quartz dichotomy (and why we ignore fabric/cotton wick atomizers). Wickless atomizers feature heating element coils wrapped around either quartz or ceramic rods. This allows the wax to be heated and then vaporized. This arrangement certainly works more efficiently and more evenly vaporizes the wax – particularly the thicker it is. Again, there are specific benefits to quarts (such as faster heating and cooling) and ceramic (longer, more even heating and better flavor). In this atomizer, your wax pen can have single, double, or triple coils wrapped around either your ceramic or quartz rod.

The final type of atomizer is the flat ceramic dish atomizer. This is certainly the slowest of the atomizers. This is because your wax concentrates are not going to come into contact with your heating dish. This is useful because you will likely 1) not need to worry about burning or damaging the heating chamber 2) save on your concentrates because of the slower, more even heating and 3) enjoy the better flavoring of your vape. This can come with either a ceramic and quartz dish or a ceramic and ceramic dish. As there is ceramic involved with both, overall this type of atomizer is going to be a little slower warming up. However, the quartz and ceramic will still work a little faster than your ceramic on ceramic.

Choosing one of these different types of atomizers doesn’t necessarily have to be final. As long as you find one that is threaded or magnetically connected similarly to your current atomizer and battery setup you will be good to go and can alternate between them for different situations if you prefer. For example, maybe a ceramic and ceramic flat dish is preferred when you are home and able to relax and wait for your vape to properly heat up. Maybe you prefer a triple coil quartz when you are on the move so you can quickly heat up, enjoy your wax pen, and then go about your day prepared. All in all, none is entirely better than the other.

Cleaning a Wax Pen

Cleaning a wax pen doesn’t have to be too involved. As noted before, cleaning a flat ceramic dish over a triple ceramic or quartz coil wickless atomizer might be a bit simpler. All in all, there is a very simple procedure to follow:

First things first, make sure you have used all the wax concentrate you had in the atomizer. You do not want to leave wax behind in your wax pen. Once you have determined that your wax pen is clear of wax except for residual, go ahead and turn off your battery before removing and cleaning around your dab pen. There should be no issue with the battery overheating or causing problems, however, it is a good habit to develop. Next, you’re going to want to grab a q-tip or cotton swab and your preferred cleaner. Isopropyl alcohol works just fine, however, some people prefer different cleaners that may or may not leave less residue. The isopropyl alcohol should be able to remove all but the trickiest wax residue. Please be careful when cleaning around your coils and other more sensitive parts within the heating chamber, rushing to swab it down may result in some damage. If there is additional wax residue that cannot be reached easily, rather than attempting to jam a cotton swab down there, simply close your wax pen back up and place the battery back on. Turning it back on, make sure to turn the temperature all the way up and vaporize the remaining wax and alcohol residue. There should be no issue once you have completed this final step and you should be ready to begin enjoying your wax pen again.

Where Can I Buy a Wax Pen

Wax pen and dab pens can be found all over the internet and in plenty of stores near you. You will want to find the best option for yourself after some research (such as this article) as well as some specific product reviews. You should also consult your own preferences and priorities when it comes to consuming wax concentrates and other herb derivatives. However, contains all of this information and more and all shipping within the US is FREE!

All in all there is quite a bit to be said about wax pens and dab pens and what kind will work best for you. One thing is clear: there are a ton of options and so taking your time to go through the full inventory and gamut is going to be important. Whether you prefer bigger clouds or stronger flavor, a $25 bargain vape or a $225 luxury vape, there is going to be a wax pen that suits you. Remember to check out each wax pen, what are the different features they offer, and whether or not they are equipped to properly satisfy you.

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