Five of The Best Gummies on the West Coast

If you happen to live in California, Oregon, Washington, or Colorado then you have a wide variety of edibles to choose from. But, not all edibles are the same. A handful of brands on the West Coast have withstood the test of time and a rapidly expanding industry. They offer some of the best gummy flavors, doses, and textures on the market since they’ve had years to develop their recipes. Read on to learn about five of the top gummy brands to try on the West Coast, and why they stand out from the crowd.

What To Look For In An Edible

There are a few different factors that make the brands we are about to suggest worth talking about. To start, they all can provide third-party certified laboratory analysis of their products. That means you can know exactly what is included in each gummy. This is important when it comes to considering both potency and purity. The label might tell you what ingredients were intentionally included in a gummy, but a lab analysis will tell you everything that made it into the mix.

The one ingredient all edibles should have in them is some form of plant extract. This extracted oil typically comes from hemp plants and is in either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum form, which also includes a variety of terpenes and other plant compounds. An edible made with an isolate though, such as CBD isolate, is made with a pure form of that molecule. Be sure to consider if you want to take the whole-plant approach or go for an edible that offers a pure dose of CBD instead.

The final factor that goes into making a good edible is the other ingredients included. Gummies can be made in a wide variety of forms and flavors, which is one of the reasons this form of edible presents one of the best way to consume CBD. You’ll want to consider any dietary restrictions or preferences you might have because there is probably a gummy out there that meets them. New kinds of gummies are being created every day by new brands, but below are a few that we would recommend checking out on the West Coast.


WYLD is known for creating edibles that are inspired by the Pacific Northwest, with flavors and packaging to match. Their gummies are made with real fruit and enhanced with terpenes. They have flavors that align with different effects, including Raspberry Sativa, Huckleberry Hybrid, Marionberry Indica, Pomegranate 1:1 CBD, Peach 2:1 CBD, Strawberry 20:1 CBD, Pear CBG, and Elderberry CBN gummies. Each gummy offers a 5mg dose and there are a total of 10 gummies per beautiful origami pack. They also offer a whole line of hemp-derived CBD gummies and flavored sparkling waters that are worth checking out if you prefer pure CBD.


Wanna was originally based in Colorado and has now expanded to  Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Oregon. Wanna's gummies easily grew in popularity because they are made with all-natural ingredients. They also have a texture that will not melt in the heat. And as a bonus, are vegan and gluten-free. Each gummy is enhanced with over 30 terpenes, and offers a variety of effects and dosing ratios. Some of the flavors include Limoncello Hybrid, Peach Bellini Sativa, Pina Colada Indica, and Strawberry Margarita 1:1. The gummy flavors available depend on the state you’re buying them in, but if you are trying out edibles for the first time, you won't be disappointed with these gummies.


Smokiez is based out of Portland, Oregon, and their gummies meet many of the common dietary restrictions in the region. Every Smokiez gummy is vegan, gluten-free, and made without high fructose corn syrup. They also made a line of pure CBD gummies that come in sweet, sour, and sugar-free versions in a wide range of flavors. Each gummy has 25mg of CBD and the entire pack contains 500mg of pure hemp-derived CBD. Smokiez easily grew in popularity in the Pacific Northwest and is now expanding across the US.


STIIIZY is well known for their pod cartridges that rival another California native company. But they also make delicious BIIIT gummy cubes. Each gummy has a dose of 5mg and comes in a few different tangy fruit flavors. You can choose from assorted fruit flavors, Strawberry, Orange, Black Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, or Green Apple. If you’re a fan of CBD candy treats, you should definitely check out their BIIIT Sour Straws line too.


Journeyman throws back to what’s all-natural and all good. You can find their Jellies in Oregon and Washington, where they keep it natural, radical, and tasty. Their gummies are all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free, and made with real fruit. They offer three solid flavor variety packs, including tropical, berry, and sour mixes. They also offer three solid ratios with 10mg per Jellie, 1:1, or 30:1 CBD. It is definitely worth the trip to check these gummies out.

No matter which gummy you choose from the list above, you will not be disappointed. These brands are “OG” in the world of edibles and their gummy recipes have been refined to near perfection.


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