Does the Titan 2 Dry Herb Vaporizer Produce Smoke?

If you are new to vaping, then there are probably a lot of terms you come across during browsing that you don’t completely understand. That’s okay, it just takes a bit of research to clear up any confusion. Thankfully, we’ve also outlined some information about the difference between “combustion” and “convection” when it comes to consuming herb, as well as the types of vaporizers that fall within these categories.

The Titan 2 Vaporizer Produces Vapors

The first question that might come to mind when browsing portable herb vaporizers is, “Does this device produce smoke?” Well, the answer for the Titan 2 vaporizer is a solid no. instead, this vaporizer produces vapors. This might seem obvious to an advanced consumer, but it can be a new revelation for a lot of people who consume herb the old school way, with a pipe and a lighter.

The Titan 2 does not burn your herb in the same way as you would to inhale it from a pipe. Instead, this vaporizer uses convection heating to heat the air around the herb. There are no exposed heating elements in the oven heating chamber, or ‘bowl’ of the vaporizer, which means no potentially uneven burning. There is an ideal temperature range for vaporizing herb instead of combusting it, and the Titan 2 works to hit that temperature range perfectly.

The Titan 2 goes above and beyond when it comes to customizing the temperature of the device to meet the needs of the herb you are vaping. There is a digital screen that displays the device’s current temperature and buttons to adjust it one degree at a time. That means that for the stickier herb or fully packed chamber, you can up the heat to produce larger clouds of vapor. Or if only a small bit of herb is loaded into the heating chamber for a quick session, you can lower the temperature for smooth hits throughout the session. The vape can be set to anywhere between 200- and 420-degrees Fahrenheit and heats in a matter of 45 to 90 seconds. After seven minutes of not being used, the Titan 2 will automatically shut off to preserve your battery and the lifespan of the device. It takes between three to five hours to charge this vape completely, but from there you can check your battery level easily with the digital screen.

Due to the precise temperature control and convection heating method, the Titan 2 delivers a smooth vaping experience for anyone, even if you are new to vaping. It is also lightweight and small enough to be discreet when you're using it. The starter kit also includes everything you will need to get vaping right away, with free shipping within the US:

  • 1x Titan 2 dry herb vaporizer
  • 1x Cleaning brush
  • 1x Micro USB charger
  • 5x Spare metal screen filters
  • 3x Silicone mouth protector caps
  • 2x Extended mouth caps
  • 1x Mouthpiece

You can also purchase extra attachments for the Titan 2 so that you can vape wax concentrates and oils as well as herb. But, if you are new to vaping and used to smoking herb, then the standard Titan 2 kit is the best place to start.

What is a Convection Vape?

Now you know how the Titan 2 works, but what about other vapes that use convection heating? Well, they work in a very similar way. As mentioned above, the use of convection heating means that the vape has a heating chamber that uses air to heat the material to temperature. Some vaporizers will have exposed heating coils that come in contact with the herb or wax that you’ve loaded into the heating chamber. However, this can end up getting messy and burning unevenly, depending on the design of the vaporizer.

What is a Combustion Vape?

If a vaporizer is designed to use combustion heating, that does not mean that it provides a less pleasant vaping experience though. The original vaporizers often used combustion heating with an exposed heating coil or pad. These vapes can feel more familiar for those who are used to smoking and heat materials to temperature quite quickly. These types of vapes do produce smoke though instead of vapor, despite still being referred to as vaporizers. This is because the herb loaded into the vaporizer is coming in direct contact with the heating elements and produces smoke from being burned. Convection vaporizers are often a bit more affordable and available than convection vaporizers. However, convection heating is generally considered to be the healthier alternative when it comes to vaping herb.

Should I Get a Convection or Combustion Vape?

Now that you know the common types of dry herb vaporizers, how do you decide if a Titan 2 is for you or to go for another type? Your answer will come down to a few different factors, but it is really all about your personal preferences. Combustion vapes can be a great way to transition from smoking to vaping, since the feel of the device and inhale are more familiar. Combustion vaporizers are also more convenient than traditional smoking methods, despite using the same method of heating.

But, convection vaporizers can provide a healthier method for consuming herb, since you are inhaling pure vapor instead of smoke. Convection vapes are also more discreet than smoking. The vapor produced has little to no scent and the device can be easily concealed in the palm of one hand. Both types of vaporizers offer their own benefits and potential drawbacks depending on who you are.

Titan 2 Convection Versus AGO Combustion

To give you a bit of a better comparison, we will take a look at the difference between the Titan 2 convection vape and the AGO combustion vape. Similar to the Titan 2, the AGO dry herb vaporizer is convenient and easy to use. They both can be adapted to vape wax or oil too, with the right attachments. The AGO vape also comes with everything you need to get vaping the same day:

  • 1x AGO Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • 1x packing tool
  • 1x cleaning brush
  • 1x herb storage container
  • 1x USB vape charger
  • 1x AC wall adapter
  • 1x protective travel case

While the Titan 2 has a full digital display screen, the AGO is more limited with an LCD screen that indicates your battery life and puff count. They both fit easily in your hand, with the AGO device being slightly smaller at just over six inches long and just half an inch wide. The Titan 2 does pack more power, with a battery capable of 2200mah and the AGO’s battery having a capacity of 650mah. They both take five clicks of the power button to turn them on and off and are charged via a USB charging cable. And they can both be cleaned easily with the convenient cleaning brush included in the starter kits.

Overall, there are more similarities than differences between the Titan 2 and AGO vapes. However, the main difference is between the heating method and price points. The AGO is a bit more affordable, but the Titan 2 is a bit healthier to use.

Smoke Versus Vapors

When it comes to inhaling smoke or vapor, the final call is up to you. Combustion vapes offer a convenient and high-tech alternative to smoking. While convection vapes offer consumers a healthier alternative for consuming herb. These vapes are also easy to convert and use with wax as well. Vapes are all about offering smokers convenient and healthier methods for consuming. Many modern users are all about keeping their lungs clear from smoke, while some still embrace the familiar feeling of combustion. We aren’t your doctor and won’t tell you what to do, but you can give both types of vapes a try and see for yourself.

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