Don't Underestimate the Glass Globe Wax Pen Vape

What is a Glass Globe Wax Pen?

The Glass Globe wax pen is an excellent tool for wax enthusiasts. It uses 510 threading, the industry standard. This effectively means you can swap out components such as batteries and atomizers easily. In addition, 510 threading is high-quality and very reliable so you don’t have to worry about stripped threading. The glass globe atomizer allows you to vaporize your wax and let the vapor cool in the globe before clearing for extra smooth rips. Because of its shape, the Glass Globe wax pen may not be quite as convenient as streamlined wax pens. However, it is still quite small and portable.

Three different glass globe wax pen styles

Why is this Vape the Best Wax Pen?

The glass globe feature really sets this vape apart from others. Its round shape and larger chamber size make it possible to vaporize a good amount of wax and have it pool up in the chamber. You can let the vapor cool in the chamber before hitting to get super smooth and tasty hits. One of the disadvantages of wax rips is that they are often pretty harsh. This is because it requires an extremely high temperature (often over 500 degrees Fahrenheit) to vaporize wax, and breathing in extremely hot vapor can be pretty rough on your throat and lungs. The glass globe solves this problem by allowing the vapor to cool before inhaling. This also results in better tasting vapor.

Glass Globe Wax Pen Vape on Bed

The second advantage of this setup is its ease of customization. The glass globe has 510 threading which is common across manufacturers. This means you can swap out the glass globe included with a number of different options. You can swap the globe for a teapot, skull globe or a variety of different shapes and sizes. You might want a bigger chamber for getting massive rips at home and a smaller one for easy transport when you travel. With a wide variety of atomizers to choose from, you also get a large selection of vape coils. The one included is a ceramic pancake style coil, but it’s easy to swap out for quartz or ceramic rods, a wick, or any almost any other style coil.

The 510 threading means you can also switch out the battery with a wide selection of options. This is truly a fully-customizable wax vaporizer.

Glass Globe Vape Specifications

  • Vape dimensions:
  • Battery capacity: 650 mAh
  • Atomizer: Pancake-style coil under a ceramic dish
  • Threading: 510
  • Weight: 

What's included in the Glass Globe Vape Kit?

  • 510 thread 650 mAh battery
  • Glass globe with mouthpiece
  • 510 wax atomizer coil x2
  • Usb charging cable
  • Storage jar
  • Dabber tool

How to use the Glass Globe Vape Pen?

Vaping a Teapot shaped glass globe wax pen

If you’ve used a vape pen before, the Globe Vape will be easy to figure out. If this is your first vape pen, we’ll walk you through each step of the process.

Step #1: Charging the Globe Vape

  • When you first get your kit, you’ll need to fully charge your battery
  • Simply screw the battery into the usb charging cable until it is tight (this just needs to have a good connection, there’s no need to over-tighten)
  • Plug the usb charging cable into your laptop or another USB charger, the indicator light will turn red while charging
  • When the indicator light turns green, the battery is fully charged

Step #2: Loading the Globe Vape

  • Once the battery is charged, disconnect the battery from the USB cable
  • Open up the atomizer and using your dab tool, drop a dab of wax onto the pancake and close the atomizer
  • Screw the atomizer attachment onto the battery (just like the usb cable, this should be just tight enough so that it is secure)
  • Next, carefully push the glass globe with the mouthpiece onto the atomizer, twisting slightly to get it to slide over the atomizer o-ring

Step #3: Using the Globe Vape

  • Now that your vape pen is all put together, simply press the power button 5 times quickly to turn it on
  • Then, hold the power button down to activate the atomizer and vaporize the wax
  • As vapor fills the globe, you can choose to pull as you vaporize or let the vapor cool in the chamber before taking a pull

Maintaining and Cleaning the Glass Globe Vape?

Maintenance is pretty easy with the Globe Vape. The most important thing is to keep it upright after use. As the wax will be in a liquid state, it will leak out of the coil if the pen is laying down on its side. 

You may notice build-up on the glass globe over time. You can actually scrape this build up off the glass and pack it back on your wax atomizer for another rip. To fully-clean the glass, you can also dip a q-tip in rubbing alcohol and clean the inner surface of the globe. Just make sure you give it a good rinse with warm water after and let it dry completely before use. 

Lastly, coils aren’t meant to last forever and they will eventually burn out. Also, the flavor will depreciate over time so you may want to change out coils for better flavor. There are two atomizers included in the globe vape kit and they are also easily replaceable by most vape shops.

Is the Glass Globe Vape Pen for me?

Different types of Glass Globe Wax Pen Vapes

Do you want a convenient, affordable wax vape pen that provides great tasting, smooth hits and can be customized to your liking? Then the Glass Globe vape pen is perfect for you. This pen will also satisfy those old school wax enthusiasts who enjoy filling up a chamber. While it might not have a huge chamber, it is the perfect blend of volume and portability. Its industry-standard 510 threading makes it reliable and customizable, great for users who like to mix-n-match.

Of course, the Glass Globe isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t travel quite as easily as some other wax pens and some users just don’t like the globe style. While this pen might not be perfect for everyone, it’s a great option for those looking for a slightly larger chamber or just looking for something fun and different.

Dab Pen vs Dab Rig

Dab Rig vs Wax Pen vs Glass Globe Vape Pen

The Glass Globe pen is definitely the closest pen to a dab rig, however, they are still very different. The globe gathers vapor like a dab rig, allowing you to get pretty solid hits, but it won’t floor you like a true dab rig with a domeless nail. One major difference between the two is that wax is loaded into the coil before heating in a vape pen and the wax bowl or nail is heated first in a dab rig. Effectively, this means that in a vaporizer the wax is being heated until it begins to vaporize, resulting in smooth and tasty vapor. But in a dab rig, when you drop your dab onto the extremely hot domeless nail, all that wax combusts almost instantly, creating massive hits that a vaporizer just can’t produce. On the other hand, your dab rig probably isn’t leaving the house so a dab pen can be a great way to enjoy waxes with the convenience of a vape pen. As you get less potent rips each time, it’s also easier to manage your consumption using a portable vape pen. Vape pens are more popular among the masses but even hardcore dabbers will find the Glass Globe vape pen a solid option that is far more convenient and easy to use than a dab rig.

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