How Do You Choose the Right Wax For You?

If you’re just starting to explore the world of wax and dabbing, then the options can be intimidating to approach. There are many varieties of wax and many different ways to enjoy dabbing with wax ; plus vape pen devices you can use to consume them. However, not all forms of wax concentrates will smoke the same or provide you with the same effects. There is more that goes into choosing the right wax for you than looking at the strain name listed on the package.

Getting Started

To help you get started, we've outlined a few different factors to consider when choosing the right wax for you. Read on to learn about what to consider and what might fit your personal preferences. Dabbing can be a lot less complicated than you might think, and provide the intense effect you are looking for. But it all starts with finding the right wax for you.

The Consistency

There are many different types of wax available these days, and the list seems to only continue to grow. Manufacturers are discovering new ways to process hemp to extract beneficial compounds, such as CBD. These various processing techniques have created a variety of textures, colors, and consistencies for wax. And although you shouldn’t judge most things based on appearances, the look of a wax will tell you a lot about how it is going to smoke.

Shatter Wax and More

For example, one of the most common forms of wax is “shatter” and has a flat, hard candy like appearance. Shatter typically reacts in the way that it's named, shattering when you apply a dab tool to the slab of wax. However, a sugar sauce is going to look and feel like sugar mixed with coconut oil, and has thick paste-like consistency. This more pliable type of wax is a bit easier to load on a dab tool and into the bowl of an e-rig or on the end of a Nectar Collector.

There are many different varieties of wax, but the various types are usually classified according to their texture. And thankfully the names make a lot of sense when you stop to think about them. Snap-n-pull wax will both snap and pull like taffy when broken apart with a dab tool. However, wax that is known as budder, or crumble, tends to be soft.

The Wax Color

All these different types of wax will also have a different color associated with them. However, a good general rule of thumb when it comes to navigating the different wax options is to look for consistency. Although the textures will vary between types of wax, the gram you choose should have a consistent color and texture throughout it. If you notice that half of the wax is a different consistency than the rest or spotted with color, then it might not be the highest quality. Be sure to look for a color that is light and almost translucent, since this generally tends to be purer.

The Cost of Dabbing

One of the more obvious factors to consider will be your budget per gram. Wax does cost more per gram than dry herb, however it also packs a lot more of a punch when it comes to percentages. One gram of wax can cost anywhere from $25 to $80 or more, depending on the store and state you are purchasing in. Shatter or snap-n-pull will tend to be a bit more affordable than most types of wax though, due to the processing methods used to create it. However, most recreational dispensaries will be able to offer a variety of wax that meets a variety of budgets.

The Potency of Wax

The next factor you should consider when choosing a wax for you is how potent the wax is with plant compounds, like CBD. Loading up a dab of wax can be an intimidating experience, unless you have an idea of what you are about to get into. It can also be a lot less intimidating if the wax has a consistency that is easy to load up small doses of with a dab tool. If you are used to smoking dry herb, then taking a potent dab can be quite the head turner. However, you can always start with a small amount and build from there.

Percentage of Cannabinoids Present

Be sure to make note of the percentages of cannabinoids present in the wax before loading up a large dab into your device of choice. This percentage will tell you roughly the number of cannabinoids present per portion of wax. For example, a gram of wax with 80 percent CBD will have 800 mg of CBD present in one gram of wax. However, if you load up a dab that is just one tenth of a gram, you can expect to be consuming around 80 mg of CBD in one hit. As a beginner dabber you should aim to consume anywhere from 5 mg to 10 mg for your first hit. This will be enough to have you feeling the effects, without potentially being overwhelmed by them.

Solvent Based Processing

Most wax that is made with a solvent-based processing method will result in anywhere from 60 to 90 percent cannabinoids. This means that it might be difficult to break a one-gram dab down to doses of five to ten milligrams of cannabinoids. With that in mind, be very careful about how much you load up on a dab tool at first. Always start with a small amount and allow yourself to grow from there to find the perfect dose for you. Everyone will react differently to different types of wax, strains, and potencies so there is no magic amount of wax that will give you the perfect high. It’s up to you to experiment and find the right sweet spot.

The Dabbing Device

One of the last factors you’ll want to take into consideration is the type of device you dab with. A traditional dab rig or e-rig will be able to handle almost any type of wax, no matter what its consistency. However, a portable wax vaporizer or nectar collector will work better with softer consistencies of wax. These devices tend to handle small dabs better than large ones and can become quite messy if they are overloaded. You’ll have to play around with different temperatures on a vaporizer or e-rig in order to find the right melting point for each brand, type, and strain of wax.

In the end, choosing the right type of wax for dabbing will really depend on your personal preferences. It will take a balance of texture, color, potency, and cost to be the right fit for you. However, once you start trying a few different types of wax and consult a Budtender for more advice, you’ll find the perfect type of wax for you soon enough.


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