The Glass Blunt is One of the Best Hand Pipes

One of the problems faced by cannabis-product manufacturers over the years is how to produce and market easy-to-use products for consumers that have grown accustomed to traditional methods of cannabis use. The products themselves may be incredibly useful and efficient, but they are useless unless consumers believe that these products will supplement or enhance their weed sessions.

Some major headway has been made through the introduction of portable vaporizer devices. Dry herb vape pens such as the E-CLIPSE, as well as wax pens such as the Yocan Pandon or the Yocan Evolve Plus, have revolutionized the ways in which consumers enjoy cannabis.

The problem for some consumers is that these products may often either be too expensive or be too advanced for their liking; after all, if you’re looking for a smoking product that is not too great of a departure from your traditional smoking methods, the move to a battery-powered vape pen may be a leap too far.

Thankfully, there is a product that splits the difference: The newly-released Glass Blunt offers a traditional dry-herb smoking experience while upgrading the hardware so that it is more portable, convenient, and enjoyable for the consumer.

Glass Blunt and Glass Pipes in Water

What is a Blunt?

Any person familiar with dry herbs is likely to be familiar with a regular blunt- cigar leafs that are unrolled and then re-rolled using dry herbs.

Blunts have long been used alongside joints and glass pipes and bongs as one of the primary methods of imbibing cannabis flowers. Yet while blunts are a tried-and-true method of delivering massive amounts of smoke for relatively cheap, there are a number of drawbacks to their use.

For starters, a consumer will have to regularly re-supply themselves with blunt wraps in order to even regularly enjoy blunts. This can be tiresome, particularly for the lazier lovers of dry herb who can’t be bothered to regularly re-up their stock.

Another problem is the issue of how to actually roll a blunt. Any person who has ever tried it knows that rolling a blunt can be a difficult process to master, as it requires patience to navigate the multiple steps involved. And if the blunt wrap should happen to tear while you’re rolling, the consumer may find himself up a certain creek without a paddle.

Another consideration for those who regularly smoke blunts is the issue of hygiene. The person rolling the blunt must cover most of the blunt wrap in spit to fuse the blunt together. Most consumers do not mind this aspect of the process; however, for those who are concerned about the germs involved, the blunt can be an unattractive smoking option.

Lovers of blunts are thus left with a dilemma: Is it possible to have roughly the same cannabis-smoking experience of a blunt without having to deal with the issues of re-stocking the supply of blunt wraps, having to roll the blunt, and hygiene considerations that arise from licking the wraps? As it turns out, those issues are all addressed with the Glass Blunt.

Glass Blunt with Black Mouthpiece

What is a Glass Blunt?

The Glass Blunt is a cylindrical smoking apparatus that resembles a long pipe. It may only be used to smoke dry herbs and may not be used to consume wax or oils.

The Glass Blunt comes equipped with an 8-holed titanium mouthpiece that is attached to a long corkscrew-like implement, which can be used to grind the dry herbs that are placed into the cylinder. It is accompanied by a silicone cap used to place over the opposite end of the cylinder from the mouthpiece, to ensure that herbs packed into the glass blunt may be stored safely for later use.

Along with the actual Glass Blunt and its necessary components, the Glass Blunt kit also features a cleaning brush that may be inserted into any of the mouthpiece’s 8 holes to ensure proper airflow.

An important aspect of the Glass Blunt’s design is the thickness of its glass cylinder. The glass’s thickness is such that the Glass Blunt is not as delicate as many of the other lightweight glass products on the market. While we do not recommend being careless with it, the Glass Blunt is nonetheless able to withstand more wear-and-tear than many of the other glass smoking options currently available.

Glass Blunt Parts - Vape Vet Store

How Do I Use a Glass Blunt?

Depending on the amount of dry herbs that the consumer is looking to smoke, the Glass Blunt’s cylindrical glass chamber may be used in a number of ways. For the smoker who is looking to simply take a few hits -- like they would out of a more conventional glass pipe, such as the Green Sherlock or the Honeycomb Spoon Pipe -- a small amount of dry herbs may be packed into the tip of the cylinder. This allows the Glass Blunt to double as a one-hitter.

For the more serious smokers, however, the Glass Blunt is able to pack far more into a smoking session than just a few hits. This is accomplished by packing the glass cylinder with as many dry herbs as the consumer would like to smoke, while ensuring that the silicone cap is securely fastened. (For those consumers who are looking to use the Glass Blunt at a party, packing the cylinder is the way to go.)

This process is followed by screwing in the titanium mouthpiece, which serves to both grind the dry herbs and to secure them in place for when they are smoked. After the mouthpiece is screwed in, all that is left for the consumer is to remove the silicone cap at the opposite end of the mouthpiece and to smoke to your heart’s content.

Glass Blunt and Pipes with Surfer

Is There Anything That Could Be Improved?

The Glass Blunt is a low-tech, why-didn’t-I-think-of-it-before smoking device that is both convenient and portable for smokers of any experience level. That does not mean, however, that it will not likely undergo some revisions in the coming years.

As manufacturers and marketers know, customizability is everything: Allowing consumers greater control over the way a product looks and functions will only serve to fulfill the consumer’s needs and increase sales.

With that in mind, the Glass Blunt could do with some options for customization. The mouthpiece/built-in grinder and the silicone cape are currently only available in black; allowing consumers to choose the color would enhance the aesthetic appeal for consumers and would add another benefit to the product’s purchase.

Aside from the issue of customizability, however, it is difficult to see how the Glass Blunt’s current design may be improved upon.

To Sum Up: If you are in the market for a cool smoking pipe, the Glass Blunt is a portable and lightweight option. It is popular among the lovers of smoking dry herbs and it saves the consumer time and energy in having to buy blunt-making materials.

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