G Pen Connect Is The Best Portable E-Nail Around

Grenco Science vaporizer pens are known for their affordable and innovative high-quality line of G Pen vaping products. Designed specifically to be used with liquids and concentrates, the G Pen meets these high standards of expectation.

Rave reviews from G Pen owners report a powerful vape pen with high voltage capabilities and sleek ergonomic design. The entire line of G Pen vaporizers come with handy accessories to provide the best vaping experience. As a charitable and creative company, Grenco Science introduced the Charity Series, a group of products from which a portion of net profits are donated to non-profit groups in the community. Grenco Science is committed to being at the forefront of ingenuity and culture with its Artist Series partnering with creative artists to bring exciting new products to the market.

With a name you can trust, Grenco Science is a leader in the industry, creating new and innovative vaporizers and accessories all the time. So without further ado, if you’ve been wanting to try something new -- whether you’re a newbie just getting started at vaping or even if you an experienced vaping connoisseur -- in this article we briefly observe one extraordinary vaporizer that showcases great vigor and design.

G Pen Connect E-Nail 

Consumers from new to experienced can choose between the materials they want to vape with, the desired price point, and where they plan to use their vape. Dry material vape consumers will be directed to the Elite and Pro models. Concentrate smokers are directed to the Nova and Connect E-Nail, and oil consumers are directed to the Gio. On-the-go consumers are directed to the most lightweight and portable devices. All that being said, perhaps one of the best models that ever graced smoking circles far and wide, is the G Pen Connect E-Nail

G Pen has unveiled the Connect, an intuitive and exceptional alternative to vaping concentrates. The Connect combines lightweight materials with customized connectivity options with any glass pipe rig. Here are a few awesome features:

    • A powerful ceramic heating element heats concentrates within 5 seconds of activation.
    • Glass-on-Glass connection hub allows consumers to pair the connect device with any water pipes including bongs and bubblers.
    • An internal heating mechanism that allows consumers to ditch inconvenience of the torch and still, dab concentrates with a dense vaping profile and even flavor.
  • 3 temperature settings cater to beginner and advanced smokers and allow for the best utilization of a variety of concentrates and flavors -- even when set on medium, consumers can experience flavor in full.
  • A spring-loaded carb release gives quick airflow to the chamber.
  • An 850mAh battery loaded with power that snaps onto the chamber for a quick and easy set up for long-lasting sessions of decent-sized hits all throughout. Furthermore, the magnet that connects the battery to the ceramic unit is so strong, there's virtually no chance of damages occurring to the glass and other parts, unlike other vaping devices --


  • The Connect is able to pair with Grenco’s line of glass dab rigs for safe and convenient vaping and dabbing.
  • Pairs with: MJ Arsenal Ursa Glass Rig and Higher Standards Rig.

How To Use The G Pen Connect E-Nail

Loading The G Pen Connect

  • Every G Pen Connect E-Nail consists of a G Coil and G Pen battery.
  • Make sure that your vaporizer is OFF or locked mode.
  • Unscrew the mouthpiece of the G Coil to expose the heat element inside.
  • Load the amount of concentrate that you prefer to use.
  • Screw in the mouthpiece and it is ready to use -- it’s important to note, though, given the powerful hold, it may be best to connect the battery and chamber before inserting your rig.

Hitting the G Pen Connect

  • Once the G Pen Connect has been fully charged and loaded, click the power button 5 times quickly to turn the G Pen on.
  • Toggle between three heat settings by clicking the power button three times.
  • Press the power button two times to initiate automatic heat activation and then the button will flash for 5 seconds indicating the heat-up phase.
  • Hold 10 seconds for maximum heat output. You can cancel heating at any time by pressing the power button.
  • You can also hold down the button to the heat coil and draw on the mouthpiece for manual heat activation up to 15 seconds -- this step is optional.

Charging the G Pen Connect

  • In order to get started, connect the wired USB charger that comes in the kit to the threading of the G Pen Connect battery — replacement chargers can also be bought if you ever lose yours.
  • Connect the other end into any compatible USB port.
  • When connected, the G Pen connect battery will initially show you a green light that switches to red to show that a charge is being administered.
  • Charging is complete when the red light on the G Pen connect wired USB shines green.
  • It’s best to allow 3-4 hours charging time for the first 3 charge cycles, doing so can allow the battery to start with optimal battery life.

Cleaning and Maintaining the G Pen Connect 

The G Pen connect is not a high-maintenance vaporizer by any means, which is one of its perks. As with most things in life, regular cleaning will help to ensure that your vaporizer will continue to provide you with the maximum life. This will also make sure that you will continue to be able to enjoy vaping with high-quality flavor. In order to clean your Connect E-Nail, we recommend that you use a G Tip or a Q-tip soaked in 95% or higher isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. Doing so will prevent and properly remove any sticky residue or build up on the vape pen. Use the tips cleaning gently to remove build-up from the power button and connection point. You can find these additional accessories online or you can use what you have at home. 

As every G Pen model is made unique, each will require its own necessary maintenance routine. With the G pen connect, however, you can plan on having to replace your dual quartz coil from anywhere from six to eight weeks, depending on your vaping habits, of course. A replacement dual quartz coil can easily be purchased online for no more than $20 -- a steal if you ask us. 

So, Is The G Pen Connect The Right E-Nail For You?

That answer is honestly up to you. However, from what we’ve shared, the G Pen connect is an awesome E-Nail for newbies and enthusiasts alike who prefer to strictly dab wax as opposed to dry herbs or oil. Its slim design and overall size make it easy to discreetly vape, you can easily tuck into your pocket, purse or the glovebox. With it’s easy to operate button, the Connect a very simple e-nail to use, making it a sure win for beginners. Cleaning and replacing your dual quartz coil is a hassle-free process by following the simple easy to read instructions that are provided with your kit. Another great aspect of this vape is that the electrical components are covered by a full one year warranty, making it one affordable as are the replacement coils.

Taking proper care of your dabbing device along with regular cleaning, this e-nail will last you for quite some time. So, the next time you get ready to take some dabs, whether it be on your own or with a few friends, purchasing an e-nail that’s high in quality and is reasonably priced such as the Connect is sure to enhance your experience tenfold. Once you try it, you’ll discover that dabbing alone (or anywhere else) will become an experience truly unlike any other -- see for yourself just how next-level the G Pen Connect truly is.

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