How Does a Steamroller Smoking Pipe Work?

It’s safe to assume that when we say “steamroller” we are not talking about the construction machinery that is powered by steam and levels out rough surfaces. We are referring to a type of pipe named for the effects you might experience after using one. So how does a steamroller pipe work? And what’s the advantage of using one? Read on to learn the basics about this not-so-basic pipe.

What is a “Steamroller”?

A steamroller is a type of pipe that you can smoke dry herb out of.  These pipes can look like the neck of a bong separated from the water chamber and turned sideways. They also rip as hard as a bong, but without the added water filtration. They tend to be long and narrow, in order to trap a lot of smoke in the neck of the pipe to cool a bit before being inhaled. It might remind you of a large chillum pipe at first glance, but it offers a whole lot more than a basic pipe.

Chillums often do not have a carb, but steamrollers operate more like a traditional pipe. There is a carb at the opposite end of the mouthpiece, which can be normal-sized or an opening you have to cover with your entire hand. There are some steamroller pipes that also have a common feature of bongs -- an internal percolator. This makes for smoother hits and less of an impact in the back of your throat on the inhale. The bowl is on top of the pipe, either at the end or in the middle so that it can be lit easily. However, depending on the size of the carb you might need some assistance to smoke from a steamroller with finesse.

How Do You Use a Steamroller?

If you’re looking to have a serious smoking session, then you’ll want to load up a steamroller and prepare to be flattened. Using a steamroller pipe is fairly simple, but depending on the piece it can look a bit awkward. You’ll want to start with grinding up some of your favorite dry herb and loading it into the bowl of your steamroller. Then get into position.

Place your finger or hand over the carb while simultaneously holding the steamroller. Once you have your steamroller ready, apply some fire to the bowl, your mouth to the mouthpiece and start to inhale until the neck of the steamroller is milky with smoke. Then release your hold on the carb, but not the pipe, and inhale one huge hit. You’ll want to be careful about setting your steamroller down after such a massive hit of herb. Some steamrollers have small feet on the bottom of the round neck to prevent the pipe from rolling right off a table. If your steamroller doesn't have handy feet, then keep a careful eye on it so it doesn’t roll away.

Benefit of Using a Steamroller?

Despite having “steam” in the name, a steamroller pipe does not use any water. They also tend to hit a bit harsher than a bong because the smoke is not being filtered through any water. However, this also leaves you with some pretty heady effects, no matter how high dank your herb is. Because the steamroller packs such intense hits, more experienced smokers with high tolerances may prefer it. Or if you are a medical patient vaping or smoking CBD herb in large amounts, a steamroller can be a more efficient method for dosing.

Steamrollers are also popular because they hit like a bong but offer the convenience of a portable pipe. You don’t have to fill this piece with water, so there is less involved in using it than with a bong. They are also extremely easy to clean since the openings tend to be larger than average. There are no tricky nooks or crannies to clean, unless your steamroller has a percolator. In that case, you will want to clean it using traditional pipe cleaning methods involving rubbing alcohol and rock salt.

In the long run, if you are a big herb smoker then you might save your stash for longer if you use a steamroller on the regular. A small bowl on a steamroller can feel like ten hits from a normal pipe and is more effective hit for hit. Steamroller pipes are not for the faint of heart or lungs though. They should be approached with both enthusiasm and caution since they can pack a serious hit. Check out the SteamRoller Pipes Vape Vet Store has to offer and get free shipping on all U.S. orders!


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