How To Choose The Best Vape Tank

Choosing a Vape Tank 101

First things first, any vape tank can be a bad vape tank if it doesn’t work, doesn’t fit compatibly with the battery, or is simply not fulfilling the needs and wants of its owner. So the personal preferences and needs of the vaper in question are going to be extremely important in picking a vape tank. For example, is this tank supposed to be vaping wax or oil? Or, does the vape tank need to be compatible with 510 threading or a different type of threading? Vape tanks come in all different functions and sizes and these are important considerations to think about before heading off to a vape shop or looking online. Especially because there are so many different elements to making a decision to purchase. Do you want ceramic or quartz coils? What’s the difference between the two? To help guide that purchase, below are some differences and discussion on the types of vape tanks available for consideration.

Vape Tank Differences

Vape Tank Design Options

Wax, Herb & Oil Vape Tanks

Each vape tank is designed to be used for different purposes – namely for different kinds of herb concentrates or materials. The necessary equipment for vaping dry herb is diametrically different than wax or oil. And vice versa. Make sure to pay close attention when checking a vape tank out as to what it’s overall purpose is and that it matches whatever preferences or needs it is supposed to fulfill.

Size and Threading

Always pay attention to the different sizing of a vape tank. No one wants to purchase something with too little capacity or too large to fit into a pocket, etc. Also extremely important is to make sure that the tank is threaded properly to match the battery. For example, most vape tanks come in 510 threading. This is considered to be the universally compatible threading. However, different manufacturers and companies sometimes have different threading preferences to make their equipment more ‘exclusive’ or simply as a design preference.

Power Threshold

This is extremely important because the last thing anyone wants is to have a broken vape tank on their hands. Simply make sure to check the amount of power/watts the vape tank can handle and that the battery output doesn’t exceed that amount. This can be extremely important when considering a new vape tank for apowerful box mod vape or some other high output battery that can quickly burn out and destroy a new tank.


Make sure to consider how long the average vape tank is going to last especially if there aren’t any particular types of vape tanks that are already appealing. Some tanks will not last as long as the others and this is a good preventative to keep someone from buying tanks too often. Keep in mind that it’s not just the materials or their quality that affects lifetime – different concentrates can as well. Wax, being sticky and clumpy, can cause tremendous amounts of damage to a tank over time as it collects and solidifies. Keep an eye out when searching through a vape shop or website about the average lifetimes.

Replacement Coils

Replacement Vape Coil Options

Not all vape tanks have the ability to replace the coils. Some are designed to be entirely self-relying and this means that if the coils are shot or burned out then the entire tank needs to be replaced. This can be good or bad depending on someone’s preferences. However, others like the Yocan Cerum have replacement coils that can be replaced as opposed to switching out the entire tank. This might mean more replacing than when the entire tank needs to go but some people prefer not purchasing an entirely new tank.

Heating Element

Make sure to pay close attention to how exactly the concentrate is heated. Some vape coils use flatter, pancake-shaped coils to heat the wax or other substance. Others use ceramic or quartz rods to do the same job. Others still might have more than one rod while others use a single ceramic or quartz. All of these things need to be taken into account when purchasing the vape tank because it can affect how often replacements are needed as well as the costs of maintenance. 

Dry Herb Vape Tank

Herb tanks are used for dry herb vaporizers, as the name implies. However, less implicit is the fact that there are two styles of herb vape tank: combustion and convection vaping. Combustion vaping is not quite ‘vaping’ in its truest form – it’s more like a cleaner way to smoke because smoke is still produced. This is particularly useful for folks who prefer the ‘burn’ of smoking or simply don’t have much preference for pure vaporization. Convection vaping, however, acts more like a traditional oven found in an average kitchen – it heats the air in the chamber and therefore brings the dry herb to a vaporizing temperature. This produces a ‘cleaner’ vapor and is preferred by some over smoke. Both styles get the job done and are a great way to enjoy herb.

Wax Vape Tank

Wax vape tanks utilize the ceramic or quartz coils discussed earlier. There is a metal wire that is wrapped around them and heats them up when the battery begins sending the electricity. These coils will then begin to heat up themselves and will contact the wax and begin to vaporize it. Particularly useful to remember is that quartz will heat up and cool down much faster than ceramic but that ceramic will keep heat longer. Meaning that it’s kept closer to the vaporization temperature than a quartz rod once it’s been heated. This is important to avoid overheating. Remember that vape tanks can use one, two, or even four rods at any given time depending on the vape.

Oil Vape TankOil Vape Tank Design Options

Oil vape tanks resemble the tanks used for e-liquid box mods. The oil is placed within the main chamber and is usually soaked up into a cotton wick. This allows the oils to be vaporized upon contact with a heating element inside the vape tank. Make sure that the amount of oil in the vape tank is sufficient, however, because the wick can begin to overheat and burn if it is not sufficiently soaked in oil. Once this happens, the wick will need to be replaced. After burning the wick will forever taint that flavor of the vapor and this makes for a particularly terrible vaping experience. While avoiding overheating is essential whenever anyone is using any vape pen, the fabric (usually cotton) is especially susceptible to this issue.

What is the Best Vape Tank?

The best vape tank is ultimately going to depend from person to person. There is absolutely no reason that any particular vape tank is going appeal to all kinds of people. Some prefer larger, cloudier hits. Others prefer discretion. Some like the burn of a combustion vape and others are purchasing a vape pen for precisely the opposite reason. All in all, make sure to consider what needs the vape tank is supposed to meet. Make sure to look online and research for the right one!

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