How Do You Clean An Electronic Dab Rig?

If you prefer to smoke dry herb out of pieces over pre-rolls, then cleaning your glass has to be a part of your smoke session routine. If you don’t clean your pieces periodically, you run the risk of building up bad tasting resin that could ruin your next session. This risk becomes even greater when you thrown in electronic pieces of a vaporizer.

Consistent Dab Rig Care

In order to allow any electronic device to run smoothly, you have to consistently care for it. With e-rigs, that involves making sure your rig is fully charged, cleaned out, and ready to host a session whenever you are. However, cleaning an electronic dab rig is a bit more complicated than cleaning your average pipe. Depending on the type of e-rig you have there are a variety of tools and techniques to use to keep your device in pristine, clean condition.

How Often Should You Clean Your E-Rig?

How often you have to clean your e-rig will depend on how often you use it. However, a good rule of thumb is to lightly clean your device after each session, and do a deep clean every few weeks. The more often you clean your device though, the easier the next cleaning process will be. Cleaning your e-rig often will also keep your vapor or smoke tasting pure and delicious.

What Cleaning Supplies Do You Need?

Depending on the size, shape, and materials your electronic dab rig is made with you will need a specific list of supplies to clean it properly. It is a bit more involved than cleaning a glass bong, but not by much. If you are just wiping out the bowl chamber of the e-rig after a session, then an isopropyl alcohol soaked cotton swab will do the trick. However, if you are giving your electronic dab rig a deep clean, then you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Wire Cleaning Brush
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Paper Towels

Once you have all of your cleaning supplies assembled, it’s time to look at disassembling your e-rig to clean every crevasse possible.

How Do You Clean An E-Rig?

How you go about cleaning your e-rig will depend on the shape and design of the device. You want to be sure to safely separate the electronic parts of the e-rig from the ones that can be submerged in water. All standalone e-rigs will have a glass bubbler chamber that needs to be separated, but how you go about that vary depending on the e-rig. Thankfully we have you covered. Below are some more detailed instructions for cleaning the Kandy pens, Dr. Dabber, and Pulsar electronic dab rigs.

How Do You Clean the Kandy Pens Oura?

The Oura by Kandypens is an e-rig with a great, simple design that is incredibly easy to clean. Since the glass bubbler sits on top of the electronic base, it is easy to separate for deep cleaning. You can soak the glass chamber in isopropyl alcohol or wash it with soap and water, depending on how dirty it is. Allow the chamber to air dry completely while you work on cleaning the bowl chamber of the device.

To clean the atomizer bowl and carb cap, you just need to give them a good wipe with cotton swabs soaked in rubbing alcohol. Work to remove any resin that might have built up in the bowl, but do not soak it in alcohol since it will ruin the electronic components. Once all the pieces of the Oura have been cleaned and dried completely, you can reassemble your e-rig for a smooth, clean tasting session.

How Do You Clean the Dr. Dabber Switch?

If you thought that cleaning the Oura was easy, then the Dr. Dabber Switch made device maintenance even easier than you might believe. The Switch has a self-cleaning feature that can be used after dab sessions and extend the life of your e-rig in the long run. To kick it into self-cleaning mode all you have to do is place the Ceramic Induction Cup on the top of the glass part of the device. Then select the highest temperature setting and press and hold the plus sign. Once the LED lights start flashing red, the self-cleaning cycle has been initiated.

Traditional Cleaning Method

You can also opt to clean the Switch with more traditional methods involving cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol, if you’re doing a deep clean. Be sure to wait until the device is completely cool before disassembling it to separate the electronic parts from the glass bubbler. You can soak the glass in rubbing alcohol if needed, but you should be sure to allow it to dry completely before putting the e-rig back together. Exposure of isopropyl alcohol to electronic parts could go very badly for both you and your e-rig.

How Do You Clean the Pulsar ROK?

The Rök by Pulsar is probably the most difficult electronic dab rig to approach when it comes to cleaning. It’s unique inverted design places the glass bubbler on the bottom of the device, instead of on top of the electronic parts. This makes it look less like a traditional bong and provides extra smooth hits. However, it also makes it a bit tricky to disassemble for deep cleaning. You will have to separate the quartz cup, ceramic coils, glass bubbler, and vapor paths from each other and clean them each separately.

You can start with separating all of the glass pieces from the rest of the Rök’s parts. Soak these pieces in isopropyl alcohol to remove the resin, but make sure to rinse them with water afterwards and allow enough time for them to air dry. You can also clean the e-rig’s silicone mouthpiece with rubbing alcohol or soap and water.

Cleaning Coils and Quartz Cup

To clean the quartz cup and ceramic coils, you will have to use cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, and a bit of elbow grease. The Rök comes with Crud Bud cotton buds for easy cleaning after a session too. You never want to soak the cup or coils in rubbing alcohol though since this will ruin the parts. You can also use the wire cleaning brushes included with the e-rig to get any extra stubborn resin off the coils.

Final Step

The final step in deep cleaning the Rök is to brush out the vapor paths. These can build up with resin over time, especially if you use your device for frequent sessions. You can remove the metal vapor paths from the silicone shell they are wrapped in, so that you can soak them in rubbing alcohol if needed. Sometimes a cotton swab or wire cleaning crush will be all you need to get the metal vapor paths clean though.

E-Rig Cleaning Conclusion

It is important to understand electronic dab rigs so that you can not only use them properly, but clean them properly as well. Cleaning an electronic dab rig can take a bit of time and patience, but it is well worth the practice. Cleaning your e-rig regularly will lead to better tasting sessions, and a device that lasts longer. Simply wiping out the resin after every session will help, but a deep cleaning will keep your e-rig in pristine condition.

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